Benefits of being a Marketing Manager

The benefits of being a Marketing Manager are discussed here in this article. A person who is responsible for the sales and marketing in his company or organization is known as a Marketing Manager. A Marketing Manager is selected for his role based on his qualification which most often includes a bachelor degree in a Management stream from an accredited college or university.

Role of a Marketing manager often includes development and analysis of strategies for the marketing of a product. The person in the role of a marketing manager should be well proficient with both technical and communication aspects. She/he should also possess creative skills, analytical & organizational skills; they should also have a rational approach towards a problem. This is because, the role of Marketing Manager of an organization is considered to be one of the most challenging jobs.  She/he is given with many responsibilities. For instance she/he might be in a position to manage employees and make them work under their guidance. Every organization has their own marketing team, which means there is a huge opportunity for people who love to take this role as their career.

Top 10 Benefits of being a Marketing Manager

In this article we are going to see the benefits of being a Marketing manager of an organization. This includes various aspects and benefits for an individual if they choose to work for the Marketing Team of an organization.  

1. Outlook of this position

 As discussed in the introduction, this position in an organization is found to be one of the most interesting and challenging job as well. There are a number of positions available for Marketing managers as well as executives in numerous organizations. A study as per Bureau of labour statistics shows that there will be an increase in posts of promotions, advertising and marketing managers during the decade of 2018-2028. So there is going to be a furthermore increase in demand for the position of Marketing executives and managers.

2. Project load and responsibilities

A Marketing Manager might work on various project and activities which also includes strategy planning, advertising, pricing, sales techniques, distribution and feedback analysis. So as mentioned earlier, this position is going to be challenging for a person and the person might be too busy to get bored. These people are directly involved in determining a product which their organization can sell. They also determine the place in which their products should be sold such as, whether it should be sold in wholesale markets or in grocery stores or in some drug store etc.

3. High pay scale

The pay scale or salary of a Marketing Manager is high and it varies from Rs.1,82,000 to Rs.9,00,000 per annum for a fresher based on the person’s skill and expertise. Additionally these persons can also get bonuses, incentives, commissions and even profit sharing based on their work and the project in which they work. So there is going to be no less pay scale even for a fresher in this field which is also one of the major advantage by which this becomes one of the most blooming career options in this current trend.

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4. Work Environment

Most times, there will be a work in office environment for a Marketing Manager. But sometimes they may work in variety of locations as well if they are directly involved with the production of the company.  Sometimes, they might have to travel to a number of places depending on the job requirement. If the job requires it is their responsibility to manage the outlets of production or sales in numerous places. So the work environment is also going to be quite challenging and interesting.

Benefits of being a marketing manager

5. Positions of work

A Marketing Manager or an executive can be assigned with various positions to work in. Some of these positions will be leadership-oriented while others are work- intensive. Some of the popular positions in which they work are positions such as Project manager, team member and executive sponsor. Apart from this they can be a part of performing organizations.

Performing organizations

These are agencies or consultancies that assist an employee on a certain project.  These organizations work on profit basis or commission basis work.

Project manager

A project manager is a person who is responsible to make decisions and carry out that project.  It is the responsibility of the project manager to decide strategies and assign people with different jobs role to work under his/her leadership for that project.

Team Members

Team members are the people who work under the project manager. Everyone in that group except the project manager come under this team member category. People like copywriters, advertising manager, marketing research analyst and logistics manager might come under this category of work.  

Executive Sponsor

This role is to offer suggestions to the team whenever needed. Suggestions might include the resources available, time frame, finances or any other information relevant to for the project completion. Their key role would also be to oversee the developments of the project and develop strategies from it for the upcoming future projects.

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6. Centre of Activity

The Marketing executives or managers have a high exposure level in their organization. For instance, these people have to take care of the advertising and marketing of a product of an organization. For this advertising there are numerous methods. Let it be done in any method, it finally is going to reach all other departments of the organization including the shareholders, managing director, executives and managers and dignitaries of other department of the same organization. They also decide the proper strategy as mentioned earlier which is going to be impacting the sales of the organizations.

7. Travel Opportunities

Person who works as Marketing executive might get a chance to travel a lot and to numerous places based on the countries or regions in which their organization is operating. For instance, if a company has to set up a manufacturing or sales facility in a new place, it is the responsibility of Marketing manager to go, analyze and plan accordingly the budget of the outlet. The manager is also responsible in training up or recruiting new professionals in that region for sales of their product. For such cases the responsibility falls on the manager to do these works for the organization and hence there might be a case where they should travel for a number of places. So if you are a person who loves to travel a lot, this role might satisfy you and this role would give you an exposure to a new market or a place.

8. Skills Learnt

There are numerous skills which you can learn if you work as Marketing executive or a Manager. Skills including interpersonal skills, training, report writing, project management, budgeting, hiring, training, advertising skills and other computer skills. These skills also are termed as transferrable skills. This is why because; these skills will be helpful for a person in his future positions. So there are also certain technical skills which a person can acquire and those technical skills are purely based on the organization in which they work.

For instance, if a person works for a company which manufactures pipes and fittings, they might be able to learn some technical aspects, as and like the manufacturing methods and the various material characteristics. As these people are the one who is going to sell this in market, it is mandatory for them to learn these things which might be helpful for them in their future career.

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9. Career Trajectory

A person who works as a Marketing Manager is not for sure going to keep serving in the same position till the time she/ he finishes their career. The person who initially starts his/her career as a Marketing executive is going to be promoted as a Marketing Manager at a certain point of time. After this by learning relevant skills and various managerial techniques she/he can go up to the position of Chief Managerial Officer (CMO) or Vice President (VP) of that organization. Instead of involving daily and managing different channels these positions focus on the big picture in developing the organization in overall aspects. To reach to this post as told earlier, one should develop relevant skills and experience. So this is going to be one of the challenging aspects of this role.

10. Schedule

This is one of the major advantages which a Marketing Manager is going to have. The person’s work hour is going to be flexible. This depends on the project in which they are working. If the project is a major project then he/she might have to work sometimes late extending to night hours too in order to complete it. But most often the work hour normally would fall like that of the traditional business hours.

Some managers who work on a commission basis will only work for a particular project and they take leave of that organization once when it is completed. The same applies for persons who work on a profit sharing basis. Therefore to throw spotlight on this topic, this job is going to be one of the most challenging as well as interesting one. And these are the key roles and major benefits of being a Marketing Manager of an organization.

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