The Best Beauty Blogs

Best beauty blogs to follow

In this article we are going to discuss about the best beauty blogs to follow. How would you ever be updated about the beauty world without beauty bloggers? Whenever you want to get ready all you need is a person who gives you instructions and you follow them for a glam look. Without beauty blogs, no matter what makeup you wear or what hairstyle you choose with an outfit would not even be categorized as fashion when people around you are not even aware of it. Just find your fit and follow them. So here are some of the beauty bloggers for you to follow.

Top 10 Beauty Blogs To Follow

The list of best beauty blogs to follow is mentioned below in detail:

1. Estée Lalonde

She is originally from Canada and is now based in London, she is not only a well-known person who has established herself in the field of beauty but in fashion, jewelry, interior designing, etc. She creates weekly lifestyles and beauty videos for her viewers. Estée Lalonde makes her podcasts for her viewers, being on such a platform she wants to become the voice the all the women, she aims to create an atmosphere for women where they can talk about whatever is on their minds. She provides helpful tutorials on her channel on YouTube. She is active on her social media as well where she tells us about her favorite products as well.

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top beauty blogs to follow

2. PixiWoo is the beauty vlog handled by Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste. They also have their website which does not appear to be active much. They shoot their vlog and upload them on their youtube channel on which they are active. Their vlog is for all ages. They are one of the best beauty vloggers and makeup artists. Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste also known as Sam and Nic respectively are both sisters handling their vlogs. They initially started from nothing and now are amongst one of the best makeup artists from around the globe. In their vlogs they recommend the products they use and tell which kind of them would be a better fit. Their vlogs are not so difficult which makes it easier for viewers to act upon. As in their vlogs they teach makeup for beginners as well as for highly trained people.

most popular beauty blogs

3. Cult of pretty

They have an attractive website that includes makeup, hair, skincare, fragrance, nails, wellness and grooming. They also recommend they think it is the best beauty product ever that a customer could buy. They usually talk about the best products you’ve never heard of.

 Also they have their products for sale. They usually post their blogs regularly which are usually about their personal experiences and address their viewers directly.

most visited beauty blogs

4. Beauty Geeks

It is a website founded by Janine Falcon along with her team. Beauty geeks talk about beauty in a very healthy way. They believe in the internal beauty that makes a person look radiant outside. For them Happy skin, healthy-looking hair are the best ways to look your best along with some natural touch-ups. This website is not only made for upcoming generations or teenagers but they focus on all ages.

They care about the after-effects of every product they work with so initially every product is taken care of, they talk to dermatologists, cosmetics chemists and product developers before recommending any product to the viewers. They post their blogs in an average gap of 3 days or even regularly.  Their blogs directly address its viewers making it familiar to them. In their blogs they have explained the topic in various ways including videos and step by step procedures making is easy to understand for viewers.

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beauty tips

5. The Sunday Girl

It is a website founded by Adrienne Söndag a few years back and currently is handled by a few staff members. They have dedicated their blogs to beauty, here they write about and display the products they use, they like with all its description and the people involved along with the brands. They have worked on beautiful blogs, the way they write is like anyone who visits their site would love to read them. They’ve expressed their feelings towards the brand or the products with the correct use of words. Their website is attractive as it initially includes the popular posts followed by their latest posts and so on, which all is along with the fascinating pictures of the products they are talking about.

beauty products

6. Dreaming in Blush

Elle Fowler is the founder of dreaming in blush, co-founder of skylark cosmetics, she is also a designer of shoes, handbags and accessories. She started her career as a YouTuber. Supposed her blogs on website dreaming in blush were about the products one should be using in their day-to-day skincare and makeup activities. She shows her utmost concern about her followers by asking them to write to her in comments about the product she has mentioned or even if he has missed out on any. See updates for blogs every week so that she can keep your followers up-to-date. In her blogs she also talks about where one should buy the beauty products and how they can save money while buying these products.


She also mentions the online websites and web pages which offer good deals for beauty products. She talks about different brands offering different discounts and how one can redeem any offers she also mentions about the trips with the family and is very interactive with the followers. Also everything comes easy as everything is mentioned under one website of dreaming in blush so that one does not have to search here and there to look for every detail. She also shares personal experiences and the products she uses herself with the followers which may help them. Also so she advises about how one should dress for a particular occasion.

7. Beauty is Boring

This is a very interesting blogging site for the viewers. It was founded by a celebrity makeup artist and photographer Robin Black. in her blog she has completely recreated the definition of beauty or makeup by using it in various ways for example applying lipstick completely off Centre the lips and blue eyebrows. Various props are used by her models that you might not even think about. Also she is concerned about every type of skin and safety for them and the blog also describes various types of makeup products. In various series of her blogs she is also featuring various makeup artists, illustrators, hairstylists, wig makers, fine artists, nail geniuses, graphic artists and many more people that she finds eye-catching.

After each makeup look she has described the products used along with the collection. Reviewing her blog makes us think of her as a creative person who lets her models to also be creative with their looks.

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8. Lisa Eldridge

She is amongst the famous beauty bloggers of the world. Following her for any concerns related to beauty is very convincing. Lisa Eldridge provides detailed information about what she does and what others following her for their skincare, makeup, history and where to get inspired from. Even for each specific subhead like makeup or skincare, she provides a detailed description of what a person with specific skin type, tone or which product should be used by them.

beauty tips for women

She also provides her followers with the information about what all products and brands one should follow or use in different case scenarios. She also provides links for the products that people following her can buy from that website. Keeping in mind the major preferences of most people, she also has her brand where she produces and sells products that people may require.

9. A model recommends

This website is owned by Ruth Crilly, and it is the best website for a beauty blogger you’ve ever seen. Ruth Crilly, a former fashion model and currently pursuing beauty content writing. Along with beauty she writes about lifestyle as well on A model recommends. Her website is regularly updated and just in touch with the upcoming technology. In her blogs she writes about her recommendations to her viewers with her personal experience. She being a former model is pretty, it’s the beauty that inspires people to use the product models or bloggers write about.

beauty care

In everything she writes there is a familiar feeling in her, she writes it for the readers as one of them. The pictures used on her website are extremely attractive which makes her website even better along with all her blogs and effects. Her advice and recommendations when used by the viewers of her videos or readers turn out to be very helpful. Also the type of font used leaves an impression on the readers so she has used very simple fonts which makes the readers like them. She writes about skincare and makeup.

10. Barefoot Blonde

It is a website founded by Amber Fillerup Clark. She is well known for her hairstyles as she portrays a creative outlook towards them.

She is very active on her social media where she uploads about her daily life and family. Whereas, on her website she writes about Lifestyle, hair, fashion, beauty and traveling. On the website she also links the viewers to the products she uses. She uploads about 7-8 blogs monthly where she talks about her experience and recommendations.

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