Top 10 Most Entertaining Websites

Top 10 Most Entertaining Websites

In this article we are going to discuss about the top 10 most entertaining websites that you must know about. We live in a world where entertainment sources come very handy to us. Be it news apps or live cricket shows or gaming apps  or even Netflix web series everything is within the reach of our hands. Internet is a major platform that connects us to all these entertainment and information bearing websites. Many a times we often come across some Uber cool and interesting websites and get fascinated by it. It arouses our curiosity to a level where  we are glued to the website and get addicted to it’s engaging content.

It can be websites you came across while randomly scrolling through the internet or social media apps, or it can also be that the website was suggested to you by a friend or family member of yours that led you to being completely into the website for it’s great content. One way or the another we all tend to have some websites that are our favorite websites. We keep visiting them  frequently in our leisure time for some entertainment or information. Here, we are going to list down a few interesting and engaging websites to help you find some entertainment in the regular boredom of life.

Top 10 Most Entertaining Websites

We are going to name and discuss about top 10 entertaining websites available to us to choose from and enjoy. So, here we go.


Best Entertaining Sites

Nearby Me is one the most funny and entertaining website that gives it’s readers all the interesting memes, breaking news, stories , gifs , viral videos on the internet and what not. It provides with the feature of allowing the users to share content mostly for fun purpose. It is a great platform for the youngsters  and adults to learn , express themselves and even broaden their perspectives towards various things in life. In addition to this, it also offers it’s users the option of like, dislike, comment and share. It is a must visit website for all the content loving users.



Whizz past as the name suggests is one of it’s kind website that talks about everything from our past. It is website that has articles devoted to answering questions like ‘What?,  Where?, When?, Who?, How?’ etc related to any past activity, happening or traditions or cultures. The topics range from ‘ the origin of the games like poker to ‘ the  women revolutionaries of the  history!’. It has information from the passed times about anything and  everything. The wide range of  categories juggle  from culture , music, books to politics and technology. It is a great platform with a plethora of options and topics available for the people who are interested to know about our history in one way or the other.

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Difference Between

Difference between is a rare and unique content carrying website. As the name suggests this website deals with differentiating and clearing out misconceptions about two closely related topics that many people often end up confusing for the same. It contains articles of to read and understand the difference between any two words, cultures , beliefs, traditions, facts and science . It’s categories ranges from career, fashion and beauty to history, geography, sorts and religion. It is a very informative and interesting website for people who often have doubts and confusion related to new terminologies and concepts coming up everyday.


Most entertaining sites

For anyone who loves texting and calling people and are bored with their usual list of contacts , omegal is just the place for you. It is a website that let’s you talk and video call strangers . It is an interesting platform to meet new friends and chat. You can also specify your topics of interests to meet people with the same likes and interests. It is a one of it’s kind website and so to maintain it’s authentication and prevent any malpractices the chats are kept anonymous ( until you choose to disclose yourself ) and everything is monitored. It’s a great website to show some communication skills and pass time.

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Khan Academy

It is a very popular educational website that caters to offering learning experience to everyone for free. It is a non profit organization that offers lessons on wide range of categories like Maths, Hindi, computing, science,  arts , finance and humanities. It offers a more one on one student teacher personalized learning experience.  It also caters to providing preparation material for various national and international examinations.  It is an organization that also has an option to let you donate for the cause of free learning to the one who do not have the means or sources to. It is an ideal website for someone who’s always Keen to learn new subjects , new skills and gain knowledge of different areas of study.



Inshorts is one the most useful and important website or app to be visited frequently in day by the users. As the name suggests it is a news website or app that caters to providing the latest trending news from all over the globe in just 60 words. It uses images and data to highlight the important news. It has many categories ranging from business, politics , sports , technology, entertainment, international, automobile, science, travel , fashion and so on. It is a must have app or website in a world where we are not having enough time to sit and read newspapers bit at the same times it is also essential for us to be well aware of the happenings around us that are a part of our lives and in a way affecting us.

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Sporcle is a another unique website that offers a plethora of quizzes available to the audience on a wide variety of topics. It consists of time bound quizzes for every age group enthusiasts. The categories stretch far and wide from sports, music, geography , television , movie , history, literature, language, gaming to religion, science and entertainment. It also has a fun everyday quizzing and gaming updates on the website to keep the customers engaged with the new contents. After each quiz it  also shows your result in the form of percentage and percentile and also compares your results with that of an average result to show where you stand. It is a must visit site for quizzing enthusiasts.  


Unplug the TV

Unplug the TV as the name and suggests is a cool and hard working website that works tirelessly to bring to it’s viewers a plethora of available options to choose content from. It may lead you to in a way UNPLUG THE TV , quite literally. It brings you some great Information on almost anything to everything helping you to keep up with the upcoming trends without having to sit for long hours in front of the TV and straining your eyes. It also provides with an option of writing reviews in your name. The once who are interested in gaining some edgy information must surely check this one out.

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Wattpad is one of these few websites or apps that can keep you glued for long without even you realizing it. It was developed with the idea to provide e-books to it’s readers .  It is an amazing platform for the readers and writers all over the world to share and read some great stories with heart pounding climaxes. The categories of stories stretch far and wide from fiction, non-fiction, poetry, spiritual, humor,  fan -fiction and teen fiction. It is a great platform for the upcoming writers to test their skills and earn some money. When the readers views ads in between the chapters on the books the writers earn money. In addition to that, the readers can also like,  comment and follow their favorite writers. It is just the thing for book works who crave for some new and interesting plot lines without the task of carrying books everywhere.  

10. TED


Who is not aware of the motivational TED talks that we hear from people all over the world coming from different social, economic and professional lives . TED meaning technology,  entertainment and design converged is a great platform to learn something new and inspire yourself to be better. It is a place or a website  where we can see videos of people talking about their inspirational life story with topics ranging from science, television, sports to business and global issues.

It not only changes your approach in life but also gives you knowledge and teaches  you lessons from the lives of experienced successful people all over the world. It is a very unique and interesting website that has a great impact on your life and so it is a must visit for everyone as they can find talks related to any and every topic of their choice. All you need to do is search and there you go.

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