The Best Home Improvement Blogs

Best home improvement blogs to follow

In this article we are going to discuss about the best home improvement blogs to follow. Home improvement or remodelling is the process of renovating houses. It not only includes interior remodelling, but also exterior renovations and improvements made on the whole property. With some creativity and a will to work these projects can be done by yourself. There are several online websites and blogs which provide expert advices on various home improvement related subjects.

Top 10 Home Improvement Blogs To Follow

We here list today some of the best home improvement blogs to follow that would provide insight into all aspects of home renovation from DIY tips to professional remaking.

1. Ugly Duckling House

The contents inside this blog is as interesting and creative as the title itself. The blog is run by Sarah Fogle. The layout of the page is rather intelligible and manifest. The search bar at the top of the page help you access the content easily. The blog is suitable for people who require a detailed information on home remaking. The menu bar provides a short-cut to access previous projects posted by Sarah, a house tour showing exterior and interior of her house, outdoor projects like exterior improvements, landscaping ideas and gardening, articles related to woodworking, videos on each topic and also some of here random posts on her hobbies.

living room

The projects uploaded includes information on home repairing, carpentry, painting, workshop ideas, room makeovers and related craft designs. In relation to each topic, Sarah provides details on the tools used and the work method in both description and video format. The subheadings and extra tips increase the approachability. She also includes photos and videos on her travels and cooking. The language is both easy to follow and entertaining.

2. Designer Trapped

The home improvement blog Designer Trapped by the professional blogger Tasha features DIY ideas on various home decoration topics. She provides DIY ideas that are affordable and simple. The layout is designed so as to ensure easy access to posts. The subjects dealt with are projected in separate pieces promising a non-complicated journey forward. Professionalism is visible throughout the blog and in the language used. The latest post on the topic- 50+ Easter Basket Gift Ideas uploaded on 3rd April 2020 provides ideas on stuffing the Easter baskets for kids without using candies.

most visited home improvement blogs

The subdivisions based on the theme saves times and also makes the search more user friendly. Other posts chronicles elaborate guides related to pantry organization ideas, online creative classes for free, tips to order paints online, design tips, various DIY projects dealt by Tasha, recipes and style guides.  Users can also explore on the blogging resources provided by this professional blogger. An additional feature offered is the links to subscribe to free digital art prints, free decorating guides and organization library. Frequency of post uploaded: twice a week.

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3. Merry Pad

This DIY lifestyle promoting blog is created and maintained by the home improvement enthusiast Emily. The distinguishing characteristic of the blog is the platform it provides for the clients to discuss products with the blogger via mail. The blog is user friendly at all levels and offers the option to browse the articles by category. Topics dealt by Emily includes backyard, bedrooms, buying, renting and selling, décor, DIY ideas, preparing space for kids, gardening, home safety, flooring, maintaining closets and other numerous categories dealing with almost all home related affairs.


The in-depth photos promote clarity. The layout is simple and focus on accessibility. The blog is divided into sections like most popular, browsing by categories and so on. Personal experiences and opinions are posted. Some of the topics are discussed in question answer format which makes reading much easier. Latest posts appear first. Each article is explained elaborately with before and after photos. Frequency: once in a while.

4. Old Town Home

Alex and Wendy Santantonio jointly run the blog Old Town Home which documents their various projects and provides tutorials related to them. Even though the content is excellent, the layout is plain and produce a cluttered feeling. Nevertheless, it is interesting that the visitors are first provided with photos related to the projects which when selected takes them to an elaborate article on the same. The categorization based on topics dealt with is suitable for a quick glance at its overall content.

most popular home improvement blogs

The projects detailed includes topics like home improvement, painting tips and projects, woodworking, Hi tech facilities that could be installed in home, gardening, cleaning and organizing essential tools and some recipes, cocktails and entertainment. The blog is beneficial for inexperienced homemakers too since the articles deals with wide range of topics.  The latest updation was on 7th of April 2020. The blogger does not update frequently as can be inferred from the date of the previous article marked as 4th September 2019.

