Best Property Websites in India

Best Property Websites in India

In this article we are going to discuss about the best property websites in India. You need to do a lot of market research when you are thinking of buying or selling property. People tend to depend on local real estate agents to buy, sell or rent property. Property can be a house, land, hotel, apartment or an open plot. These real estate agents charge brokerage which many of us are not willing to pay. But instead of approaching these agents, if you happen to visit websites that deal in property you can save a lot of your time and money. So in this article you can get to know some of the best property websites in India.

Top 10 Property Websites in India

Here is the list of property websites in India :

1. 99acres


99acres is the top most favorite real estate portal for buyers and sellers. The site is a designed in a very user friendly fashion which helps in searching and posting property. They also have an Activity tab which records your search history. This proves to be very useful as you do not have to write or note down the properties you have liked. You can also shortlist the properties you have liked. If you wish to sell your property you can post the details on the website for free.

They also provide us with other services like Home Loans and Price Estimators. They help us in getting home loans s they have tie-ups with various banks. The price estimator gives you an idea of the pricing of the properties in the locality you wish. Even the customers are quite happy with the service provided by 99acres. Some say that they found the property of their choice on the first page itself.

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2. India Property

India Property

Pretty decent site that guides you like a personal guide to buy, rent or sell your property. Once you enter the site, it asks you to select a city and show you the property deals available in the city. You can also select areas in the city chosen to find better results. The color theme is also decent and pleasant to the viewers’ eyes. The customers who have been a part of property deal through India Property are quite happy with the service provided. They display the image, price, EMI and area of the property all at the same time making it useful for the viewers to compare between properties.

3. MagicBricks

Magic Bricks

MagicBricks as the reviews say is quite ideal website for buying and renting houses and property. They provide you not only with houses but also rentals, PGs, plots and commercial spaces. If you wish to sell your property you can post the details on MagicBricks for free after registering yourself into their website. You can also get information on ongoing projects by providing them with the amenities you are looking for. They provide us with the contact details of their agents along with their certifications which help us build trust in them. For the people who believe in Astrology and cosmic entities, MagicBricks has provision for Vastu Service also. You can talk to their experts in Astrology on phone regarding the issues related to buying and selling your property.

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4. Housing


Housing is a leading website helping you and your loved ones find the right property. Looking at the website we can completely agree that they do make property search smarter. You can buy, rent and sell property through quite smoothly. The website is pretty decent and they have details of properties near your present location on the homepage itself. You can browse through the lists provided by them and also mark the ones you liked as favorites. This makes you easier to revisit them. Some customers are quite happy with the service provided by while some complain about the service. But this happens in all the cases and I think that will look into the matter as soon as possible. also helps you buy houses and property outside India.

5. CommonFloor

Common Floor

When you enter the website it feels as if they are saying, “OK, Now Let us get to business”, because you have to choose a city before you proceed. Even if you wish to simply surf the website, you have to select or choose a city. But after that they show you all the best projects and properties they have in the selected city. They also provide the viewers with variations like Budget Homes, Luxury Homes, and Kids Friendly Homes etc. This really helps people in searching appropriate property they are looking for.

Although the website is designed for the ease of users, we can see that most of its customers are not happy with the portal and the administration. The responsible authorities must look into the grievances of the customers and try upbringing the sites diminishing reputation.

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6. Sulekha Properties

Sulekha Properties

Sulekha Properties is also one of the leading online portals for buying as well as selling homes and property. The website is consumer friendly. All you have to do is apply filter and the site will display all the properties that match your expectations. A huge chunk of people have found their dream homes and a huge chunk also has managed to sell their property at their dream price through Sulekha Properties. One can also find flats on rent and roommates. The roommates section also has variants like two sharing and three sharing. It also offers the provision to find properties in your local area using the provision ‘local property search’.

7. Quicker Homes

Quiker Homes

This is the site that can be said a close cousin of for its provision to ask the viewer to select a city before proceeding. Also it can be said to be a close cousin of OLX Homes, because you can buy almost everything on this website and that too quicker. The website allows customers to sell their property in easy steps. You can also buy houses or rent flats, look for roommates and find co-worker spaces. OLX Homes and Quicker Homes are like the one stop store for everything. As you can find everything on these websites that you need in your daily lives. Quicker Homes also provides HDFC life insurance for our loved ones. After reading the user reviews one can feel really positive to give this website a try before heading out to the stores.

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8. Makaan


The name Makaan, meaning house, itself gives a desi, cozy and secure feeling. When you enter the website, it tries showing you popular localities close to your current location. You can sell, buy, and rent properties through the website. They also have a dedicated mobile app for this purpose. They help you get home loans through affiliated banks. The website provide their customers with offers, assistance related to loan queries, 24*7 availability of service and application tracker. On the homepage of the website we can see some recent deals closed by their agents in various cities. You can sell or rent your property for free on the website.

9. PropTiger

Prop Tiger

The website helps even the NRIs staying far away from their motherland to list their property. The website is a bit less far spread as compared to the above listed websites functioning in 12 cities of India. They claim to take 0% brokerage that is really attractive to customers. Although it functions in limited cities but it does a fantastic job in helping you find the exact property you are keen on. According to the customer ratings we can say that they are happy with the service and support provided and the user friendliness of the website.

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10. OLX Homes

OLX Homes

This is the best website to buy and sell house in any part of India. To make it more user- friendly, OLX Homes webpage can be viewed in Hindi language also. OLX is that portal where you can buy and sell anything. All you have to do is post the images and details of the item you wish to sell and the one willing to buy it will contact you on the contact details provided by you. OLX Homes has so many options to choose from like house for sale, house for rent, independent house, plot, land etc. it is like the Indian Craigslist for buying and selling houses and properties.

Taking a look at the reviews and ratings posted on “Mouthshut” we can say that customers are quite satisfied by the service provided by the portal. There are also some negative comments but hey, no one is perfect right? Buying or selling properties involve huge amount of money transactions as well as documentations. So every time you are dealing related to property you must do your homework and be alert. Always go through such websites that help you free of cost. Make maximum use of search engines and other sites that can educate you related to property dealings.

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