What is The Secret of Toppers?

What is The Secret of Toppers?

In this article we are going to talk about the What is the secret of toppers? Everyone has the capability to become a topper. Topper is not an extraordinary person. He is also like us. But he put some extra efforts in his studies to get the tag of topper. Their way of studying and great learning skills makes them different from others. In a class many students study but only one become the topper. So, what is the secret of toppers? Are they study 24 hours? The answer is definitely not. Even they study less than average students. Their way of learning helps them to remember the topic for a long time. Toppers’ hard work and dedication makes them topper. They study very seriously with 100% concentration level. It needs lots of hard work to become a topper.

What is The Secret of Toppers?

Every student has different style of study but only those get the success who study with complete dedication. Here, we talk about the top 10 secret of toppers which makes them different from others.

1. Time Management

Time Management

The first secret of toppers is time management. It means distributing time to your study and other activities. It is not necessary to study continuously for 7-8 hours. Every student needs to do time management. Generally, a topper has a suitable time table to study. This time table directs them to do study and other activities. If there is no time management in study then there is no chance to become a topper. Time management is the key of success. You have to set your priorities. If you want to become a topper your priority to study only.

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2. Equal time to all subjects

Equal time to all subjects

This is the top most quality of the toppers. They distribute their time equally in each subject. They give equal time to each subject. Generally, it is seen that students give their entire time to difficult subject. As the result they don’t have time for other subjects. It makes their other subjects weak. They are not able to do sufficient preparation of other subjects. This problem is never seen in toppers. They give equal time to each subject which help them to prepare well in all exam. This is the most important secret of the topper students which help them to get the success.

3. Hard Work throughout the year

Hard Work throughout the year

It is seen that students start their preparation near the exam. That time they get nervous and not able to prepare well for exam. Toppers never commits such mistake. No one can become a topper by studying near the exam only. To become a topper hard work and dedication is needed for the whole year. A topper starts their preparation from the starting. This will help them to do good preparation and they will not feel nervous during the exam time. So, if you want to top then start preparation as soon as possible because it needs the hard work and dedication of whole year.

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4. Social media – Wastage of time

Social media - Wastage of time

Yes, you will hear this same from toppers. In their opinion social media is nothing but a wastage of time. They do not use social media continuously. Many students spend their mostly time on social media. But toppers know that their time is precious and they do not want to spoil their time by scrolling the Instagram feed or watching Instagram reels. They want the optimum utilisation of their time. They only use internet and mobile to search the topic or to understand by watching the videos. So, if you want to top then for your smartphone especially the social media platform is the biggest enemy. Try to make distance with social media to get the socially recognition.

5. Give time to relaxation

Give time to relaxation

Toppers do not study throughout the day. It is important to relax your mind and body. Topper pays attention to the mental health also. It is important to give sometime for the relaxation of mind. You can do anything which you like to do. You can help your mother in cooking, play cricket, listen songs etc. You can take a 10-minute walk to get the fresh air. It will help to reduce the stress and increase the concentration power. In this relaxation time you have to remember that you are not doing mental work. Just sit on a chair and listen your favourite music. This will help to refresh your mind. So, toppers always pay attention to relax their mind. This is the biggest secret of their fresh, sharp, healthy and calm mind.

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6. Self-Written Notes

Self-Written Notes

Self-written notes give a better understanding and quick learning. Toppers always study the concepts and learn it. After learning and complete understanding of it they start making notes of it. It is always a good idea to build your concept. Self-written notes have 2 advantages, first you easily learn the concept while you are writing and second is that you can easily revise the topic from these notes. Toppers always makes notes attractive and unique. They use highlighter and marker to make it attractive. This will help them to learn the concept for long time. Toppers continuously learn from these notes and stick to it. That’s why they have a better understanding and secure top marks in the exam.

7. Regular Revision

Regular Revision

Toppers continuous revise their topics. It is very important to understand the concept for a long time. Some students just learn the concepts and forget to revise. Then they will forget at the time of exam. So, if you want to learn the concept for a long time then always remember to revise your topics regularly. You can make schedule for revision. Just pick up your notes 10 minutes before sleeping and go through the notes. It will help you to remember the concept for a long time. Toppers always follow this rule very strictly in their life. They always put extra pressure on revision because they know that these extra efforts help them to secure extra marks.

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8. Attempt mock test

Attempt mock test

The toppers always ready to attempt the mock test. They are not reluctant to attempt any questions paper. This will give them confidence and help in their preparation. Toppers always looking for mock tests and previous year questions paper. This will give them idea of important questions. Attempting the mock test and previous year questions paper not only help in preparation but also provide format, type of question asked in exam. It will give the blueprint of most expected questions and help them in attempting those questions. You generally seen that topper students always ready to give test in the class. Because they see it as an opportunity. They know that it will really helpful on their preparation. Thus, if you want to become a topper then find out some mock test and previous year question paper and solve them in time.

9. Eat Good Prepare Good

Eat Good Prepare Good

Healthy foods help to make our mind healthy. Eating junk food and fried food makes you tired and you will not able to study for long time. Topper always pay attention to their food. They eat nutrition food and food which increase their memory. You can’t study after eating oily foods. It is important for a student to take food on regular basis. Healthy foods are the source of energy. This will help the students to study for a long time period. You will able to prepare well if you eat well. Otherwise a bad and junk food always creates trouble for you. So, always try to eat good food for your best performance.

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10. Explain yourself

Explain yourself

This self-teaching technique helps the students to remember topics for a long time. If a student explains the concepts and teach yourself then it will create a better understanding. Students find it very interesting. Many toppers reveal that they become their teacher and explain the concept. The reason behind this is that it helps to build the concept and creating a better understanding of concept. So, just stand out and explain the concept to yourself and become your own tutor. This one will be really helpful to get the success. Thus, this is one of the secrets which every topper follows for the better understanding of concept.

Every student work hard to get success but only those students top in the exam who study throughout the year and have a great understanding of concept. The topper is not different from other students. But by their behaviour you can find out that this student has the capability to top. The topper and rest of students both have 24 hours in a day, same resources, same teacher and even study materials are same. The time table, study schedule and most important the dedication of student make him the topper. You just need to put some extra efforts to become a topper. You have to do something different from other students. Here, we discussed about the top 10 secrets of toppers which makes the difference between an average student and a topper.

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