10 Best Home Rental Websites

Best Home Rental Websites

In this article we are going to talk about some best home rental websites in the world. Finding a good home to rent is always a hideous task. It requires planning, vigorous search and extra time. Today this strenuous task of manually finding a home in places less known has been shifted online making the task much easier. Although so, finding rental homes can be a risky business for inexperienced individuals. Where to search for has always been a question. Finding the best site is the most important step while finding rental homes online. There are numerous sites available which can be both authentic and fake. A wrong decision can cause the person huge loss. In order to help find the best website thorough search is required. There are several aspects to look into.

10 Best Home Rental Sites

This article provides reviews on ten best home rental websites helping the users find the best place to upload the rent homes or to find one suitable for your needs.

1. Zillow

Homes for rent

Zillow is one of the best sought after site for renting homes, it being the largest real estate website available online. Advertising here can be the best option to get the right tenant within a short period. The layout of the website is transparent and direct. Even first-hand users might find it easier to handle the task themselves. The site requires an account for the users. The other features are that it has additional sections that offers information regarding laws and regulations while renting a home, articles on how to manage the rental home and other basic information regarding renting and buying homes.

This website is U.S based. Although individuals can rent their homes or search for the same, Zillow is more popular for buying homes rather than renting. The interactive maps provided makes the process easier. The site is user-friendly. Photos and videos of the homes are available. The other features offered by the site are detailed information on the rent homes such as number of times it has been sold or bought, options to compare between two listed units, mortgage rates if purchasing, the price for which the home was bought or sold earlier and more.

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2. Craigslist

Best house rental sites

Craigslist is an inexpensive home rental website that provides customers with homes according to their demands. The facts and features written by the owners themselves helps the customers choose the home of their demand. Homes are available both for sale and rent. It is the site for everything from housing to renting an automobile. Owners and land dealers can post the available units for free. This gives access to a wider range of options to choose from. The requirements like affordable price, type and size of apartment and amenities required can be filtered. There are also several Craigslist apps available for the users. The detailed information on the home is beneficial.  

3. Airbnb

Houses for rent

This rental website is more appropriate for short-terms rental options. The homes in it can be taken for rent for a few weeks or months. The site is best suitable for people who search for homes to stay while travelling or during a short stay. The layout of the site is highly attractive. Clear directions are offered. The search bar makes the process easier. Being a website most used by travellers, information and resources based on the latest events are enlisted in detail. In relation to COVID 19 pandemic, Airbnb have provided secure housing options for the responders. The site thus becomes highly useful for the travellers and unplanned stayers.

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4. Trulia

Rental homes

It is a popular brand under Zillow group. The simple and catchy layout gives a sense of appeal. Trulia is more popular for the for-sale listings while the site also provides information regarding rental homes. The site describes in detail the required statistical data useful for the buyer. Comparison can be made by analysing the price money of renting and buying. There are more than thirty-five filters available together with keyword search. Insights and information on the neighbourhood is also provided. Photographs, local insights and resident reviews are useful. Guidelines while renting is an additional facility provided by the site.

5. ForRent


For people who have decided to relocate or to live off campus, this is the best option. A special feature is that the site has included details like current availability of the home, the phone number of the owner in order to contact the renter in person. The ratings by former owners of the home is also listed. The homepage of the site provides option to clear doubts regarding the rental processes, leasing and moving. The site also includes articles on tips while living in apartments and apartment moving checklist. The budget can be estimated with the help of the site. Search bar can be used directly to search for the desired home. The options are direct and clear. Townhomes, condos, apartments and homes are available for rent.

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6. Apartments


Apartments is one among the established rental websites. It is a good option for long term rentals. They primarily offer information on apartments available for rent. Townhomes, condos and homes to rent are also featured. The multiple options provided makes the selection process easier. The users can filter their searches by entering their demand which narrows down the options listed. A unique feature of the site is the Sound score offered where the noise level of each location is included. Determining whether to choose a place to rent thus becomes relatively simpler. The video demonstrations, personalized searches and reviews from previous customers makes it easy for the users to select a home.

7. Hotpads


This website has the choice to list the property of a renter in multi-family building. They promote pet owners providing a better platform for people who wish to find a pet-friendly home to rent. The interactive map featured is highly beneficial in determining the home. The layout of the website is simple. The search bar can be used to directly start searching for the home based on the price and rooms needed. Top cities are listed in the home page itself for easy access. Sorting can be done based on the newest, most recommended, most popular and based on price too. List of amenities are provided for the searcher to fill in. The site includes townhouses, duplex, condos, apartments and homes for rent.

The list of options offered by the Hotpads site is in detail so that any confusions can be avoided. The tenant can filter the list according to his demands. The layout is designed in an expert manner that makes the search much easier. Photographs of the homes are instantly displayed along with other details. Neighbourhood rating by previous owners, demographic highlights, market highlights and description of the city are some attractive aspects of the site.

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8. Lovely


This is a simple and user-friendly website for renting homes. The layout is elegant and direct. The search bar provided helps in the easy access of the desired rental apartments and homes. The selection can be done on the basis of price, pet requirements or any other criteria. The site also provides photographs of the home kept for rent. The simple graphic format is beneficial to inexperienced users. The process and search are direct thus clearing the customers of any doubts or confusions. The interactive map is also made available. The latest posts appear on top and is kept highlighted which makes it easier for renters to stay updated.   

9. Zumper


Zumper is a user-friendly and authentic website suited for individuals with diverse demands. The efficiency of the site makes it popular and appealing. The site provides a wide list of options with distinct features listed clearly. The list can be filtered depending on the requirement of the tenants. Detailed information on location, price, pets, number of rooms and such other minute details are also specified. Zumper app is also available which when downloaded provides notification to the customers on the latest posts. What makes Zumper popular is the details it provides on the homes kept for rent. Photographs and videos are included. But this can be accessed only if the user has an account. Information on neighborhood and the city guide provided increase the demand for the site.

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10. Rent


The site is user-friendly. The search for the home as per the demand of the tenants is easy. The type of home required can be selected from the homes, condos, Townhomes and apartments listed in the site. The search for a home or an apartment with necessary amenities in the desired area provides you with information on such rental homes available in nearby cities too. This can prove helpful in special cases when the location offered by the site is suitable for the buyer. The contact information of the owner will be provided along with the floor plans and photos of the unit kept for rent.

Floorplan include studio apartment, one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments. Rent.com is beneficial to students who wish to home off-campus.  The tenant can search by popular cities, by state, military base or based on the university the student is studying at. Special preferences are also listed based on whether a luxury apartment is required. The site has also included options like cheap apartments for rent, pet friendly apartment and rentals by owners.

Finding a rental home of your dreams is not simple. It requires a thorough effort from the part of the individual. Online home rental websites make the task effortless. The above mentioned websites are some of the best sites available online. It makes your task both smooth and faster. Try going through these websites to find the right home for you and your family.

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