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The best restaurant review website is Yelp. Here I am going to tell you about the best websites for restaurant reviews. In this digital era, ordering our food is a familiar process to most of us. The only thing we can rely on while ordering food online is through reviews and ratings of a particular restaurant. At rare cases we also tend to rely on mouth publicity. It has become a necessity to check on the ratings and reviews to get an output of a delicious meal. Without having an eye on the ratings and reviews section one can have a disturbed delivery of food.

As a result, it is very important to have a hand on the restaurant reviews to enjoy the best of the orders. The technology has made it pretty simpler for us to understand the thorough process and outcome. Who doesn’t wish to have a delicious meal because “good food makes everything great”.

10 Best Websites for Restaurant Reviews

So I’m here to enlighten you about the Top 10 best websites for Restaurant reviews. Here we begin:

1. Yelp

Yelp is the most top rated application for specifically restaurant ratings. It is more inclined towards the foreign countries for the services. It is considered to have the most advanced and fast service. This application shows the real reviews of the customers without deleting the main comments. The sole purpose of yelp application is to significantly provide restaurant reviews and help the customers to find a better choice. Yelp doesn’t cost you any amount to be paid for the usage, rather it is absolutely free for the usage of the customers.

best restaurant reviews website

This is the most used and considered application by major number of masses. The yelp application is a public based and on people’s choice and people’s need. It is located in San Francisco California. The reach of this application is over 142 million unique visitors per month. The CEO of is Jeremy Stopeman and Russel Simmons.

2. Google maps

This website can be the most trusted and reliable application when it comes to restaurant reviews. It is a public based app so people will always come up with honest reviews on the website. Google maps works anywhere and everywhere around the world and gives us better choices and preferences according to our requirement. This application is the most used and considered application. Google maps specifically lets us to broaden our choices or even narrow down our choices according to our preferences and requirements. It has attractive features like the information about distance, time span, taste and authentic reviews which socially allows us to have better choices while ordering online food or choosing a restaurant.

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3. Zomato

The most well known and the most  used among major public – Zomato. As this application came into the picture due to its attractive scenes, it got a really high boost and people went crazy behind it. The features like offers, discounts, Zomato gold  have attracted almost everybody towards itself. Zomato has its genuine reviews and ratings for the  restaurants.

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It has a very good delivery and it is the most used application among huge number of masses.. This application is specifically known for restaurant reviews reviewing about the restaurant is the most primary task for this application. It is just a perfect application for a foodie person.

4. Roadfood

Roadfood means great regional food that is served at places located on the side of a highway or a passover leading to particular native place. It is one of the most useful yet most underrated and unknown places or websites to find good food at, which is ready to go. It is comparatively cheaper but the reach of this particular website for food was mainly international that’s the reason most Indian people didn’t know about this particular website or app besides it having good quality of foods with lower rates. Roadfood food review website has become one of the most renowned and popular websites as in India since the competitors are doing similar stuff  like their other fellow companies, unlike roadfood!

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5. Foursquare

Foursquare is not only food and Restaurant reviewing application all website but it’s city guide which will lead you to the perfect spot anywhere that interests you or is of your concern in the world. Apparently, from most blogs and links I have read or seen online, their service for customers is impeccable, they have customer service executives lined up to help you with stuff that you’re confused about or just stuff that you don’t understand in general. They have helpful, positive tips from their trusted global community. They also help to keep track of where you are or you’ve been or where you want to go, all in one place.

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6.  Facebook

Facebook – One of the most useful and used social media handles. This is knows by each one of us, from a kid to an oldie. As a result it can give us number of reviews for number of restaurants. This application gives us reviews on the basis of likes, ratings and recommendations. It is highly inclined towards the people therefore it will give you the recommendation of the restaurants and reviews according to the peoples likes dislikes. Additionally this is one of the recent features added by the Facebook for the people. The main aim behind this feature is to provide more helpful information to the users of Facebook. Facebook restaurant reviews are also considered to be very helpful by the masses as it is newly added it has started getting a boost in the technology.

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7. Eat24

Eat24 helps you find and order food online to be delivered to wherever you are. This website works in a little different manner, it like you type in an address and they tell you the restaurants that deliver to your local as well as showing you roads to pickup your ordered food from the restaurants near you. To be more specific, firstly, we search a cuisine, restaurant name or menu item. Then, they’ll filter your results accordingly. When you find what you’re looking for, you can simply just place your order online or through a cell phone.

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8. Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant reviews is a website where people list out their local places to have food or any other facilities which is not that famous to be listed or located on the Google maps. These small places are registered and shown on Restaurant reviews which helps in small businesses to come ahead and shine and get their recognitions/benefits as other large scale businesses. You can update your business information throughout all the search engines, social networking apps, Google maps and more from just one screen/dashboard. Basically, it helps controlling your business information. As this field is full of competition, where companies come up with better deals on food and meals, Restaurant Reviews keeps businesses updated about what deals are new in the market also helps in building relationships with customer by providing them to choose between deals and also the option to write reviews on the dashboard.

9. OpenTable

Open table helps you book and enjoy delicious outstanding dining experiences. Over 52,000 restaurants and hotels are signed worldwide with the OpenTable website or application. It helps you find the right restaurant for anything by the usage of their extraordinary and intuitive search engines. On the website or app we get to see menus, photos, and special deals for the customers of opentable.

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You get to book your reservation and invite a few friends to tag along, all in just a few taps, unlike other search engines this doesn’t take a lot of time to figure out what you want to have because of its intuitive search engines it helps in for the better search of cuisines and foods of your taste. Plus, we get personalized recommendations based on others preferences that match your taste or your choice of foods you prefer and we can also earn points to redeem the dining rewards for future meals, discounts, deals, etc.

10. Gayot

Gayot has been trusted by majority of the masses, for over 50 years, Gayot has been trusted overseas and has been fulfilling it’s tagline, ‘The guide to the Good Life’. Millions of food enthusiasts turn to Gayot’s expertise’s reviews on dining, drinks, hotels, travel, etc. They’re aim is to inform, help and lead you to your aspired/chosen places, so they provide direct/total access to the most exciting places around you or that are scattered over the whole globe. It also highlights the latest must visit places or most affordable products/foods for every taste and required budget. I hope I helped you with the website and you get to explore your taste buds.

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