Second hand Scooty in India : Top 10 Sites to Buy and Sell Second hand Scooty online

second hand scooty

Second hand scooty can be bought easily on Olx. Here in this article I am going to tell you about top 10 sites to buy and sell second hand scooty online. A scooty is nothing but another luxury to your life. A scooty is not just a simple two-wheeler it is more than that. Yes, it is a place for many emotions. All those happy rides, those funny gossips, those sorrowful lone driving and everything else. It is much more than a machine. In this modern era of technology, you will hardly find anyone without a two-wheeler. So, why women are the ones who will be sacrificing. Why only women, it can be ride by anyone. Instead, nowadays it is the men who are buying scooty more than womens.

Buying a new scooty may always not possible for everyone. So, here in this article, we provide you the 10 best sites to find second hand scooty scooty around the web. Financial problems always hold you back against taking any good step in your life, but what if there is an alternative option. Yes, you are correct buying an used scooty. Be it a Honda Activa or TVS Jupiter, you can find everything just with a single touch. You also need not leave your couch for bringing your new family member. All the things which you worry about before making a long term investment are listed below and you can avail them just with a single tap.

Here in this article, we provide you the top 10 websites to buy used scooty. Tensed about the scooty in your garage. Not getting the desired buyer for making the deal? You have come to the right place as in this article we are also providing with some sites where you can buy as well as sell your scooty and that too by a  single tap.

Top 10 websites to buy and sell second hand scooty online

The best websites to buy and sell second hand scoot online are listed below:

1. Quikr

It is an Indian site where you can easily buy and sell anything of your desire. You have to open an account to post an ad of the scooty that you are willing to sell. You can post your free ad by clicking on “post free ad”. There are many categories and many filters are also available by which you can search for the very scooty that you were aspiring for. Recently it has also added a new category named assured products and services where you can get the certified products whether everything is in the right condition, whether the engine is properly working or not and everything to satiate your satisfaction.

buy second hand scooty online

You can also explore your businesses over here that is if you want to sell something at mass and want to grow a business or open a scooty showroom, you can also post that over here. You can also make a Qcash account over here and pay for the two-wheeler that you wish to buy and the payment can also be done by just a single tap over the net. There are numerous languages so language will not be a barrier in your deals. You can also get up to an 80% discount on premium deals. You can also click on the deals option to see the days’ deals. Not only this it also provides special festive offers and many exciting deals.

You can also see your chats with the dealer or the manufacturer and your offers by clicking on the NXT option. This is not area-specific you can select any area by clicking on the location tab. You can also download the quikr app from the play store or you can also download it by SMS through your mobile phone. Users can also register here and get a rupees 500 in your Qcash account. You can also see the trending and newly listed scooties over here.

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2. OLX

There is nothing to mention about this website. Every person be it an adult or be it a child reading this article knows about it right. Almost every 15 minutes, you can watch the ad of this website on your tv screen. The sole reason behind their so many advertisements is just to let the people know that it is a free classified site that is unlike other many websites, you can post the ad of the scooty that you want to sell and you even don’t have to spend a penny for that. Unlike other classified sites, it also allows you to add a picture of the scooty you want to sell.

olx scooty

Moreover, it has certain selling policies like you have to mention the condition of the two-wheeler that you are going to sell like whether it is in good condition or not and if your item is not found in the condition you are mentioning it to be, then serious consequences may occur. Its AI also refreshes the web page to let you know about the fresh listings or the newly posted scooties around you and also the offers and deals of the day. You have to make your olx account to start selling.

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3. Droom

It is India’s largest site for getting used scooties. It has a huge number of categories and among that it also has many subcategories to match your perfect match. You can see the check price of the vehicle. You can also get the check history. If money is the reason for your less interest then no need to worry as it provides loans and also has insurance facilities to get your scooty. With their expert guides, you can take your loan-related decisions in just 30 minutes. You can also contact their helpdesk who can assist you in your selling and buying process.

2nd hand scooty

The most important thing is that you can even inspect the vehicle checked before reaching any final decision. The technical experts will check for every sort of disability that it might have such as brake tests, engine tests, indicators are working properly or not and many more such things. You will also be receiving a valuation certificate. If there is any disability also then again you are adjusted with price accordingly and also the repair estimate is given by them only. There is another option available also and that is the exchange option.

You can easily exchange your owned scooty with the one that you crave for. The working process is also very simple and transparent. When you have made your decision of buying a particular product you have to proceed to the payment process. Payment here in this step means that you have to pay the 3% of the entire amount to droom online. Then go to the seller, check the condition of the scooty and pay the remaining 97% to the seller and drive your scooty home.

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4. AutoNDTV

This is another site where you can search for used scooties online. This site also allows you to see a comparative result between two very close models. It not only shows the photos of the product but it also shows the videos and reviews of the product. It also has many discussions regarding the product by the customers which allows you to get the insight of the scooty that you are going to buy.

old scooty

5. Credr

It is another great site as it gives second-hand scooties at the best possible cheap rate. You can even get TVS Teenz at just rupees 2000. In this modern era finding a coaching teacher at 2000 ( INR ) is also very difficult and at the same time, you are getting a scooty at the same price.

second hand scooty near me

If you want to sell your scooty then also they have an option for that. You can easily sell your listing just within 15 minutes.

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6. Bikewale

The name suggests bikes that doesn’t mean that only bikes are available here. You can easily get a variety of used scooties and that too under your budget. You can also get the latest scooty reviews and updates on Bikewale.

second hand scooty for sale

7. Second hand Scooty

It is the first bike portal in India. Its specialty is that it provides secured ownership transfer through online RTO services. They also evaluate your bike before posting for selling and also give the worth of your bikes so that you may not charge excess.

second hand scooty price in India

8. Zigwheels

Zig Wheels site allows you to search the models through the brand name and type that you want like electric scooties or Yamaha scooties. Great collection and a must to look for site.


9. Gaadi

Thinking about buying second hand scooty, then think about gaadi. You can get your dream scooties over here. Not only that you can also get a hassle-free selling service over here. You can also get many FAQs and customer reviews over Gaadi.

buy scooty in India

10. Orangebookvalue

You can search your scooty by its make, model and also by the kilometers driven. The Orange Book Value also has a separate blog where you can see the trending facts and news about the new listings.

electric scooty

You can download the android app version from google play store or from Appstore. If you want to buy a second hand scooty then also this is your place as you can also get the exact location of the seller just below your product’s photo. You can also avail of exciting festive offers. You need to be aware of the terms and conditions before making or posting your deals.

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