The Best Travel Blogs

Best Travel Blogs To Follow

In this article we have discussed about the best travel blogs and about the best travel bloggers. Traveling is quite a fun activity to practice. Traveling is not only a sport, but also a mode of relaxation. It also helps us maintain our mental peace. Traveling helps us to focus on our goals and gives us life lessons.

But when one is new to the world of traveling to new places, one doesn’t understand what should they carry, what are the basic travel essentials.

For such people and for addressing their worries, travel bloggers come to their rescue. Travel bloggers are the people who post their experiences in the form of blogs and articles. They generally post their pictures or videos on their social media accounts, while they are traveling and also while they are enjoying their travel. This gives people an idea about how can one actually travel to different places.

Top 10 Travel blogs to follow

Here are the 10 most popular travel bloggers, whose blogs can be referred when one is new to traveling.

1. Dan Flying Solo

This is the first result we get when we type about travel blogs. Dan travelling solo, this page is operated by a guy named Daniel James, he hails from Britain.

When we trying peeking in his traveling life on Instagram, we notice that he has quite a handsome number of people following him, which is approximately 27.5k.

He has a quite colorful Instagram account. On his Instagram, he has posted very beautiful pictures. Those pictures comprise of vivid scenery, some great monuments.

There is a specific feature on Instagram, known as “Instagram stories”, on these stories, Daniel has posted pictures and videos of different places he has visited so far.

There are lots of stories on his official Instagram account, which means that he is an avid traveler and has traveled to a lot of places. Some of the places he has traveled are Uttar Pradesh(India), London, Mauritius, Fiji, Germany, Italy and lots more. In his stories, he has not only showcased the scenic beauty of any place.

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He has also showcased about the versatility of the cultures across different countries. In one of his stories, he had showcased about the Kumbh Mela, which is considered as one of the most auspicious as well as an important festival amongst the Hindus. This Kumbh Mela is practiced in India and on a huge scale. He had posted a lot of pictures and videos about the Kumbh Mela and how do people take part in the Mela. He has posted pictures of various saints who were seen, while he was strolling on the streets of UP (Uttar Pradesh), India.

Top Travel Blogs To Follow

Daniel only about posts about the diversity of nature and how prettily the colors blend in when the sun sets or when the sun rises. He has even posted about the different types of hotel and also about their airports.

His social media accounts give us some major travel goals and also helps us to analyze and decide different travel destinations.

2. Adventurous Kate

Kate is a solo traveler. She had traveled to almost around 83 countries. Her social accounts posses quite vibrant colors. She has traveled to many of the top destinations and places liked by loads of people; such as Italy, New York, Paris, America, Cuba.

She even writes blogs. Her blogs are quite informative. One such blog post we found while going through her social media was

  1. Itinerary for traveling un countries like Azerbaijan and Georgia.
  2. A travel guide to Bacalar, Mexico’s lake of seven colors.

She not only gives travel ideas and inspiration, but also a lot of realistic safety tips specific to each and every destination.

One must refer to her travel blogs for gaining some major travel information.

Most Popular Travel Blogs

3. Mellisa

Melissa is the one who owns this title. She is originally from Canada. She is quite famous and frequently available on Snapchat and You tube.

Her Instagram account is quite different. Her profile does not posses a particular feed.

Most Visited Travel Blogs

She is currently situated in Bangkok. She is traveled to various iconic destinations such as the Sahara desert(Morocco), Hungary, Thailand, Sri Lanka and a lot more other places.

Her Instagram feed has some pretty cozy pictures of her and her loved ones.

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4. Lilis travel plan

Lily is from Belgian. Her travel history is goals. She has covered all of those holiday destinations, which one dreams to visit. Her blog is quite interesting to look at.

Best Travel Sites

Her blog is quite creative and colorful. She has posted all of the pictures where she has visited. Her blog is not only quite beautiful to watch, but also quite informative. She has cited down all the information of different places very accurately in her travel blog.

5. Archana Singh

Rachana Singh is quite a versatile traveler. She has not only traveled to around 60 countries across the world, but also has delivered speeches on TEDx. The best travel blogger to follow has traveled to a lot of countries, such as Maldives, Croatia, Switzerland, Bhutan and lots more.

She is a Brand Management Expert by profession and a travel journalist.


Coming on her social media handles, she generally prefers Instagram over Twitter for keeping her followers updated about her travel plans. She had 37.1k followers on her Instagram handle.

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6. Drew Binskey

Drew Binskey is an American travel blogger. He is an exceptional travel blogger. The most popular travel blogger to follow has some 443k followers on his Instagram handle. He has traveled to 191 countries. He even posts his travel vlogs on You tube. His videos on YouTube has reached a sky scrapping number of views. His videos has reached approx 1.3 billion views and counting.

travel blogs

Drew Binskey, has posted a lot of videos and his only aim is to inspire people to get up move away from their daily schedule and get going and travel around the world. He has traveled for quite a time now and to long distances too; such as Dubai, Somalia,India,Mauritius and a lot more travel destinations.

7. Travel Blogs

Stephanie Be is the holder of this account. She is quite active on Instagram and has 65.4k followers on her Instagram account.

Her Instagram account is full of life, with her pictures as well as the pictures of those iconic destinations she travels to. She is the founder of mybeaunalife; which is a travel as well as life style oriented platform for her huge amount of followers.

What makes her Instagram feed more attractive; is the caption she uses for her amazing clicks.


She has traveled to a lot of places, such as Croatia, Florida, Bahamas as well as Puerto Rico and lot more places. Her pictures are quite captivating to look at and give us a reason as to why should we immediately pack our backs, grab our passport and a chunk of our savings and just get set and go and discover all of our favorite holiday destinations.

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8. Shivya Nath

She is a travel writer straight from India. She has traveled to lot of places; both in the interior of the Indian sub continent such as Uttrakhand in North India, Chattisgarh as well as Kerala. Outside of India, she has visited Japan, South Africa, Tajikistan and the list goes on.

She has some 1972 posts on her Instagram account and a total of 91.7k followers on her Instagram account. The Top travel blogger to follow has even written a book: The shooting star, which is also a best selling book. She was also featured on BBC and on national geographic channel.

Solo travel

Her feed is quite alluring to watch and gives us an idea about how and what should one post pictures on their feed to get a good number of likes.

9. Panda Reviewz

This is the name of the official social media account of Seema Gurnani. She is 24 year old travel and a food blogger. Her Instagram followers are in huge numbers, which is 22.6k. Her first solo trip was to Goa when she was 16. Since then, she has developed a taste for traveling. She has been featured by The Hindu, Deccan, as well as Your story.

best tour blogs to follow

Her Instagram account gives us the vibes of an active girl ready to hop on the vehicle and travel away to all of those captivating destinations. She has traveled to quite a number of places. Since she is a food blogger, her feed also consists of pictures of some amazing, lip smacking food.

Her account gives us a major vibe of having good food and traveling to lots of places.

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10. Alyssa Ramos

Alyssa Ramos is a full time travel blogger. She lives in Barcelona. The best part of her feed is the versatility of the places she has been too. She has been to all the 7 continent’s, traveled to all of the 7 wonders of the world and not only this, she has also visited 104 countries.

best travel bloggers to follow

Her Instagram account is all that one needs to validate and upgrade their Instagram account. She has posted really good pictures of her self as well as all of those places, she has visited.

By now, its quite evident that these are the most liked travel bloggers. They not only make traveling look easy, but also makes us realize that traveling is a quintessential part of life and makes us travel more.

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