Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Salesperson

Advantages and disadvantages of being a salesperson

The advantages and disadvantages of being a salesperson are described here in this article. Being a salesperson is not the easiest task. The person who sells the products either directly or through some organizations is said to be a salesperson. The art of being a salesperson needs various qualities such as being patient, being able to convince customers, being able to manage the products, being able to manage time and so on. The salespersons are the doors of every manufacturing industry through which every customer can enter into the industry. Though the difficulties in this stream are extremely bitter, the fruit of this job is extremely sweet. They are forced to face a lot of fruitful and bitter things day-by-day.

There is no job with only advantages. Likewise the sides of a coin, it has several pros and cons. Those who balance this equation of pros and cons in real life can achieve in this field. They become champions in the race of the sales stream. So it is impossible to decide whether being a salesperson is good or bad.

5 Advantages of being a Salesperson

The advantages of being a salesperson are listed and discussed in detail below.

1. Interaction with kinds of people

This stream allows them to interact with different people. These people will be differently cultured. They may be well-educated or well-cultured. It is the platform where we can meet different types of people with different types of mentalities. As a salesperson, one have to handle people from well-educated and cultured one to the normal ones. They can explore different places. It provides the opportunity to have direct interaction with customers. They can meet the number of people and they can handle a variety of “emotions”. Once they started to handle emotions, they can maintain a good balance in life. It provides a chance to analyze the various mentalities and various cultures of people. It will help us to groom ourselves to become adaptive.

2. Potential and hard work based income

The person who chooses the sales career has a good opportunity to earn. It is the field for hard workers where they can earn more money. They can work without any limitations in time. They have more time to work without considering the time. The potential people can make money even from the waste product. It may or may not be a “Monthly-paying” job. The income will be dependent on their hard work. The root of the sales job is “hard work”. The potential and hard workers are suitable for this work. The income will be increased for creative people. So the salespersons used to be creative and innovative.

3. Anger and time management

The people who are in this stream will have the ability of managing their anger. Anger management plays a vital role in maintaining a relationship with customers. It will turn the person into a socially responsible. The job will teach how to handle emotions such as anger, patience and so on directly or indirectly. Time management can be learned from this job. Time is an important factor that decides the quality of a salesperson. If time skips, they should face heavy losses. Whenever they fail to manage time, they are stepping to lose customers. So, they used to be time-people on their job knowingly or unknowingly. The sales stream never failed to teach how to manage the time. This stream people will become experts in managing time and anger.

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4. Become expert in convincing and other skills

It is an art to convince someone. Not everyone can become an artist in convincing. But the Salesperson should be one of those artists. The main task as a salesperson is to sell the product by tempting the customers by their words. Being a salesperson, one should be able to bring the customer to the track of them. The salespersons have good communication skills. It will improve our way of responding and way of reacting to the persons.  The sales of the product depends only upon the skill of convincing. The salesperson should possess several skills which make them to withstand in the competitive field of the sales job. The skills such as good communication, good dressing behavior, time management and so on decides whether the person can be a good salesperson or not. The success of a product depends on the skilled salespersons.

5. Improved communication link

It provides a great opportunity to increase our communication link. The network of people who are in communication will be increased for those who are in a sales job than others. The only persons who are going to have direct face to face contact with other higher chaired officials are salespersons. It will give contact with a cluster of people where they can build their web of communication. The chance of selling products will be increased as the number of people are in communication increases. The link can be extended as much as how potential they are. The nodes of the network can be extended depends upon their potential and their skills.

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Disadvantages of being a Salesperson

This stream contains the number of disadvantages of being a salesperson that are mentioned here in detail.

1. Lack of patience leads to loss

Being a salesperson, he/she should be master in patience. Lack of patience leads to several problems such as loss of customers. They may be in a lack of impressing customers.  Patience and tolerance are the key factors in this field to impress customers. It will be necessary to meet various kinds of people in this field. There is a high chance of meeting people who will show their anger to us. As a human, it is natural to lose the tolerance level. At that point, there is a chance to express their emotions to the customers.  This is not a good sign of a good salesperson. The salesperson cannot maintain their tolerance level at peak every time.

2. Mental stress

The chance of being stressed is high. There are a lot of inconveniences in this job which will result in stress and mental illness. So there is a high possibility to become stressed. The restrictions such as limitations of time over their product, inability to handle their emotions can make them mentally stressed. Controlling emotions at peak sometimes leads to a high risk of stress. They may face conditions like selling a certain number of products within a time which leads to being mentally ill. The behavior of customers sometimes leads to mentally upset. Though these people used to handle stress, there is a high risk of being addicted to some habits. They cannot spend enough time with their families.

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3. Can’t expect respect from customers

Salespersons cannot expect reverence from every customer. Human nature will expect some kind of reverence from the people they meet. But it is not sure that all customers will show respect. It may be a need of stepping into customers’ doors to sell products. So, there is a high chance of meeting customers who may express their angers to salespersons. They may not give the necessary respect to them. They are not accountable for treating with disrespect. Even they face the number of disrespects, they have to continue their work with a smile on face. Not only from the customers, but the employers may also show irreverence to them. They may be failed to satisfy customer needs.

4. No guarantee for sales daily

There will be a peak and downs in sales of the products. The graph of earning never goes straight. The sales of the product may be stopped due to unpredicted circumstances. The physical factors also determine the sales of the product. The demand of the sales product will vary day by day. There is no assurance to sell all the products daily. Somedays, there will be a huge profit than expected profit. Sometimes, there is a loss unexpectedly. Sometimes, the profit and loss will be balanced. There is no guarantee for sales of the product. The edible product cannot be used the next day. At this time, they are in a compulsion that they have to sell all the products periodically. A good salesperson will try to compensate for the loss of products the next day. This may lead to disappointments.

5. Physical health is the biggest deal

Maintaining physical health is quite difficult in this job. They may fail to take care of their health due to restrictions of job. They are in need to travel to sell their product. It cannot be assured that all customers will step into our doors. At sometimes, We may need to step into their doors. It may lead to not to have their food properly. And, the chance of being mentally stressed is high. These factors may affect their physical health. The physical health of salespeople will be left in the deal. The intake of food at the correct time, intake of water at the correct time, tiredness and enormous factors leads to physically ill. Mental illness results in a lack of physical health.

As previously mentioned, every job will have several pros and cons. Though the pros and cons, people should work for their passion, their satisfaction. They should overcome these cons and turn them into the stones to achieve the target.

Article by: M.Swetha

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