How to deal with stress at work?

how to deal with stress at work

How to deal with stress at work? : The answer of this question is explained here in this article. We all have work and at some point, we all have felt stress due to work related pressure. This pressure is due to high competition in the present world. You can face stress even when you love the job you do.

We may experience this pressure for a short time to meet some deadlines or fulfill a challenging obligation. When this stress continues for longer time, it may be harmful for both physical and emotional health. Nowadays, long stress is too common. According to some survey, Americans sited work as the major source of stress.

There can be many reasons for stress like low salary, high workload, few opportunities, less challenging etc. We can never stop this type of pressure but can always take steps to avoid stress and deal with it.

How to deal with stress at work?

The list of some ways to deal with stress at work is described below:

1. Know your stress

Keep a diary with you for one or two weeks and write down by identifying the situations where you feel most stress and how you respond to it. Try recording your thoughts, feelings and information about the environment. Notice the circumstances involved and people around you, the surroundings and how you reacted to it.

Taking notes can help you find the way you deal with the stress and how you react to it.

2. Try good responses

Many of us take fast food and alcohol to minimize and fight the stress. Instead of this, we can make healthy choices when we feel any tension. Exercise is great stress-buster. Doing yoga for 15 minutes can be an excellent choice to calm your mind but any form of physical activity is beneficial. When you are stressed out, do something you like which can be your hobbies and favorite activities. Spending time with your family or playing games can be some great options. Take a good sleep for effective stress-management.

3. Make Boundaries

In today’s digital world, it is easy to feel stress to be available for 24 hours a day. This can be avoided by establishing some work-life boundaries for yourself. That might mean making a rule to not check your emails when you are at home in the evening or not answering phone calls during dinner. Although you can have your own preferences when it comes to you to how much you blend your work with your home life. Making some clear boundaries can reduce the work-life conflicts and stress will go away.

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4. Recharge yourselves

We can avoid the negative effects of this work related stress by giving our mind time to replenish and return to our pre-stress level of functioning. This recharging process involves stopping your work or thinking about it for small periods of time regularly. Again it totally depends on your preferences for work. By this type of recharging, your mind will be give its efficiency the next time you do work.

Don’t waste your vacation and take time to relax and unwind. When you ae not in the position to take vacation, just switch off the mobile and laptop and do some non-work activities.

5. Relax properly

We all should learn how to relax. There are some techniques to relax like meditation, deep breathing exercise and mindfulness which is a state where you actively observe present experiences and thoughts without judging them at all. These techniques can let your stress melt away. Start by taking a few minutes to focus on these techniques and doing yoga. The skill of being able to focus on a single activity without any distraction will get better by days and will help you in many aspects of life,

6. Talk to supervisor

We know that employee well-being is greatly related to productivity of the company, so your boss has an incentive to create a work environment that promotes productivity of workers there.

You can start with having a conversation with your supervisor. Talk to him in a professional way and don’t list the complaints. You can rather tell him the ways for effective management of stress points you have identified, so that all can perform best of their jobs.

This plan can look like more self-directed but you have to take some steps to make changes in your workspace to make it less-stressful and comfortable.

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7. Take support

We can all always take support from anyone. Friends, parents etc are always present for us in our hard time. Accepting help from them can help you relieve stress and be happy. You can always make a group of colleagues going through same situation and share your worries helping stress to go away.

If you still feel too stressed after this, you should consult a psychologist who can help you better stress management and change unhealthy behavior.

8. Stay away from conflict

Interpersonal conflicts in workplace takes a toll on your physical and emotional health and as conflict with co-workers is difficult to escape, it is good to avoid it.

This means that not involving in any type of gossiping, making too many personal opinions about sensitive issues and try to steer clear from colorful office humor. Try to avoid those people who don’t work well with other people. If you are involved in any conflict, deal with it professionally.

9. Stop multitasking

Earlier multitasking was considered a skill as it’s a good way to maximize one’s time and get more work done. Then people realized that when they are doing something in their phone and doing other calculations at the same time, their speed and accuracy is reduced. There comes different kind of feeling while multitasking and splitting focus  that doesn’t work for many people and they start taking stress. Thus avoid multitasking.

10. Control perfectionism

If you are a high achiever, it can make you feel good about yourself and excel at work. But being a perfectionist on the other hand can drive you and people around you a little nuts. Especially in this busy, high competitive and fast-paced jobs , you may not be able to do everything perfectly. But we can always give our best and congratulating yourself is a good strategy to avoid stress.

You results will be improved and you will be much-less stressed at the work. This were some of the best ways you can practice to avoid and remove stress related to your work. I hope now you have got understood that how to deal with stress at work.

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