10 Best Resume Building Sites for Building a Resume

Best Resume Building Sites

In this article we are going to discuss about the best resume building sites to build resume online. Resume is a document pertaining to the educational qualification, work experiences, skills, achievements and personal information of a candidate appearing for a job. Presenting a professional resume is essential for creating a first impression. Perception created by a resume on an employer determines the chance for a candidate to be employed. There are some general dos and don’ts while writing a resume. Being aware of them is important.

10 Best Resume Building Sites to build a resume online

Microsoft word provides options to help a user create their own resume. Even so there are numerous paid and free websites that helps build a resume. The advantage of using them is that you would be able to create a personalized CV unique and elegant. Few of the best resume building websites are listed below. This would be helpful in determining the website for you to use.

1. Kick resume

Top Resume Building Sites

Kick resume is one of the most acclaimed and sought-after resume building websites. Some of the prominent features of Kick resume are Resume Builder, Cover Letter Builder and One-click Website. They likewise provide the user with sample resumes which is highly helpful for beginners. It gives you a general idea on how to draft a resume and the key points to be included. There is a tips and tricks section offering ideas and shortcuts. The layout of the site is simple and user-friendly. There are ample directions provided such that even the first-time users would find it attractive and simple.

The one-click website offers the feature of making your resume online. Both free and paid versions are available for users. A Premium subscription offers you additional facilities like grammar correction, over 30+ templates, a greater number of Cover Letter Builders and thorough proof reading. Even though these additional facilities are available for premium subscribers alone, free users can get access to more than four different resume templates and two cover letter building templates.

The cover letter designs available matches the resume templates. The customer care service offered is also excellent. Kickresume is a resume building site which is industry specific. It makes the task of the user easier by helping choose the template appropriate for the field.

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2. Zety

Best Resume Builder

It is a paid resume building site whose other features includes cover letter builder and CV creation. The site offers 18+ modern and creative templates for every field. Number of varieties available are limited but each of the available template can be customized, thus allowing the customizers to create their own unique style. The font type, size and spacing can be altered by the user. Zety also provides a text editor that renders excellent services. The layout of the website makes the process of resume building much easier and faster. Likewise, the word suggestions facility incorporated makes the task easier.

For beginners, Zety has included sample resumes to look into. There is also instructions and tips from experts on how to make the resume look attractive and professional. The language used is informal and clear. The preview section allows to go through the final draft before downloading the resume. The step-by-step instructions offered are also effective. They also provide the user with suggestions to improve the quality of the resume. The final draft can be downloaded and stored as a pdf.

3. Resume Genius

Best CV Builder

It is one of the best paid resume builder sites. The highlights of this professional resume building site are available in the home page. The site helps you build your resume within a short time. The step-by-step instructions and clear language make it possible. The templates available include a wide range applicable to various fields. These categories are easily accessible through the menu bar. These sample resumes act as perfect guides to beginners since it is categorized based on the field the person is applying. The suggestions and advices from experts are another feature. It has both free and paid options.

They provide expert services, where the user can ask doubts and get clarifications from a Certified Professional Resume Expert (CPRE). The necessary clarifications and accuracy of your resume will also be ensured by them. The site is Applicant Tacking Friendly. The templates offered includes modern, creative, professional and basic styles. The cover letter can be created using the same template as the resume. The option to customize your resume help you create a unique one. The site provides an additional option called career tools which include options for career advice, business letter formats, templates for letter of recommendation and samples of resignation letter.  The completed resume can be downloaded to MS Word or made into a Pdf.

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4. My Perfect Resume

Build a Resume

This resume builder can be used for free even though the paid version is available. The site highlights essential keywords so that completion of the process is easier. The additional features offered include space for certifications, accomplishments and affiliations. This is highly beneficial for users who intend to have a shift in their career or to move to another field. The builder is good for starters since guidelines are provided in each step instructing on how to complete the resume.

The site also offers professional service where an expert will complete your resume in the certified format within three days.  The site provides for twelve free templates. Cover letter builder is applicable to paid users. The attractive and simple layout and colour format makes the site striking. In order to download the completed resume, paid subscription is required.

5. Canva

Best Resume Websites

Canva is considered one the most creative and striking template providing resume builder. It is one of the best options for people who intend to apply in art related fields like photography and writing. The builder provides both free and premium version. The paid version has some additional features like animated graphics and resizing. The resumes created are customizable to any degree. This aspect can be made use of in free version too. The font size and type can be personalized according to the user’s creativity. 

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6. Visual CV

Best CV websites

This builder provides the users with the best experience. This resume builder website requires an account before starting. The site has both free and premium application. The paid version is advanced while the options provided for free are limited and so is the number of templates. Only three templates are available for free and the completed resume cannot be downloaded in this case. The premium version on the other hand is highly advanced with a wide range of templates. The brand name can also be avoided in this case. Resumes can be created for any industry, and templates are provided for each field. Resource section and resume analytic option are the additional features. It has the ability to manage multiple resume versions.

7. CVMaker

Resume Maker

Another resume builder website available both in free and paid form is CVMaker. The paid form provides special themes, special sections and a highly efficient text editing. The builder is user-friendly. A disadvantage of the site is the absence of a cover letter builder. Nevertheless, it is counted as one among the easiest and quickest resume builder site. Paid version requires a signed membership. The advanced features are not available in free version.

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8. Resume

create a resume online

This builder site is counted among the best free resume builder websites. The layout of the site stands out as it is designed in a resume format itself. The site act more as a guide providing instructions for the users. The site is available for free and does not require an account. The user can start building the resume from the homepage itself rather than creating an account first. One another feature is that it creates only a single page resume which can be both advantageous and at the same hand create a difficulty in certain cases.

The templates available are well-built and practical although the designs provided are minimum. Resume.com is completely free and so all its features are available to all users. The step-by-step process, the option to edit or modify a pre-written resume and the various styling options are some feature that adds to the demand of the site.

9. Resume Now

create a CV online

The builder available for both free and in paid format is a fast-paced site whose layout makes it possible for the user to complete the resume creation quickly. The user only requires filling the spaces while the formatting will be performed by the builder. The pre-written content is highly beneficial for beginners. Multiple download format makes it distinct. The examples and sample resumes are also provided. Using Resume Now Builder the user can create cover letters too. They provide additional information on how to write a cover letter, examples for the same and different letter formats. Layout is designed so as to make the task of the user easier. The menu bar provides access to various options available. The builder is user-friendly and simple for the beginners.

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10. Indeed

Best websites to build a resume online

Indeed is a free resume builder. It can be downloaded to the computer too. It can be customized according to the need of the user. It has six resume templates available, which are more or less plain and common. Nevertheless, they provide tips and tactics for a good resume. The resume format employed is applicable to ATS. Indeed is also a job search site so uploading your resume in Indeed can help you attain a profession too as they can find you in Indeed’s database.

Resume plays an important role in determining your career. There are some necessary requisites while writing a resume such as using simple and appropriate language, free from spelling and grammar mistakes, avoid mentioning weaknesses and so on. The chances for such mistakes are high while drafting a resume by oneself. The websites mentioned above provides the best solution for this. It makes your task easier by helping you create a perfect resume. Try using them to attain your dream job.

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