10 Best Travel Tips for Long Flights

Best Travel Tips for Long Flights

The best travel tips for long flights are mentioned here in this article. The idea of exploring the world fascinates everyone. Each city, state and country has a unique thing to offer. Different cultures come alive infront of us in the form of their music, monuments, clothes, graffiti, language and much more. We can only understand the true identity of a place when we experience it for ourselves. Traveling is no longer a dream, neither is flying. It used to take months or even weeks to travel to another country or state but airplanes make that possible within hours and days. With flights departing every next second to millions of destinations, we are at a new juncture in life. 

Travel fares continue to decrease as airline companies want to make traveling by air possible for the mass public. But even amidst all of that, traveling can be quite a hassle. It leaves a huge toll on your body and not to mention the jet lag incase you’re taking a long flight. There are various DOS and DON’TS you must keep in mind while traveling by air.

Top 10 Travel Tips for long flights

Here areĀ 10 Best travel tips for long flights:

1. Wear loose clothes

Imagine yourself sitting in one place for 15 hours straight and you’re wearing tight jeans and high heels. How does that feel? Certainly not a comfortable thought. That’s exactly how long flights are like. So why wear such clothes then? The cabin temperature is very low so that it can accommodate to the diversity of people traveling. They do this with the thought that “If someone feels cold then they can take a blanket over themselves but if a person is feeling hot then nothing can be done”. Thus make sure, for your comfort, that you wear loose fitted clothing which is comfortable. It is also recommended that you wear flats and comfortable shoes while traveling via air. This is because during an emergency, a slide is provided for evacuation and the heels or pointed shoes can cause deflation of that slide. 

2. Keep Bottled water/ Juice

There are many nasty things of every trade that only the people who work there can tell you. Many people from the airline industry recommend to never drink a coffee or tea on the plane. These drinks are prepared using tap water. The water tanks fitted in planes are rarely cleaned and have been found to contain coliform. This bacteria doesn’t affect you directly but provides better grounds for other microbes to flourish. At times the water in the tank has been found to contain traces of E.coli as well. Ask for bottled water or juice instead of these drinks. Also coffee prevents you from sleeping because of the presence of caffeine.

3. Travel pillow

Comfort while traveling can be the most important thing. However the seats on airplanes somehow don’t do justice to your back and neck. It can leave you feeling stiff and sore. Sleeping on a long flight can be toll taking on your body without a neck pillow. Sleeping while resting your head on the tray (the most unhygienic place ever, it is most commonly used by mothers to change their babies’ diapers) can leave you sore and in pain. A travel pillow might be an additional thing that you can carry. However this one time investment will make your travel time much more bearable. These travel pillows come in various styles. There are inflatable ones that don’t cost a lot and even take up less space in your carry ons but don’t tend to be as comfortable when it comes to their fabric. You can spend slightly more money and buy a micro beaded one as well which will bring you comfort despite being a little big in terms of space.

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4. Wake up early

Usually when you are traveling long distances then you also get to experience a time zone difference. It takes time for your body to adjust if you suddenly move to a new time zone. It is surely a bad idea to step out of the plane at your destination with only 3 hours of sleep and whole day left to tackle infront of you. When you know you’ll be traveling in a long flight, wake up two or three hours earlier than you normally do. This will ensure that you get tired much more easily and you are able to sleep better on the airplane. Also make sure not to drink anything caffeinated which can prevent you from sleeping. Try to avoid wine or alcohol as well since it will disturb your sleep.

5. Seat Choice

Although not every airline offers this option, however if they do offer it then make sure you choose you seat beforehand. You may have to pay an extra amount but it will make your travel much more comfortable. If you want more leg space then opt for exit rows. Staying away from noisy children is your priority? Then choose a seat farther away from the front of the plane. If you wish to have easy and quick access to the toilet then take a seat in the rear. If you wish to avoid turbulence as much as you can and enjoy a stable flight then take a seat over the wing of the plane. Tend to feel cold very easily? Then avoid the window seats and the seats near the exit as they are relatively cooler.

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6. Eye mask+ ear plugs

Trying to snag some sleep before you land and start working? It’s better if you carry an eye mask and ear plug with you. If you get to sit next to an understanding person who will turn down the blinds while you sleep, then you’re quite lucky. However if you don’t then getting sleep while having the sun blazing directly into your face can prevent you from sleeping. It can also be pretty noise in a plane due the large number of passengers. Imagine more than 5O people sitting in a small room. There is bound to be a lot of noise. If you don’t want to let that get in the way of your sleep then carry ear plugs. They can also be helpful against the pressure difference. Some people experience extreme pressure in their ears during flights due to the pressure difference on the land and higher altitudes. This causes pain in the ears which can be eased using ear plugs.

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7. Blanket

Did you always go to school without having a pen or pencil and always depended on others to bring it for you? If you didn’t then why now? And even if you did, there surely must have been times you had to be without anything. It’s always better to carry your belongings rather than asking for them. Some airlines provide you with blankets however this is not the case everywhere. The feeling of having to sit in a super chilly environment because you decided against taking a blanket is quite unpleasant especially if the airline too has no blanket to offer.

8. Buckle seat

Although this point may contradict the one telling you to wear loose clothes. Wasn’t it all for flexibility and comfort? Then why must we buckle your seat belt? This is one trick that will help you when you are traveling because everytime there is turbulence and the seat belt sign turns on, then you won’t have to be disturbed. This is especially beneficial if you’re a light sleeper and it takes a lot of time for you to fall asleep. It might not be the best feeling to be woken up to put your seatbelt on when you just fell asleep a few minutes ago. Also if you have a hard time going back to sleep after having been woken up, it’s better to avoid that in the first place.

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9. Window seat

When you’re traveling in an air plane then you won’t be able to spread your legs and body according to your wish. You can take the support of the wall if you have a window seat. Instead of troubling your co-pasenger it is better that you rely on the wall. You can also be incharge of the window blinds. This can be very helpful if you’re traveling during the day and it’s super bright outside. It’s a good feeling to be able to do it without having to worry about asking someone else or convincing them.

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10. Bring entertainment

A long flight, supposedly a 22 hours straight flight can be quite boring. You can nap for a few hours but it will be impossible to sleep the entire duration of the journey. To ease you of your bored state, it is better if you bring your entertainment along with you. Load your devices with applications, movies and music. If you’re not fond of using technology for long durations then you can also carry a book to read in the flight. Whatever you do, think about your comfort first. Choose an airline that provides you with the options that suit you best. Have a safe and comfortable journey.

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