The Best Psychology Blogs

Best psychology blogs to follow

In this article we are going to discuss about the best psychology blogs to follow. Psychology is the study that covers the topics related to human brain and mental health. It is the most interesting subject, as i am a student of psychology studies. Though it is still frowned upon in many cities and states but the subject’s reliability and validity can’t be ignored. Mental health is just as important as the other bodily health. The major subfields of psychology are: Abnormal psychology, Biological psychology, Clinical psychology, Criminal psychology, Environmental psychology, Social psychology, Educational psychology, Positive psychology, Forensic psychology, Community psychology, health psychology etc.

These are 10 of them but there are more subfields to it. Psychology talks about basic topics that might occur in our daily lives and to which we do not give a second thought to. It is a developing and growing field that provides you with self analysis and the right education that gives you a chance to understand yourself and your worth. The field talks about empathy more than sympathy and to be able to understand the other people better so as to create interpersonal skills.

With this vast of a subject you need to be able to understand it first-hand by different psychologists and psychiatrists that have excelled their way in these subjects and with that comes Blogs in the picture. To be able to understand, know more and keep yourself updated on various news in each field, blogs are the best way to do it.

Therefore, to help you all to be able to check out some of the best psychology based blogs, I came up with the top ten of them that I feel are exceptional. Let’s find out about them in detail below:

Top 10 Psychology Blogs To Follow

Ten psychology blogs to follow are pointed below in detail:

1. Psychology Today

Psychology today is actually a magazine that is published in the USA in every two months. The blogs are based on this magazine and they talk about everything from behavioural research to practical guidance on issues related to mental illness and relationship advice. It provides you with some of the best topics about mental health, provides you with help and treatment, talks about happiness plus you can easily find yourself a therapist here who is experienced.

Best human psychology blogs to follow

2. Psychcentral

These blogs contain quizzes like personality tests, psychopathy, ADHD etc. which can prove to be helpful to know yourself more and also, they are trustworthy, therefore, you don’t have to doubt its reliability. They cover a number of topics to read into such as addictions, sleep, sex, PTSD etc and it addition to that you can ask the questions that have been bugging you about any of these topics. These questions will be answered by experienced therapists and psychiatrists. This is one of the popular blogs as a number of newspapers have also given their reviews to their blogs.

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3. Psychmechanics

These blogs talk about exploring the forces that shape the human psych. This blog provides you with different categories and topics to choose from and what you want to know and read about. They have included topics like – depression, internet addiction test, overthinking and how to overcome it, etc which are some of the mental issues that the youth of today majorly goes through! So, it can be a big help to the adolescents to read about such topics, not only to be able to help yourselves but to also help the ones who can’t help themselves.

mostb popular psychology blogs

4. Positive Psychology Program

Positive psychology program are the blogs that are majorly regulated by Steph who has a passion for positive psychology. He strongly believes that one is capable of dealing with most of the absurdities of life without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and that doctors should prescribe CBT’s such as walking or running and a plant diet instead of prozac. The blog contains all kinds of positive psychology topics and is against the thought of taking medications for the treatment of any type of health problems rather he advertises cognitive activities that are better able to help.

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5. SharpBrains

Another psychology based blog that includes topics like neuroplasticity, brain fitness and cognitive health news and reinventing brain health that is trying to know more and more about the brain. They consist of some experimental information such as about different medications and their effects on the human cognition. Moreover, topics like the maslow’s hierarchy of needs etc are also thoroughly explained here. With the help of the pictures, it’s easiest to make one understand these topics. Many psychologists from various feeds about a number of topics.

most visited psychology blogs

6. Forensic Psychology Blogs

These blogs consist of all about forensic psychology that keeps you updated about all the issues that matters. Here, you can find out everything about various psychologists from different fields and a number of topics with popular school of thoughts. Its categories or the topics also includes very intriguing testimonies and psych autopsies.

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7. The Last Psychiatrist

The Last Psychiatrist blog is regulated majorly by a person who is practicing in this field as well as writing and updating these blogs. Here you can find all the information and write-ups about psychiatry, media and its psychology, war, sciences, philosophy. My personal favourite blog from here is “who bullies the bullies” which is also the top blog there.

human psychology

8. Channel N

These blogs contain various videos and are only updated with videos consisting of information about different mental health issues and other various hot topics in psychology. Videos are always proven to be better to help with explaining and are easy to understand because they are graphic and user friendly as compared to theories. This feature makes these blogs unique and popular.

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9. Healthyplace Mental Health Blogs

These are most trustworthy blogs because they provide you with the information on psychological disorders and treatments that is reliable. Also, it talks about mental health support and is home to mental health campaigns which is a very exceptional step taken by them, considering they are fulfilling a kind of social obligation. They not only just give you the information about various psychological topics but also advise and provide you with the information on how to treat them.

Best psychological tips

10. Child Psychology Blogs

These blogs are majorly regulated by a child psychologist and other experts who aim to offer reliable advice on child development, understanding a child’s mental health and many helpful and intelligent parenting topics. Their major aim or mission is to deliver psychological and psych-educational services to the children, adults and families. It contains various parenting tips and topics that are provided by the best of child psychologists. They consist of topics like how to help your child with their body image issues to the recent topics like how to talk about the virus that’s going on around the world, with your child. They aim to deliver the importance of a healthy body as well as the mind of a child.

Feel free to visit these blogs and know more about them as this is the reviews and perception of a single person. You might be able to find more blogs that you are able to understand. These blogs are better to be followed rather than other not so reliable sites which may have information that has not been cross checked by the experts.

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