10 Best Job Search Sites in India

best job sites in india

The best job site in India is Monster to find a job vacancy in India. Here in this article I am going to tell you about best job portals in India that can help you to find a good job. Many people in India is looking for jobs which they like and give them salary according to their ability. But most of the time it is not possible. You don’t always get the b of your dreams or the expected amount as salary. There are many websites which offer you jobs according to your ability and preferences. You can get job application which match with your resume which you have uploaded. You can even get jobs from other countries and for which you can even work from home. These websites provide you with full-time jobs as well as part-time jobs.

jobs in India

Top 10 Websites to search for jobs in India

Below mentioned are some of the websites where you can easily search for jobs in India.

1. Monster

Monster.com is a global website to search for jobs. If you are looking for a job in India or any other country, this is the website you should consider. You can get a lot of opportunities and get jobs on Monster.com according to your preferences. Monster.com provides great work environment and opportunities to both the employer and employee across the world. Monster.com is a website which provides a wide range of online employment.

monster jobs

You don’t have to move to any other country to do the job you can do it from home. So, if you are looking for work from home jobs then Monster.com is your best fit. But it also had a controversy a few years ago of identity theft so read about the website’s latest news and then apply for a job there.

2. Naukri

Naukri.com is considered to the best fit to search for jobs in India. This website is one of the oldest and the best website to search for jobs in India. This website also refers jobs to you according to your resume. Naukri.com provides a lot of job opportunities in Indian Industries and other sectors. It also provides jobs according to your resume. It also shows you different jobs opportunities in the city in which you live or other cities in India. So, if you are looking for a great job opportunity in the city itself then go for Naukri.com as it is one of the best websites for searching a job.

naukri job search

Naukri.com has also extended its services to marriage and real estate. If you are a fresher and looking for a job then this website is the best fit for you.

3. Naukrihub

This website is only for the people looking for jobs in the northern part of India. It provides great opportunities to both the employer and employee living in the Northern India.

best job portals in india

Naukri Hub provides well-paid jobs to the citizens of the northern part of India. If you are living in the northern part of the country, are looking for a job then Naukri Hub is the best fit for you to look for a job.

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4. TimesJob

Times Job is one of the best websites in India to search for a job. The jobs provided through this website is India-based. Not only that it provides you job opportunities in different fields like accounts, finance, banking, insurance, human resources, medicine, etc. You just have to upload your CV on the website and just have to wait for the recruiter to recruit you on the basis of your CV and your preference in the given field.

best job search sites in india

5. Placement India

Placement India is another known website in India to search for a job. Placement India basically provides job opportunities from different companies in India like Reliance, Tata, Infosys, etc. Through Placement India a lot of citizens of India has been recruit for jobs in corporate jobs from different companies in India. You can get great opportunities to use your abilities in the jobs through Placement India.

top job portals in india

6. Shine

Like Naukri.com, Shine is one of the reputed and oldest websites in India to search for jobs. Shine provides job opportunities from corporate industries and reputes companies in India. Till now, Shine has provided more than 3,00,000 jobs to Indian citizens.

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It also is best fit for you to apply for a job. There is a lot of competition between Naukri.com and Shine as these both are the leading website to search for jobs in India.

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7. FreshersWorld

This website is among the best job search sites in India for freshers. This website provides job opportunities for those who are freshly out of the college and has no work experience. It also provides jobs opportunities in over 100 cities of India. Currently, Freshers World has over 1 crore resume uploaded on it and they are all from those who are freshly out of the college, have no work experience and are looking for a job.

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Not only that the jobs provided to them are from reputed companies of India. Also, the jobs are according to your field or mentioned sector.

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not your traditional website to search for a job in India. LinkedIn provides job opportunities for professionals only. If you are a professional then you ought to have a profile or resume on LinkedIn. It provides the professional with a great opportunity in the corporate world. On LinkedIn the best job opportunities are provided from references and recommendations. This website removes the work of HR department from it. Whether you are a professional social worker, Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, etc. you can get jobs according to your skills and abilities.


9. FreelanceMyWay

FreelanceMyWay is one of the best websites for your if you are looking for jobs to work from home. This provides you with job opportunities from around the world. If you are a student and are looking to make some money in your free time then you can become a freelancer. You can work according to the time when you are free and make a good amount of money through it. Some of the freelancing jobs are Graphic Designing, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. you can choose whatever job which is preferred by you. Freelancing is also considered to be a type of economy now. It is called Gig Economy. So FreelanceMyWay is the best fit if you want to work from home or just need to make some extra cash.

best job sites in india for freshers

 10. Indeed Job Search

Originally, Indeed was a US-based website to search for a job but it has extended its wings to around 60 countries and India is one of them. Indeed provides a lot of job opportunities for freshers as well as experienced. On this website it is easy for anyone to look for job. And jobs are easily available you if you upload your area of interest and the city where you want to work and Indeed will refer to you the number of jobs available and you can choose whichever job you find fit for you. Also, this website is very organized so you can easily find jobs according to your needs and it’s easy to use.

indeed jobs

So, these were some of the best websites to search for jobs in India. There are others but these are the ones I would recommend you if you are looking for a job as they provide you with guaranteed jobs. so, these were some best job search sites in India. Hope this article was helpful for you. Thank you for reading!

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