What Are The Benefits Of Reading From PDF?

What Are The Benefits Of Reading From PDF?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the Benefits of reading from PDF? We all already know how it feels to read anything from any book. But this lock down period got us all introduced to something new and that is “PDF”. Before lock down, we used to say I have a book, I will give you to read. But the covid-19 situation taught us so many things. Now we say, I have a PDF, I will share it with you. And if there is a book or novel in PDF, then at a time an infinite number of people can read it. But how many of you know the full form of PDF? Surely, very few of you might be knowing. The full form of PDF is a Portable Document Format.

 Top 10 Benefits of reading from PDF

 The use of PDF is increasing nowadays. All the important documents, offer letters, receipts, or any confidential data are shared in the form of PDF. Even, to save the papers, the certificates that prove that you are vaccinated are given in the PDF file. Still, there are many people, who think that PDF is not anything different. So, below is the list of benefits of reading from PDF and why this file format is being used on large scale.

 1. Good For Eyes

Good For Eyes

 We can zoom in and out as much as we want. And zooming in will never make our file blurry. It will remain as it is. We would be able to see everything more clearly. Zooming in acts like the corrective glasses for the eyes. Also, we can’t read books without light. But while we read from any PDF, we either can do it on a laptop or smartphone. So, no light is required as your devices already had lights as soon as they start. So, this is very beneficial for the one who loves to read books.

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 2. Relevant Word Search

Relevant Word Search

 Has it ever happened to you, that you read a book, and a few days later, you remembered a certain word? But you weren’t able to recollect that word. You could just remember the starting letters. And you start searching for that one word in the whole book. You can get that word but after putting in a lot of effort. But you can save your time and avoid making efforts by reading from PDF. As, PDF gives you the option of searching even a letter. And within a very less time, you will be able to find the word you were fond of. You can also search for the required page number. This is another most important benefit of reading from PDF.

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 3. Highlight the important points

Highlight the important points

 When you bring a book from a library or you have borrowed it from any of your friends. Are you allowed to mark any point in the book? These are the general netiquettes that one should never write, mark or draw anything in someone else’s book and even in your book. So that when you give it to anybody, they should appreciate you for keeping the unmarked and spotless. But PDF give you the freedom of writing or highlighting any important point in it while reading. Also, there are many colorful highlighters, that could help you to highlight the important points of a particular topic with one colored pen.

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 4. Bookmark


 Does it happen to you to that you forget where the last time you stopped reading? It is very easy to fold the page of a book from any corner so that the next day you remember from where you have to resume reading. In the same way, you can just mark with the pen in the PDF also that you can continue reading easily afterwords.

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 5. Easy To Carry Anywhere

Easy To Carry Anywhere

 You can carry thousands of books with you on a single device in the form of a PDF. Now you will think that why thousands of books, if we are reading only one book, then we will take only one book with ourselves. Are you a legit book lover? Because only book lovers can relate to the condition of taking thousands of books altogether. If you get bored with one book, you can start reading another book immediately. And no extra luggage is required to carry those books. Your phone or laptop is enough for that. So this is another plus point of PDF.

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 6. Read Out Loud

Read Out Loud

 One more very different feature PDF provides us, that is “read out loud”. Sometimes we get bored while reading, and sometimes our eyes start burning too. For that too, the technologies have come out with a very good solution for us. PDF will read everything for us itself, we just have to sit quietly and listen. Do you like this feature? Or were you aware of this feature of PDF?

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 7. Editing when required

Editing when required

 PDF possess the property of “read-only”. But many PDF editors are prevailing, through which one can edit your files. If you are the owner of your file, then it is beneficial for you that you can edit and make changes when any correction is there. If you want someone else not to change your file, then that too is in your hands. You can change the settings and make it read-only. So that, no one could even copy the data from your file.

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 8. Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

 There is no harm to the universe when we use PDF. Otherwise, for books, we need pages, and for making pages we need to cut the trees. This is a disadvantage for nature. But for creating a PDF file, neither ink is required nor papers are needed. This is what digitization is!

 9. Affordable and secured

Affordable and secured

 PDF are cost-effective. Like if you want to buy any book. First, you should start surfing in the browser, there are many websites, that allow you to download the PDF of that book. Sometimes you might get the book for free as it is a second copy. But some websites charge you some amount to download that book in the form of a PDF.

 Government documents are also shared and saved in PDF format. And to share the official and important documents, some security is very essential to maintain. To maintain that security, the file is encrypted with a strong password. That password must contain a capital letter, small letter, numeric characters, and alphanumeric characters. And password should be changed every few days. PDF provide you the highest privacy and security.

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 10. Include Videos, Images, or Accessible Hyperlinks

 Include Videos, Images, or Accessible Hyperlinks

 Have you ever seen the videos in any of your books? Or have you ever seen that there is an accessible link in your book? Clearly no. But PDF includes everything. A word file, an excel sheet, or a PowerPoint presentation even can get converted into a PDF. Even, all these file types can be combined to form a single PDF. While reading any PDF you can watch the video or a clear image, or you can access any link, and browse. This gives you a better experience to work with the PDF.

 These are some reasons why PDF are so popular.

 Improve the way you read or work by making and sharing the PDF. As nowadays, PDF have replaced the paperwork as they can be operated and can be organized wherever you want, without any load. In all the corporate sectors and huge businesses, paperless work has been adopted. This is what the digital world is!

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