Interesting Articles To Read When You Are Bored

interesting articles to read when you are bored

Top 10 interesting articles to read when you are bored are mentioned here in this article. You want to indulge yourself with a piece of something interesting when you’re bored out of your mind. At work or maybe even at home in bed. You want to read something well written that captures your mind easily. This article gives you a list of some of the best articles available on the internet.

Top 10 interesting articles to read when you are bored

Here is the list of interesting articles to read when you are bored :


Author: Meghan O’Rourke

Published in 2013 in The New Yorker, What’s Wrong with Me? is an autobiographical article about the author’s journey of living with an autoimmune disease. She talks about years spent not knowing what was wrong  with her, even the doctors unable to give her answers, the paranoia of wondering if it’s all in her head. She talks about her lifelong fight with the disease and the frustration that comes with it and also the solace she found in online communities where people suffered the same.

Regardless of whether or not you have ever been in her shoes, the article is inspiring and touching. The technicalities are described in a simple way so that you become a little more aware about these diseases once you’re finished with the article. It is well written, as is to be expected from a New Yorker article. Try it out if you feel like reading a serious piece about life.

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Author: Mark Manson

This article was published in 2015 by Mark Manson at his own blog. His book of the name ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck: The Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life’ is wildly popular and has sold over 6 million copies worldwide. The article technically falls into the category of Self-help but is in no way a typical Self-help post. It does not smother you with positivity and sweet words, rather it slaps you in the face and tells you to wake up. If you are easily offended by obscenity, it is best you steer clear of this one. Manson does not mince words and swears like a sailor. It is about how the author thinks the best way for you to be happy and successful is to give as few ‘fucks’ as possible, meaning don’t care about adversities in your path to success. He uses colorful examples to illustrate his points and by the end of it, will have you marveling at how right he is


Author: Joanie Faletto

Published in 2016 at the popular site Curiosity, this article might be the shortest in this list at just 460 words. Curiosity is well known for publishing bite sized content regularly about a variety of topics including science and technology, entertainment, personal development and such. This article explains in detail about the ‘Feynman Technique of Learning’, formulated by Nobel prize winning scientist Richard Feynman. It talks about how this technique is beneficial for understanding complex topics. If you’re looking for something quick and informative, try this. It is also sure to lead you on to other interesting articles in Curiosity.

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Author: William Davies

The Guardian has always been a source of authentic, well researched articles, mostly on a more scholarly side. This article, published in 2018, can’t be said to be a light read. It requires a certain level of political understanding as well as command over knowledge to fully comprehend. As well as a fair amount of interest in the topic is needed to go on reading this rather lengthy and heavy article. But it’s quality is undeniable. It points out how the public has lost trust in the organizations in power, including bit not limited to the government, and the reasons for this. It is a very relevant article, in light of the divided opinions upon the current ruling parties in our country and abroad.

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Author: Josef Adalian

Published in Vulture, the entertainment site of New York magazine, this article is about the giant of streaming services, Netflix. Though the article is no chilling matter. This 8000+ word, interview and analysis combination article closely examines the success of Netflix, it’s past, present and future. The article describes interviews with top officials of Netflix as well as inside reporting from meetings. It talks about the worldwide popularity of Netflix, it’s growing production of original content, as well it’s use of algorithms and data to analyze user preferences. Whether or not you’re into Netflix binging, this article makes for an interesting read, though it could be a bit tedious if you’re lacking in patience.

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Author: Darius Foroux

This is the kind of personal development article that is the exact opposite of the Manson article mentioned before. It talks of positivity and happiness and fulfillment. It has quotes about life and talks to you gently. Published in the blog Medium, this article is for those with a taste for personal development articles, but cannot stomach Manson’s obscenities. It talks about the purpose of life and how to make sure that you’re living the best life you can. It tells you that an improved mindset can greatly improve your quality of life. A smallish sized read, it is best recommended to the gentler  readers.


Author: Nicholas Kristof

Published in The New York Times in 2016, this article is a relevant must-read, especially in these times, when anti-musilm sentiments and religion based stereotyping runs rampant. The article is about the life the author’s friend, Rafiullah Kakar, whose support for the Taliban and hatred for the west was removed with the help of education. It helps us get a look into the mind of an actual radical extremist, why they are the way they are. This is an opinion piece dealing with a topic that could possibly stir up much controversy, but it is wellwritten, with no stereotypical undertones.

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Author: Anthony Lane

A greatly written movie review of the Martin Scorsese film The Irishman, released recently. It is on par with the standards of the New Yorker, a quality review that analyses direction, performance and writing. If you’ve just finished Irishman in a three hour sitting on Netflix and want to hear some commentary on it, or in the future when you want to dust off this sure to be classic, this review is perfect. It is the among the top interesting articles to read when bored.

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Author: Alessandro Fedrizzi and Massimiliano Proietti

A suggestion especially for the science buffs. This article, published in the blog LiveScience, talks about the revolutionary new idea that even at the quantum level, objectivity does not exist. The science is explained in fairly simple terms, basic knowledge would suffice to understand the content. Though an interest in quantum physics does help matters. The author’s are well renowned scientists and scholars and the writing style is not too tedious, as one might expect in science articles.

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Author: The Player’s Tribune

Player’s Tribune is a major sports journalism site that is known for articles with in-depth interviews with sports personalities. It is their tradition to publish an article with the best photos of that year like 16 photos from 2016, 17 photos from 207 and so on. Till the 19 photos from 2019 comes out, we can content ourselves with the 2018 edition. It features a collection of 18 brilliant photos taken by photographers of the Tribune, featuring sports personalities at their most ecstatic or most vulnerable, along with the story behind the photo and the person. From a beautiful photo of Andrew McCutchen with his baby boy, to one of Danica Patrick’s farewell, to A’ja Wilson and her struggle with dyslexia and Randy Russell Jr. at his most vulnerable hooked up to an ECG. Even if the names mentioned are alien to you, the article is definitely worth checking out.

This list features articles from a variety of genres, making sure that the interest of all different readers is catered to. This is a subjective list of course, it is impossible to objectively determine the best written articles on the best topics and compile them into a list. This just gives you somewhere to begin from. Click baits are sure to lead you deeper into the ever shifting, ever growing world of articles. So, these were some interesting articles to read when you are bored.

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