10 Things to do when you are bored at home

things to do when bored

Things to do when you are bored at home can get you rid of boredom easily. So, here in this article I am going to tell you what are some interesting things to do when you’re bored at home whether alone or with your friends.

Have you ever been left alone in the house? When both your mother and father are out for their work and you also don’t have any siblings to disturb you. How does it feel like to remain alone in the house especially on a Sunday morning when you have nowhere to go. Yes, it is quite a monotonous life. Here in this article, we provide you some interesting things that you can do the next time you are alone in the house to pass your time.

You can easily get anything in the net and can easily spend your time and day without getting bored. But have you ever thought about what to do if your parents have taken your phone along with them? Or suppose the internet connection of your area is off for a day and you also don’t have any offline games saved on your mobile phone. So, what to do now? Have you ever thought how would your parents have passed their time in their childhood when there were no smartphones? Or have you ever thought about how your granny had passed the time in her childhood when there was even no television and no sort of entertainment that you are getting today.

Just imagine yourself in that place for one day. Your boredom would be so much that you might only get frustrated with it. If you can’t even imagine that day then how would you spend that day? Here in this article, we are there to help you so that even if at some point in time of your life you are coming to face that situation so you must be ready to tackle that.

10 Fun things to do when you are bored at home

The list of fun things to do when you are feeling bored at home is discussed below:

1. Try writing down your thoughts

Even if you are free and have no work to do, but our brain doesn’t work that way. Every time there is something which comes to our mind and we can’t ignore this fact. Our mind can never concentrate on a particular thing for more than 10 minutes and thus it has a natural tendency to always bush around something or the other thing. So, if you are feeling bored you can take a piece of paper, a pen or a pencil and put down your thoughts on that white sheet of paper. It can be anything, you can write any previous experiences, any fancy stories, that could be your future plan and even you can pen down your daydreams of meeting any celebrity.

things to do when you are bored

2. Try painting or drawing

If you are an art and craft lover then this will be your best time killer. Just set a soothing and pleasing music and take your brushes and paint your heart down.  You can draw your emotions. You can also draw your feelings like how boring you are feeling. Perform some sort of craftwork like you can do nail polish art.

what to do when you are bored

You can also paint the old pieces of jewellery with your nail polish. Just try to make flowers, boats and many such decorative items out of waste paper and can decorate your house. You can also glue two toilet paper rolls to make a binocular. Just dip yourself in the ocean of colors and you will never know how the time spent like a river.

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3. Give your house a makeover

Instead of making your house quite messy you can also think to dress it up all. This will have two advantages. First is that your time will pass and the second is that when your mother returns home she will be glad to see this and can even offer you some rewards. You can even shift the pieces of furniture to create more spaces and to make the house look more beautiful. You can also take some pillows from the bedroom and can place it somewhere else and can see if it looks beautiful or not. If it looks so then you can arrange the room in that way or else you can just put those things back.

stuff to do when bored

You can even have some fun like a child and can build a pillow fort or a blanket fort and can be the ruler of that place. The best thing to do when you’re bored at home is that you can even show up your artistic skills and can paint a picture and hang it where it looks good. You can also paint the walls in accordance with the furniture present over there in that room and can change the décor of the room.

4. Cook up something tasty

This is the favorite thing that most girls do to pass their time. Not only girls cooking is also a hobby of many boys even. When no one is around you to instruct you in any way then you can just carefully light the gas oven and nurture your cooking skills. You can prepare your favorite meal or can even prepare something new and tasty. You can also prepare the last recipe that you saw yesterday on youtube.

what to do when you are bored at night

Try to make spaghetti or something delicious. You can also prepare your evening snacks by baking some cookies. You can even fry some French fries and can crush some oranges to prepare an orange shake and can enjoy it while watching your favorite tv show.

5. Watch your favorite movies

Yes you can watch them even without an internet connection. Just plug in your pc or take your laptop on your lap and just go through the drives. You will surely be getting some old favorites or have something which you haven’t seen till now. If nothing is there then you can search your Pendrive, might be you are getting some comedy movies over there. Prepare some popcorns, bring a coca-cola from the nearest store, switch off the lights and enjoy your movie. Even after your movie is finished just review it, means just rethink about the scenes you liked the most and why you disliked the ending or what is the theme of the movie or what was the main moral of the story or how could it be a better one and many such things.

productive things to do when bored

6. Solve puzzles

If you are not in decorating the house or any other sort of art or craft related work. Then this is for you. You can tickle your brain with some brainstorming puzzles and can try to solve them. A person can also try to solve a Rubix cube to kill your time. You can also tickle your grey matter by solving some tough mathematical questions.

fun things to do when you are bored

You can even solve some pre-solved puzzles or an easy puzzle to give a pat on your back that you can also solve a puzzle if you cannot. This will kill your time and on the other hand also boost and enhance your self-confidence.

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7. Rock out to your favorite music

You can just tune in your old collection and can match the beats. To get rid of boredom, You can even listen to different genres or can even try something new. You can also listen to other singers as well and can even sing one or two lines along with them. If you are a professional singer or learn classical songs and are not busy today then you can also do your practice and can enhance your vocal skills.

creative things to do when bored

You can also reorganize your playlists and can make separate new playlists. You can make one for party purposes, one to wipe off your sorrows and another one to give you company when you are alone.

8. Organize your bookshelf

This might seem to you like work but it is a good idea to kill your time and to wipe out your boredom. You can just spend some time with your old books and just have some moments reorganizing with those friends who helped you pass many hurdles of your life.

things to do with your friends when you are bored

9. Get up and dance

Just let the speakers beat and try to catch the rhythms with your footsteps. This is quite a good way to do your exercise and to reduce your belly fat. Heard of Zumba!! Yes, you can try that and your boredom will vanish like vapour. You can also try dancing your heart out or even try to learn some new steps to a particular track.

things to do when bored at home for kids

10. Kick things up with some exercise

Who is not body conscious? Every human being on this earth want to lose the belly fat and want to look slim. Exercises are the best way to do that. In your free time, you can also try this as this will again have two advantages.  One is your time will be killed and more importantly, your tummy will be reduced.

what to do when your bored with a friend

You can also do push-ups and squats to increase the size of your biceps and triceps. You can also try to perform some yogic exercises to chill your body and to calm your soul. Try performing some sort of stretching exercises which will help you to increase your body flexibility.

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