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5. Censational Style

This home improvement blog is upheld by Kate Riley, a design lover and pattern maker. The layout of the blog is worthy to be praised for its elegant style and professional format. The uploaded project details have been classified according to the category. The various classes include home improvement projects, popular articles, craft and arts project, furniture make over, outdoor and garden projects, holiday ventures and fabric projects. The focus of the blog is primarily on interior designing, smart home improvement techniques and creative Do-It-Yourself ideas.

dining room

The articles also include subjects like designing, interior decoration and textile designing. These designs are also available through portfolio website. There are also issue related to travelling. The style files icon in the menu bar offers design and decoration articles and information on available resources. Before and after photos provide a brief glance on the projects done by the blogger. The blog will be beneficial to customers searching for some professional help in home improvement. Frequency: once on a week.

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6. Young House Love

Sherry Petersik through her home improvement blog Young House Love documents the renovation projects carried out by her. The blog is user friendly with a search bar to find the required matter. The menu button provides access to other pages which provide photographs of before and after renovation, a quick access to FAQs, projects on the beach house, DIY and decorating tips and an elaborate house tour. There are articles based on every necessary area of a house. The layout is simple. Frequency: 2 posts per week.


7. Remodelista

The blog maintained by a group of four friends is one of the best sourcebooks for your dream home. The layout of the blog is well-organized with a search bar and a menu button for easy access. The links provided takes the user to other pages. The blog provides remodelling guides for kitchen and bathroom renovations, each part of the house handled separately and in detail. The blog also provides exclusive articles on DIY and interior projects. The highlight of the Remodelista blog is the article solely for providing solutions to major problems while remodelling houses.


The blogger provides ideas and guidelines for all budget levels. Options are provided to browse by field which includes Architecture, landscape design, interior design and furniture designs. Platforms for finding the suitable firms to buy home improvement materials are also available. The blog also provides models of various other buildings apart from houses.  Frequency: 2 articles per day.

8. Pretty Handy Girl

The blog by licenced general contractor and graphic designer Brittany documents articles on subjects which include decorating, painting and antiquing, lessons on sewing, on how to construct furniture, tutorials on handling electricals, plumbing, tools, and lessons on home and auto maintenance. In addition, there are posts on photography, recipes, home fixes and gift ideas.


The Preety hand girl blog provides solutions for every home related matter. Brittany also introduces the tools used by her and which are essential at all houses. The blog also has reference to other blogs followed by her. The popular posts are kept on the top while the latest blog comes second in search. The blog also provides a home tour. Search bar available makes the search process easier. Frequency: 3 posts per week.

9. Remodelaholic

The blog handled by Cassity includes extensive project ideas and videos related to it. Project ideas include project plans, home tours and articles on subjects ranging from indoor playhouses and baby gates to computer desks and pets. The menu bar provided has links to separate pages. Separate design models for bathroom, living room, laundry room, kids’ bedroom, kitchen, office and landscape is provided. The Remodelaholic bloggers employs an informal and informative language with photographs and blueprints added to It. Each project plan explains on the supplies used. Frequency: 1 article per day.

Best home improvement blogs to follow

10. Dream Green DIY

The blog by Carrie on home improvement focuses on DIY tutorials, mid-century design ideas, shopping roundups, lessons on handmade pottery and also features photographs on before and afters. The writing style employed by the blogger is informal. There is a summary of the article which when selected would provide the user with the whole post. This format is helpful for the users to decide on the topic to look into. Frequency: 3 articles per week.

Home remaking and decoration are often considered expensive enterprises. Most times we assign the task of reconstructing a home to an outer person. These blogs give the users a new insight into the various methods by which the task of home improvement can be handled by the members of the family. Most of the projects discussed are DIY. Refer to these ideas and techniques to build your home.

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