What are the advantages of advertising?

What are the advantages of advertising

The advantages of advertising are mentioned here in this article. We are very familiar with the word advertising. Usually we watch many advertisements in television or mobile etc., but we never think about it deeply that what is the role of advertising in our life ? Advertising is a marketing tactic for increasing product sale, promoting government or private services, introducing government moment and campaigns, introducing high life style, spreading awareness and exploring market etc. Advertisements are in several different forms like as videos in television or you tube, audio clips in songs app and fm radio etc., posters in walls of our village or city,  posters in newspaper, magazines and pamphlets etc.

Advertising has a great role in election campaigns of various political parties during general elections.Advertising also helps in implementing various government programs like GST ( GOODS AND SERVICES TAX ). Advertising has a great role in our life. Now we illustrate advantages of advertising.

10 Advantages of advertising

Advertising has various advantages in our daily life. We shall discuss ten of them. Advertising has a great role in consumer’s life, seller’s life and all citizen’s life. Advertising makes life easy.

1. Increases product sale

Advertising plays a significant role in increasing product sale. The Advertising of product attracts people or consumer. Advertising of product attracts public or consumer’s attention towards product. So product selling increases. We can say, that advertising of product increases product selling and it is damn true. We always watch or read about any product or brand and if we feel attraction towards that brand and product, then we think that “wow this product has amazing qualities now I shall buy this product of this particular  brand and try”. That’s how advertising increases selling of products, because if there was no advertisement then neither we have watched that advertisement and nor we have thought about buying that product. So we can say that advertising has a great role in increasing selling of products in market. This is very common advantage of advertising.

2. Introduces new product in market

Advertising introduces new products in market. Generally there are various advantages of advertising, but this is very common. Usually we know about every new product, brand or something else by watching or reading advertisements because we all are busy in our life. We are not waiting outside of companies of our favourite brand for launching new product. We all are busy in our life but we know about every new product or brand by watching or reading advertisement of every just launched product or brand. It means advertising has a great role in introducing new products and brands. So we can say that advertising has a great role in our life.

3. Introduces new services and policies

Advertising introduces new services and policies. This is also an advantage of advertising. Nowadays people are very active on  mobile or television. They know about government new policies and services by advertisement.  As government starts any new moment, this moment spreads in whole country in few hours by advertising. As clean India green India moment. Everyone is familiar with this moment of our country. Mostly government starts any new moment and campaign. Every citizen of our country should know about these moments and campaigns and they know about these all important news by watching or reading advertisements.

In earlier  time when there was nothing like advertising and communication then people knew very late about government policies, services, moments and campaigns. As advertising has a great role in introducing campaigns for voting, now there is an exponential growth in voters. As advertising has a great role in introducing NAMAMI GANGE PROJECT. That’s how advertising introduces new services and policies of government. This is also a advantage of advertising. This advantage of advertising is very helpful for all citizens.

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4. Explores market

Advertising explores market. As we all know that this is golden era of high technology. People are very keen in marketing. People are very curious about marketing.  Nowadays people   studies about marketing. Advertising explores market. We can say that advertising increases interest of people in marketing and business. Advertising explores market of several things as gold, silver, diamond, stones, crude oil, diesel, petroleum and many other natural or artificial products. So we can say that advertising explores market. Advertising increases people’s interest towards investments in share market and mutual funds. Advertising explore various policies of banking and insurance sectors as fixed deposits, ETF bonds,loan for car, home, business and education, jeevan anand policy, jeevan saral policy. Even advertising introduces many banks and many insurance companies. That’s how advertising explores market. Now we can say that advertising has a great role in exploring market.

5. Makes purchasing easy

We all are consumers. Advertising makes purchasing easy. Mostly we are confused about brand of our products, our cloths, our shoes, our electronics, our beauty products, our food products etc. Advertising makes it quiet easy by elaborating qualities of every product and maximum retail price. As we can not afford more expensive brand products then we can decide it at home because already we have known about maximum retail price of that product by advertisement before going into shopping mall. We can select brand of our products at home. It’s all is due to advertising. That’s how advertising makes purchasing easy.

6. Spreads awareness

Advertising spreads awareness. We all know that our country is a developing country not a developed country. Still there are many backward rural areas in our country where there is nothing like awareness. When those people of rural areas watch government policies and services and moment etc. In advertisement  then they also feel and think about improving  their standard and lifestyle. Overall advertising helps to spread sweet fragrance of awareness in our country. That’s how advertising spreads awareness.

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7. Introduces high life style

Advertising introduces high life style. We already know that still we are developing. We have to know about high life style and standard. This all is also possible due to advertising. Overall advertising has a great role in introducing high life style. We don’t know about many products and applications etc. We knew about these all by watching or reading advertising. We knew about every new model of particular company of mobiles by watching or reading advertisements. That’s how advertising introduces high life style.

8. Defines qualities of product

We already discussed that advertising makes purchasing easy. Advertising makes purchasing easy because it defines the qualities of products. As we want to know qualities of any shampoo of any brand then we can know about it very easily by watching in television, reading in newspaper and magazines and listening in Fm radio  advertisement of that shampoo. Advertisement of every product defines all qualities of that product.  It makes selection of product and brand very easy.  That’s how advertising defines qualities of product. This is a very common advantage of advertising.  

9. Profit for consumers

Advertising defines qualities of product. Advertising makes purchasing easy and it all makes comfortable to consumers. After all consumers are using all  benefits or profits of advantages of advertising. In earlier time there was so hustle and bustle in shopping but nowadays it is so easy. We already know quality and maximum retail price of products and brands before going into shopping mall. Advertising has a great role in introducing job vacancies for various government and private services as in railway sector, banking sector, IT sector. The Advertising has also a great role in introducing rooms for rent and land in lease for agriculture and commercial purposes. Advertising has also a great role in selling or buying of pets, used automobiles, electronics and furniture. This is very good advantage of advertising. Advertising has a great role in consumer’s and seller’s life.

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10. Job offers for models

Everything is good, but all unemployed persons are busy in searching jobs. This is very sincere topic. Everyone want to be a employee. Advertising is a good platform for those who are interested in modelling and acting etc.. Many actors start their journey from this platform of advertising. So advertising offers job for many models and  writers etc. That’s how we can say advertising offers job for models. This is also an advantage of advertising.

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