Why Do We Forget Everything in Exam?

Why Do We Forget Everything in Exam?

In this article we are going to talk about the Why Do We Forget Everything in Exam? Memories have the most crucial role to play in our life. People who can memorise most of the things are fortunate according to me. Our education systems require us to memorise everything. It may be the lessons or prose, important events, it’s dates, multiplication tables, numbers, names of prominent peoples, their date of birth, etc. They emphasise us to memorise all these things no matter what. Only who has the skill to recollect what he or she read can make impact in studies irrespective of how much they really matter in their life or how much they understand it totally.  So a lazy person or student has no value in this educational system.

Memories also provide a kind of exercises to our brain which helps in more critical thinking and will be able to concentrate more.  Memories also help us in the improvement in our future by understanding the mistakes in the past.

Why Do We Forget Everything in Exam?

Many of us as a student, put all of our 100% in our reading or study the whole night without taking rest, but we tend to forget in the exam no matter how much will be our efforts are. There might be many reasons for this, including our social economical issues, our environment, way of reading, etc. So here are 10 reasons why do we forget everything in exam.

1. Mug up

 Mug up

Many students nowadays mug up in order to memorise as they think it as the easiest way to reading, but mugging up is a bad idea. If we mug up anything, we should understand that we will forget them 100% as soon because it doesn’t allow ourselves to understand the concept. Though it might  sometimes helps a few, but in the view of future career or job we will definitely face a problem because we didn’t understand the core concept of the topic, so this is one of the main reasons why students fail to remember anything.

Instead of mugging up the subjects try understanding the topic thoroughly. You can take help of your teachers, lecturers or the classmates. When we understand the concept fully, we will never forget it as it will be stored in memory. So we need to know that mugging  up is not useful as it questions our learning process in the future.

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2. Not understanding

Not understanding

If we need to take an exam then we should be fully able to understand the concept first. So that we can write well. Make sure to understand the basic concepts of a topic, use highlighters for the topic which you feel it is important, write down important notes, make specific time schedules make yourself a quiz and answer them or try picturizing what you learn, try to learn a topic in your own way ,so you can follow that method and can score well in exams. Sometimes your teachers or lecturer’s approach towards a subject cannot be understood by you , so approach a subject in your own way instead of following them. If we understand the topic, we can definitely remember them in exams.

3. Lack of concentration

Lack of concentration

Focus and concentration are the most important factor to us to learn anything. There are many distractions that doesn’t allow us to study. So we must try to improve our concentration level. Try doing yoga and meditation which is very effective in improving our focus and also some exercises keeps us healthy and helps in concentration as well. So make sure to find a suitable place or area for studying and make specific timetable for preparation and try to avoid distraction  such as electronic gadgets, notifications or any personal or things as much as possible, try to be calm and relax every time as it aids in improving in overall health. Take necessary break, eat healthy foods. Try keeping yourself more energised to be able to completely focus on the studies.

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4. No efforts

No efforts

We can succeed in any of our goals or targets only if we make 100% efforts. When we give our full to anything, there is also a chance of being succeeded in whatever we do. Any matter which gives us joy or  happy, must have some efforts from us also. We cannot succeed if we don’t do hard work. Try exploring new ideas or areas where you haven’t tried before, so It can help us more in reaching our goal. Always make sure to commit yourself to improve each and everyday, no matter how difficult the situation might turnout, so you cannot expect to score well in exams without doing any efforts. So try to read and understand as much as possible and you cannot forget in exams if your efforts were honest and genuine.

5. Anxiety


Some students experience higher level of stress and anxiety during the exam period. This anxiety maybe because of the urge to score more in exams, worrying more about the results, Pressure from parents, teachers or the urge to score more than our competitors, etc. This might also be a very serious reason why students forget all they have read in exams. Some students make honest effort to score well in exams, but they impulsively cannot control the level of anxiety they experience, which does lead them to score lower marks. So we should make sure to take necessary medication and also try to keep our self calm and cool. In this process we should start to believe in ourselves so we must learn to study more effectively so that we should not feel low.

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6. Lack of practice

Lack of practice

We all know that practise makes man perfect. In order to improve or if we want to excel in any anything, we should start practising it. I think it is the least and the best thing that we can do to improve our study skills. My suggestion is to make use of the technologies that are available for us instead of this wasting it. There are many apps that are available on line which makes ready quizzes for us, set timetable and remind us to read, prepare summary for us etc. We can practise more if we have suitable surrounding around us, which motivates us to do better and which provides us an inspiration. This is the only way which makes us perfect in our concept, and so when we have practised enough, we will definitely be sure enough to score well in exams.

7. Being physically weak

 Being physically weak

Some students are physically weak and their body and mind doesn’t support them in their studies. So they may feel tired and lack interest to study. This might also turn up to be a big cause in forgetting what they studied, so it is very important to be healthy in order to achieve anything in life. You can succeed and achieve your targets only when you have healthy body and healthy mind. Eating right food and following a good diet, doing regular exercises, yoga, pranayama, meditation, etc. All this works wonders If we follow them regularly, our mind has to be free and calm in order to achieve and work towards our interests. So we should practice mindful eating and good sleep will help to maintain good health. So physically weak and tiredness is  also a major factor which leads to forgetting in exams.

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8. Distractions


Distractions are the main cause which doesn’t help us to pursue our goals and dreams. As we grow older our distraction levels also tend to become larger. Our mobile phones are the main source of distraction in this generation as it wants us to keep checking the notifications and alerts that pops up, so if you want to concentrate on studies it is better to switch off your phone mobile phones during the study hours and  keep it away. So if we follow this type of digital detoxic four times a week, we start to see  good changes in our life, as we get more time to pursue our interests or goals. So this is one of the major factor which doesn’t leave us to study thereby we study in last minute, therefore it leads to forgetting all we studied.

9. Procrastination


Procrastination is one of the major problems in today’s society. It can be majorly seen in everybody. This is a type of a bad habit which hinders our growth and delays improvement in life. Students also tend to procrastinate to study when they have leisure time or when they are given study holidays. They keep procrastinating until the last day of the exam and eventually end up not studying anything or end up reading only important points with which will gradually get forgotten as it was not learnt accurately .So it is very much necessary to understand that you are procrastinating and To work towards stopping it by start reading according to the time table made. Procrastinating every time will be very problematic as it pressurises in the last moment. So this also a very concerning issue that leads to forgetting all those that we read in exams.

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10. Not making use of study strategies

Not making use of study strategies

Study strategies are the plans that helps us to study or learn more efficiently without wasting time. So every student  must prepare timetable and act according to the plan made, should write down key points, make use of technology, teach others what he or she have learnt, taking necessary break intervals between study hours and should strive for the satisfaction that we get when we score well in exams . These are all some of the study strategies that a student should use in order to excel in exam. So if a student doesn’t plan their study time then there is a less chance for them to score well. So it is very important to make use of these study strategies. If a student fails to do this, then he or she will definitely end up forgetting what they studied without plan.

So here are 10 reasons why students forget in their exams. So every student should make sure to keep all these things in mind and should make improvement in themselves to score and excel in their academics.

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