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Best Business Blogs To Follow

In this article we are going to discuss about the best business blogs to follow. If you’re aspiring to enter into the corporate world or want to strengthen your presence in this world, what better way than to read about the experience and opinions of some of the most successful corporate leaders? Reading is the most powerful way to improve your knowledge and in a field like business, you need to be constantly updating yourself and be in par with the dynamic changes and trends settling in or settling out. When you read about other well-established leaders and their stories and opinions about the various trends existing in the market, you are getting first-hand information from the ones who are well versed with the ongoing in the industry. Therefore, blogs are a very powerful tool, for the writer as well as the readers.

Top 10 Business Blogs To Follow

There are plenty of business blogs available with hundreds of stories to share. Here are some of the best business blogs to follow I found very interesting and attractive and would suggest you browse through. 

1. Gary Vaynerchuck’s blog

If you are into content creation and more inclined towards marketing on digital platforms, you probably already know about Gary Vee. He managed to grow his business from $3 million to $60 million in no time and his blogs guide you straight into those aspects. This is one of the most informative blogs and consists of everything you need to know to create a digital presence for your brand. The layout of the website is simple yet highly attractive and contains top-quality content. The photos on the website are cartooned or in the form of caricature which makes it more interactive to its readers, which I believe is one of the best ways to showcase your content.

Top Business Blogs To Follow

The blog also has a “First time here” button which briefs you about the blog and the story behind it, making it easier for you to navigate. His content is very raw and original and is to the point without any circumlocution. There is a consistency of about 2-3 articles per week and each article is only 5-10 mins read, which will draw more readers as people don’t prefer spending too much time on reading. If you want to optimize your content on digital platforms and create a strong presence for your business, this is the blog you should refer to.

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2. Duct Tape Marketing

Nowadays, everything is about your digital presence and the visibility of your business among the millions of existing ones. This blog has got it all covered on how to increase the visibility of your business with keyword search or SEO. It has a plethora of categories some of which are advertising, content marketing, SEO and so on. The layout may seem formal but a very smart way of displaying their content in the form of a grid layout, because of the presence of so many categories.

Most visited business blogs

This makes it easier for the readers to navigate through the blog using the visible headers. They post blogs regularly to maintain a good audience and the articles are placed systematically with thumbnails, which makes it easier for the viewer to understand. It is good for first timers as well because it guides you step-by-step to increase your business’s rank and understand your customers’ intent.

3. Smart Passive Income

Most of us are skeptical about our business ideas and how we should go about creating our business. This blog has it all, from how to enter the corporate world and how to grow your company. It has a highly user-friendly interface that uses images along with blogs, which is the best way to capture readers’ attention. The layout is highly polished and professional to meet the user’s expectations about the brand.

Most Popular Business Blogs

Blogs are posted about once in a week and are of excellent quality with all the content and tools required to set up your business. It has a perfect blend of written, video, unique podcast features. The different categories include digital, e-mail marketing, business development, book publishing, etc. which is neatly spaced on the blog.

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4. Hubspot

If you are highly determined to increase the sales of your business, this is your place to be. It has categories ranging from Instagram marketing, SEO to customer retention and customer experience. The layout is very engaging with creative images accompanied by the articles. The blogs are very informative, using the simplest language to make all understand thoroughly.

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The blogs are just a 5-15 minutes reading time and placed in a very neat manner, without clustering. It has the provision for “Most popular” and “Editors Pick” for finding blogs, which makes it easy for you to access some of the hit blogs, rather than wasting time on deciding what to read. Another feature is their HubBot which is a chatbot that answers all your queries and makes it easy for you to glide through the blogs. It has a perfect blend of software and education, giving the best content to its readers.

5. Spin Sucks

This blog will help your business to be noticed by the right people and engage in excellent marketing and PR skills. The layout is very simple and straightforward, with blogs posted daily. There are blogs written by several experts giving the readers a mix of views and experiences.

business articles

The blog also uses video content to inform and engage the readers more effectively. This blog will give you all the necessary business development tricks and tactics by providing readers with highly engaging content. It provides very useful information and can be understood by all due to its simple nature.

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6. Copyblogger

The only way you can attract a large audience and keep them attached to your business is by putting up good quality content, and that is what this blog talks about. The layout is not too fancy and is kept highly professional and articles are posted every day, about such interesting topics. Each article is neatly divided into sub-headings and consists of content that will help your business increase sales, drive traffic and get noticed. The images in the layout are very aesthetic and it is filled with quotes, that suit the objective of the company and motivate the readers as well. The blog helps to add value to your business by curating creative content.

best business tips

7. Harvard Business Review

This is one of the most renowned and well-established blogs with a plethora of reviews on emerging trends and existing practices. It involves the contribution of high-profile leaders and well-known professors who put across some of their views and experiences to their readers. The layout of HBR is very professional and not very interactive but the content they post is top class.


It is a must-read for every person associated with the corporate world. They post content with high consistency and it is one of those few platforms which give you a mixture of blogs from some of the top performers in this field. This blog gives high exposure to real-life crisis and situations and gives inspiration on how to tackle such problems and how experts have tackled them.

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8. B Plans

Many of us want to start a business but don’t know-how. This blog has it all from the stage of idea generation right up to the stage of managing the entire business. Their categories are business idea, business plan, pitching, funding, starting and managing. Articles are posted daily, and each article has a header which is either planning, starting or managing, and it makes it easy for the viewer to select the article of their choice based on the phase they are in.

Business articles

Many of the articles are accompanied by “how to” videos which gives a more practical insight into starting a business. The layout is simple and appealing with just the right amount of information. All the articles put up are very addictive and will keep you glued to the screen. 

9. All Business Blog

This is a multipurpose blog that has all the aspects of a business, i.e., HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Technology. You can read articles related to all the fields in a single place and it gives such diverse and interrelated information about all aspects and can enlighten you regarding the various topics. The layout is not very eye-catching but the blog has every tiny detail of information which you might neglect otherwise and is very useful for your business and its growth.

Best Business Blogs

They maintain a regular consistency of posting articles and keeping their readers informed. Another good thing about this website is the fact that it is up to date with all the emerging trends and situations, giving their readers the most relevant information.

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10. Seth’s Blog

If you are interested in digital marketing, this blog has got you covered. It has a very plain layout with high interactions, giving high emphasis on customer queries and any information they want can be obtained in just a few seconds by typing in the desired material in the search box available. They post content every day and emanate a high level of knowledge and spread information and tips so that your business can strengthen its digital presence.

Best business sites

It helps you build your foundation and thus making your business grow stronger. With vast experience and a high success rate, Seth Godin, the author of the blog shares his experience and gives out simple tips that can be applied in your business to make it expand. 

Reading blogs and understanding what the author is trying to convey is very beneficial. It allows you to make your business more prepared and able to withstand unforeseen circumstances and make your company less vulnerable to any obstacles that are thrown in its way. Read as many blogs as you can and keep yourself aware and updated with your surroundings and business environment. 

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