10 Best Car Review Websites

Best Car Review Websites

In this article we are going to discuss about the best car review websites. As the 4th largest automobile producing country, India’s automobile industry is becoming major industry. Also India’s automobile sector contributes approximately 7% to the nations GDP. Also we have a tendency to know reviews on things before we buy it. We always try to seek someone who has used a product or service that we intend to buy and know their personal review related to the same. So why not do the same when buying a car? To help people like us there are various websites available to us, where people post their experiences related to the car they have been using. Let us browse through some of them in this article.

10 Best Car Review Websites

The list of best care review websites are discussed below:

1. BSMotoring

Best Car Review Sites

BSMotoring claims to be India’s largest car and bike news magazine. It offers us reviews on latest cars as well as bikes. Not only reviews but it also offers wallpapers, auto related news, pictures and comparisons. When you enter the site you can find to separate sections for car news and bike news.  In the dropdown menu on selecting ‘Car’ option, we have a variety to choose from like Road Tests, Review, News, Features, Motor Sports, Motor Shows and many more. There is also a tab named Quick Comparison. But looking at the overall website, it is quite less appealing to the eyes due to the lack of colorful theme and color combination. But the articles posted are quite reader friendly and are pleasure giving.

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2. Overdrive

Top Car Review Websites

Just like some personal mentor, Overdrive provides you with reviews from car users across the country. Its Review option in the dropdown menu has various choices to choose from that includes All Reviews, Car Reviews, Bike Reviews and many more. The First Drive review is fascinating as it brings to us the experience when driving the particular vehicle for the first time. The Road Test review part covers the complete review of the vehicle in topic. The website also has a separate Photo section where pictures of cars as well as bikes are available helping customers like us to see and know a particular vehicle looks.

3. Autocar

Most Popular Car Review Websites

Autocar India is a segment of Autocar UK, world’s oldest car magazine. They have both a website as well as hard copies in printed fashion publications of their magazines. Also the online forum is very famous and trusted by a huge chunk of car lovers. The website has an amazing provision where you can contact a user and ask him his experience personally and directly. The Ask Autocar section is what attracted me and other customers. The section allows you to fill a form where in you fill your and car details and post your query related to cars, road trips, tyres, modifications and a lot other options.  The website feels like a friend advising and schooling you regarding cars.

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4. Motor Uncle

Best Car Rating Websites

The website is pretty welcoming with its pleasant blue, black and white theme.  It is an independent car review website. Along with reviews they also rate the cars. They have a search box where you can type the car you are interested in and the website supplies you with a complete report card on that vehicle.  They also have separate tabs for Comparing cars and knowing about dealers around or near you. The website is truly like that uncle you have in your family who is always happy to help and advice you and is there whenever you need him.

5. Cars

Most Reliable Car Review Websites

The website is very user friendly. They help us get reviews related to the car type we are looking for along with images. The website also helps you find the perfect car for you by searching it on the site based either on make or body style. They have videos and reviews section where you get to read expert reviews, watch videos, know about awards won and compare multiple cars. They post articles on a daily basis and the articles are quite informative. You can also shortlist cars for future viewing by saving them in the My Saved Cars section.

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6. Auto Car Dealers

Auto Car Dealers

This is another amazing multitalented car review website. This site delivers you with numerous reviews and also allows you to post your review related to your experience. The site also has various businesses listed all related to car care and car service. If you are in the same business, you can also list your business on the website and attract more customers.

7. Team BHP

Mercedes Review

The name itself is so attractive that it cannot go unnoticed. As soon as you open the website, you are welcomed by Hot Threads where you can read reviews posted by different users of the site. The site provides most trusted, detailed and fair unbiased car reviews and news related to them in India. The site also has a store that sells stickers, key chains, T-shirts, jackets and wallets and hoodies with various versions of BHP printed on them. They also sell spare parts of almost all the types of cars available in the market. The site is also very useful for young learners because the spare parts section shows the exploded and labeled view of every system present in an automobile. Car users also post their road trip experiences in the Travelogue section. Team BHP is an all in one website. A must visit website.

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8. Zigwheels

Car Reviews

When it comes to reviews related to cars or bikes, Zigwheels is what comes to everyone’s conscious. Over the years, Zigwheels has managed to gain people’s trust by providing them with true and unbiased reviews, expert as well as user. People need to know both of them. People need to know what the experts in the automobile sector think and feel about a particular automobile and people also need to know the actual on road experience the users have experienced. And Zigwheels has managed to provide its users with both of them.

You can also ask questions and queries you have in regards with the car you plan to buy.  Also you can search for used cars and buy them from selected cities available in the website. It can be clearly seen that people do trust this website because it provides everything that a buyer requires before buying a car.

9. CarDekho

Used Car Reviews

Just like Zigwheels, CarDekho is also a pioneer in the automobile reviews sector. We can see that an appreciable chunk of people believe and trust the website. The website provides its user with the latest news and reviews related to cars and automobiles. If you decide to sell your car you must visit the CarDekho Gaadi Store where you can sell your vehicle quite swiftly. Also if you plan on buying a used car, CarDekho is a stop you can completely trust. You can compare the two cars you are skeptical on buying and decide the best one using the Compare cars tool in the website.

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10. Motorbeam


Another attractive and user friendly website for car as well as bike reviews is the Motorbeam. You can compare, research, and review the cars and bikes that interest you in Motorbeam. All the information is just at your fingertips once you enter the website. They provide car enthusiasts with latest car news. They have a dedicated section to display some really cool and attractive images of cars and bike that you cannot help but download and use as your wallpaper.

These were some of the best websites that bring to you car user reviews, expert reviews, latest news and even buying & selling options. Before you buy a car you must visit these websites and read the reviews related to the car you are in interested. These reviews are not trivial at all, they can provide with some knowledge that no dealer will ever have told you. So be a smart citizen and research your car with the help of such websites before you invest lakhs of your hard earned money.

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