10 Best Skin Care Tips For Men

Best Skin Care Tips For Men

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Best Skin Care Tips For Men. Being a man is not very easy. From a very long time, man has been portrayed as hard, tough, strong heartedness, brave and rough personality. A man isn’t supposed to weep out their heart.

Men trying to be macho in this hardfaced world forget to take care of themselves. They don’t give muh attention to their health and lifestyle generally. Infact, being conscious about their looks and aesthetics is not in their syllabus.

10 Best Skin Care Tips For Men

Men generally have a rough and dry skin. Here, in this article we are sharing top 10 skin care tips for men :-

1. Be hydrated

Be hydrated

The biggest mistake which we all do almost is that we don’t drink plenty of water in our so busy and sophisticated daily life. We literally ignore the body water relationships.

Water makes a very large portion of our body fluids and has very important biological roles to maintain homeostasis. Water also keep our skin moisturized and hydrated. As per ganong’s physiological standards, at least 4ltrs of water must be drunk by an average individual per day.

If you keep yourselves properly hydrated, your skin also remains soft and moisturized.

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2. Eat fruits and vegetables

Eat fruits and vegetables

With more and more sophisticated modern day life we are getting very busy that we are shifting towards shortcuts for even our basic needs. Modern day generation is consuming a lot of packed and pre cooked food nowadays.

Earlier people used to consume fresh organic farm products including veggies and fruits. Therefore, they lived a much more healthier life than the modern day individuals.

Many fruits and vegetables are full of natural antioxidants and vitamin E which act as anti ageing factors in the body and makes the skin look younger and smooth.

So, rat more and more fruits and fresh vegetables, this will make your skin look fresh and smooth.

3. Use moisturizer routinely

Use moisturizer routinely

Using a moisturizer daily can be very good move for your skin care. Skin needs proper moisture daily otherwise it becomes dry and rough with scales. Many medicated moisturizers are also available in market but they are mostly ion based and they interfere with the natural oil composition of skin.

You may use natural moisturizer like milk, honey, coconut oil and aloe Vera gel etc. Honey is one of the best natural moisturizer with several biological significances. Coconut oil when applied daily before sleep makes the skin very soft and smooth.

So, using a natural moisturizer daily will keep your skin properly moisturized and smooth.

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4. Proper sleep-wake cycle

Proper sleep-wake cycle

In this very busy and sophisticated modern day Life style almost every second individual is sleep deprived. Today’s individuals are not getting proper and sufficient sleep in this race of getting more and more materialized. Not having a proper sleep-wake cycle have several negative impacts on our body and affects our mental and physical well being.

Taking a sleep less than the standard need disrupts our biological clock which in turn results in abrupt secretion of skin pigment melanin. So, deprived sleep results in dark circles and wrinkles under eyes and facial region.

So, it’s very necessary to have a sound and sufficient sleep of atleast 6hours a day.

5. Exercise


A very large proportion of modern day generation is unhealthy and unfit. The graph of individuals with life style occurred diseases is increasing rapidly day by day. Earlier people used to stay more fit and healthy as they exercised on a regular basis.

Exercise also has an effect on your skin apart from it’s several physiological effects in the body. When you exercise, oxygen demand is increased in the body cells and therfore blood supply is increased so that cells get more and more oxygen.

Exercising on a regular basis keeps your skin fresh and look more young. Also, various toxic substances are eliminated by your skin in the sweat. So, you must exercise daily at least for 20-40 minutes.

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6. Stress management

Stress management

With the increasing materialisation in modern day Life, work load and stress is also increasing day by day. Today, an individual have to suffer work stress, to prove himself or herself stress, or stress due to relationship issues, or due to economic reasons.

Mental stress reduces the ability to concentrate and thus, have a negative impact on the productivity and outcomes. Stress also affects the skin, it makes the skin look dull and blowed. Therefore, it is very necessary to manage the stress and live a healthy life.

7. Periodic washing of face

Periodic washing of face

With our so much sophisticated daily routine and heavy workload we don’t pay attention towards our skin. Skin pores get blocked due to heavy makeup or pollution outside and dust.

If you wash your face twice or thrice a day, it helps in reopening of the pores and thus, cells can breathe properly. It makes skin glow naturally and also prevents dry skin.

You can also use some natural face cleanser to wash your face.

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8. Protection from U.V Ray’s

Protection from U.V Ray’s

The problem of suntanned skin is very common in modern day generation as they have to be in the outside world for their works. The skin gets damaged by direct contact with uv rays. It also disrupts the normal pigmentation of skin resulting in a tanned skin.

You can use a sunscreen cream for preventing suntanned skin and retaining glowing radiant skin. So, avoid direct exposure to sunrays.

9. The laughter therapy

The laughter therapy

People Nowadays being too much busy in achieving their goals and targets, have literally forgotten to laugh. The seriousness of thus issue can be understood as now many laughter sessions are organised by physiotherapist and clinicians.

Naturally, having a laugh elevates your mood and body spirit as it causes release of endorphins in the body, which cause euphoria and makes you feel happy and joyful. A good laughter also makes you skin glowing and radiant. Laughter therapy also helps in relieving stress.

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 10. Avoid junk food

Avoid junk food

The consumption of junk and processed food has increased enormously among the modern day generation. The individuals now rely more on packed, pre processed and junky food than the fresh organic farm products.

Junk foods have a lot of calories, fat and toxic oils which are unhealthy for our body. Excess consumption of junk food also affects the natural oil composition of our skin and results in acne and pimples.

So, avoid excessive eating of junk food and eat fresh fruits and vegetables so that your body gets detoxified and you get a glowing naturally radiant skin.

So, above were some of the top skin care tips for men through which you can get a bright, smooth, naturally glowing and radiant skin tone.

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