What can I do in my free time at home?

What can I do in my free time at home

In this article we are going to discuss about what can I do in my free time at home? : As the time and days are going by, there are new technological advancements that are taking place everyday with them. And with these advancements, the only species that has been getting all the advantage is the human race. Where it took us humans more than 5-6 hours to get food for ourselves, now we just dial a number and get us our favorite meal in less than twenty minutes. It is crazy how we have so much time on hand that we never had before, since we don’t really have to do much work. But having that time doesn’t mean we use all of it. At one point of time, We always find ourselves sitting idly at our homes, wondering what we should do with this time, now?

As this question strikes your mind, you come up with the easiest solutions, which are-

  • We turn on our television.
  • We start playing on our gaming consoles.
  • We keep on eating whenever we get bored.
  • We medicate ourselves with drugs, etc just to burn time.

But these might not be very productive ways to spend your free time. Spending your free time in a productive way can prove to be favourable for your future selves and therefore, coming up with these ways could be a difficult task for you.

Moreover, how you all choose to spend your free time really reflects on your personality as well. People who waste their free time stand miles apart from the people who use it carefully. In addition to that, free time could also mean ‘getting some work done’ for some people. But whatever a ‘free time’ means to you, to be able to come up with a plan to utilize it can be a lot more difficult than doing that task.

So here, i have come up with a list of things that you can do when you are bored and have nothing to do.

What can I do in my free time at home?

Here is the list of some fun things to do in my free time at home discussed below:

1. Meditate

Time to Meditate

What can be a better productive way to utilise your free time than meditating. Whenever you feel that you have nothing to do try getting yourself into a good posture that is, exercise, meditate, workout or gyming at your home or better yet go on a run/jog. Meditating not only calms your mind but it is also responsible for many more exceptional changes that happen in your body such as-

  •  You will look better.
  •  You will lose weight.
  •  You will become lean.
  •  You will gain muscle.
  •  You will become fit.

Moreover, meditating is very good for your mind and soul, such as-

  • It calms you down which improves your sleep.
  • Calm mind results in a clear mind which further leads to improved memory and other cognitive activities.
  •  Also, people who meditate are found to be less depressed and with less mental problems.

2. Journal writing

best story writing tips

If you suddenly start feeling a little too free I will suggest you to start writing. Writing could mean like writing a short story or reviews to your favourite movie or maybe writing down what you did today. Not only does writing help you with your vocabulary and your writing skills but it also helps you relieve the moment you have gone through and be able to rethink about it in a safe environment without any fears or stress.

Also journal writing is not only about jotting down your day today moments but but you could also write down various other things such as about a certain person,  recipe of your favourite dish,  places that you want to travel,  things that you want to do or maybe just jotting down things you can do when you are bored or have a free time on your hands.

Journal writing is also a great way to keep a track on what you are doing with your time and also so it helps you distress and organise yourself. so the next time you start feeling bored out of your mind just take the nearest notebook and a pen and start writing about how your day went.

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3. Read

Read Novels

Reading is found to be the best and the most productive things to do while you feel bored or have a lot of free time. A number of popular and successful people have spilled their secret of success saying that they read a lot of books in their free time. Books are said to be the friend of a human being. Reading a lot of books gives you a whole new perspective to life plus you get to read the books of your favorite genre. They give you morals and values which will help you grow throughout your life. Reading a book is advantageous to you in a number of ways-

  • It helps you to get inspired and work in accordance to achieve something.
  • It keeps you motivated to set goals and tasks.
  • It keeps on increasing your knowledge on various aspects.

A reader always makes an interesting person to talk to!

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4. Spend time with your family

What to do on a Sunday with your Family

Always being on duty and working on a new task everyday leads you to cut off entirely with your family. And most of the time, you are in your home but you still feel homesick, this is because a load of work waits for you to get done while you rarely get time to spend with your family. While the other times, you might have some free time but you still waste it on other things, again ignoring your family. So, this time, let’s thank our family who support us and will keep on supporting us everyday and start spending a little time with our family whenever we get time. Cook with your mother, help your father with his accounts, play video games with your younger siblings and try to give as much time as you can to them.

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5. Do some cleaning

Clean your house

Free time could mean that now you can clean your surroundings which you have been thinking of doing for a while. Organize your desk, clean your bedroom, fold your sheets, do laundry and many other tasks. Not only will this be a good way to kill your free time but also a cleaner surrounding will make you relaxed and clear your mind. And not to mention, you will be able to do the chores that were due for a while.

6. Personal care

Best beauty blogs to follow

Now that you are done and over with cleaning your surroundings, let’s come to think of our personal care. Start with thinking about what you can do to improve your appearance or hygiene. You can do a lot of things such as, cut your nails, shave, make your eyebrow or maybe get that wax done. Personal care results in for you to feel healthier and better.

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7. Try something new

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A lot of free time on your hands can be a good time to try out new things, that is, something that you don’t do on a regular basis and something that you don’t have a qualification in. A number of times, people come to know about their hobbies while trying something different during their free time. Who knows, maybe you are a born baker or an artist. Therefore, try painting, baking, cooking or decorating your room and other things and bring out a talent that you didn’t know¬† existed.

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8. Call a long distance friend

benefits of mobile phones for students

In this busy era, as we keep on growing and developing, we keep on losing and removing a number of people from our life that we used to know as our friends. Many of us do not do this intentionally but the load of work keeps us from having that coffee date we promised a friend or that movie night we planned for a day. But, if you get blessed to have a little free time for yourself, it could be a great way to get back with your long distance friends. You could do that by calling one of them or maybe planning out a whole day just with your friend.

Being able to keep a good relationship with everyone has been a difficult task due to the whole work and no time, so if you get a chance to even keep one good friend, do not waste that chance.

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9. Singing and dancing

Sing a Song

Singing and dancing is fun for everyone. Even people who claim to not know how to sing or dance do it when nobody is watching them. Many bad singers are born from the washroom, singing like they are the singers of tomorrow while many people dance when they are putting on clothes in the morning for work, behind the closed doors. People want dancing and singing in their life but due to no time, they are not able to do it. A free time means some time to fulfill it. Dance on your favorite song and sing on top of your voice as miserably as you can. There should be at least one thing that you do for yourself while you have some time.

10. Travel

Best Travel Sites

And at last, travel your heart out! You must have always had some places that you wanted to visit for a very long time but couldn’t because you never had enough time but if you have a day off tomorrow and you don’t know what to do, then traveling is the best choice to utilize your time. Pack up and get ready to explore some of the best places you always wanted to visit.

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