The Best Car Maintenance Blogs

Best car maintenance blogs to follow

In this article we are going to discuss about the best Car maintenance blogs to follow. For all of you car junkies and motorheads out there, it is always a big debate when it comes to talking about cars. While some of you may say that muscle cars rule, others may say that the vintage cars will always be the reigning king. A few simpletons might argue that the mundane mileage cars and the family type cars are the best whilst the adrenaline junkies will stand up to say off-road cars or jeeps are the best. There is definitely no settling that argument because as the personality changes, perception changes. The needs of people vary and so will their choice. It is wrong to rule out their options, on the other hand, we cannot accept everything they say.

It is always to have a personal opinion on things, have your own stance on things. Being inane about things will not be helpful in any turn of life. Now, one thing all of these motorheads have in common is that they are all machines and every machine needs to be maintained. Machines need to be maintained and sent for service from time to time to extract the maximum from them and to extend their shelf life.

The car maintenance of the car is a herculean task if you do not have the proper tools or knowledge about servicing. One ought to have a thorough idea about the working of the car, its components, and their functioning. Understanding the machines is not an easy task. You should know the principles behind which they work, how they work and the alternatives if the components fail to function accordingly. You should know what goes where in any automobile before even thinking of tearing them apart.

Top 10 Car Maintenance Blogs To Follow

The maintenance and cleanliness of these machines is not an easy task. One needs to have unabridged knowledge about the machines. Granted that learning about all of this is not a piece of cake, it is also not an impossible task. With the correct guidance and information, anybody with the interest can become an expert. Here are some best car maintenance blogs to follow which will help you gain immense knowledge about the maintenance of the cars.

1. Be Car Care Aware

Be Car Care Aware is personally the best car maintenance blog there is, it is a non-profit organization that gives out the best car care tips and advice for the user. The Be Car Care Aware is an educational blog that teaches you how to maintain your car and helps you out with any problem there is. This blog has a Facebook fan base of 62.6 thousand, twitter followers of almost 7.7 thousand and Instagram Followers 1.7thousand. It was given a rank of 602 thousand by Alexa. If this is simply not enough for you to trust it, know that Google has given this 4.5/5 starts for their guidance and maintenance tips. Be Car Care Aware posts approximately one post or blog per month and is always about something new and known by a very limited amount of people.

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The webpage of the official blog is all blue in colour with fun and interesting facts about cars on the top right corner being displayed. The webpage has several categories like “car care, resources”, “car care service schedule”, “car care videos”, etc which will enlighten you and help you clarify all your queries. The website also lets you host a car care event where you can share your knowledge with others on a global platform. They also have a YouTube channel where they post videos about car care tips. They have a frequency of one video per month and have a good reach to all of their subscribers.

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2. Humblemechanic

Humblemechanic is a car maintenance blog by a Volkswagen mechanic, technician who happens to share the love towards cars just like you but has a tad bit more knowledge and experience. Charles (the brains behind the content of the blog) makes nice short videos and has an upload quarterly. Humblemechanic has a very eye-catchy webpage and a very interactive crew that answers all of the FAQ’s in a short span of time. The blogger has 212.3 thousand followers for his Facebook page and a total of 5.8 thousand followers on his Twitter account.

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The YouTube channel “humblemechanic” has a total of 393 thousand subscribers and a total of 786 videos. The latest video was aired on the 14th of April 2019 about how to make a DIY replacement of a VW and an Audi 2.0T TSI with the help of a third-generation EA888. The latest video got around 27 thousand views in less than two days of upload and almost a thousand up votes. This is enough insights for a carjunkie to know that the blog is an excellent interphase to know and exchange ideas.

3. BAP

BAP stands to Buy Auto Parts. This is a California based car maintenance blogging company that helps you with all your doubts and FAQs. The BAP is a blog for all categories of the car parts. The categories have various bifurcations from air conditioners till wheels, from engine oil till suspension, and from steering till supercharging. Although the website is not as colourful or as attractive as the above two sites, but it has all the nice information and tips required. BAP has a total of 22 thousand followers and their twitter handle has followers of 3 thousand followers. They are fairly active and upload a video or blog every month and have been into existence for the past 5 years.

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4. All About Automotive

All About Automotive is an Oregon, United States-based company that is certified by the National Institute of Automotive service excellence. The all about the automotive blog helps you maintain your car and truck and keep them running just like new. The blog has been brought into existence for almost a decade now. The blog has a very nice and interactive interphase. Apart from providing you tips and strategies to keep your car running just like the day it was purchased, they also hire people who will be working for their garage in Oregon. The company also has special services like they check your fuel-injection system, the lubrication system and do modifications to enhance the performance of the vehicle. The site is fairly active and has a blog every week and a video every month.

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5. Otobots Auto Repair

Otobots Auto Repair is a Chicago, Illinois based car maintenance blogging company. When compared to the other blogs, this is fairly official and has a more easy to go through the website. They have specialized mechanics from the topmost car companies come to give out tips and ideas on how to keep your car running as new. Apart from maintenance tips, they also provide essential services like tires and traction, overall diagnostics, external body works and chassis design.  Their rates are comparatively cheap and give a warrant of almost 13,000 miles. This is personally a very trusted site with one-stop solutions for all your car maintenance queries.

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6. Eastwood Auto Repair

Eastwood Auto Repair is a Pennsylvania based company and is known as the most preferred blog of the year. They have the most up votes on social media and have at least four new posts/blogs/videos out every week. They have a Facebook family of 626.8 thousand fans, a twitter family of 8.2 thousand followers and have been voted as the best car maintenance blog by Alexa. Eastwood has the best welders, spray painters and the finest mechanics and engineers out there ready to help you and to look after your cars. They have a lot of Do It Yourself (DIY) videos in their YouTube channel where experts teach you how to deal with the common problems that car owners face and also, the videos are fairly easy to do at your own garage types. They have a nice online portal with a very interactive crew.

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7. Aamco Colorado Auto Parts

Aamco is a Colorado-based car care company that does transmission works, brake repairs and car care analysis.  They are just like the car doctors and have complete analysis and details about every car design, model and make. They take the utmost care to deliver to meet your needs. The car maintenance bloggers post two blogs per week and have a fairly good reach. They have both blogs and detailed video explanations on the basic problems like why a car backfires, etc.  The site has an Alexa rank of 2.8 million and is also an ASE certified website.

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This is all about the blogging sites that are mainly US or Europe based. Let’s have a look at the best India based blogging site for car maintenance and its tips.

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8. Motoroctane

Motoroctane is a Delhi based car maintenance blogging site that is the most popularly preferred site in India. It has Facebook fans of almost 20 thousand and Instagram followers of 8.5 thousand. Their YouTube channel has 1.52 Million subscribers and their latest video was posted about a month ago. Motoroctane has average views of 60,000 per video with their highest of 1 million. They also compare the latest cars and bikes to help you decide if you are planning on buying a new one.

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9. Autocar

Autocar India is also an Indian based car maintenance blogging company. They have reviews and feedbacks of the cars both released and about to be released. They have blogs that were published in automobile magazines and have been a pioneer in its field. Autocar has also given reviews for the cars which have not been released in India, like the Kia Telluride.

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10. Powerdrift

Powerdrift is an Indian based YouTube channel which that makes videos about the car and car care. This channel was started in 2014 and has broken many records in its field.

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They have honest reviews and feedbacks and give a lot of importance to their subscribers. They have some really good content and it’s worth giving it a read if you’re into cars and car maintenance.

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