Which is The Best Study Method?

Which is The Best Study Method?

In this article we are going to talk about the Which is the best study method? Every child, teenager, and adult is studying something or the other. There is a lot of dedication in all of them. Now the question is, how does this dedication arise? Some people study for themselves, some study for parents and some study to compete with others. Education is the part and parcel of our lives. Everyone wants to study, but a lot of people do not understand how to study. If there are fifty children in the class, then all the children cannot come first. Only one or two kids can top the exams. So have you ever thought that what was lacking in the rest of the children? They lack study methods.

Which is the best study method?

If seen, there are many ways to study. There should be a desire in the mind. You should have patience. You all think that studying is difficult. And to ease your troubles, I have come up with some strategies to study. Just go through all the methods, do trial and error, and select the one that is best suited for you.

1. Waking Up Early And Study

Waking Up Early And Study

We are the hardworking though laziest generation. Don’t you think so, that you should eradicate laziness and substitute hardwork with smartwork? your laziness doesn’t let you get up early in the morning.

We all are familiar with the phrase ” Early to bed and early to rise”. It’s your turn now, to implement this saying into your lives. When you wake up early in the morning, not only your body is served, but also it is a boon for your brain. You will feel extremely strengthened and filled with positivity. Invest this energy in the study. You fellows take 2 hours in learning an answer in an entire day. If you will read the same answer in the morning with a steady mind, it will hardly take 20 minutes to memorize it.

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2. Search A Suitable Place For You

Search A Suitable Place For You

Some students have the mentality, that they could study by sitting at a particular place in the house. And if they have to sit at some other place, then they say that they do not feel like studying there. Maybe this same thing is also in your case, but you are not able to comprehend this. Just try to find a suitable place for you, so that you can study with 100% concentration.

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3. Understand What You Are Reading

 Understand What You Are Reading

Just keeping reading recklessly, without understanding anything is of no use. Always make sure, you understand every word of every sentence. You will learn, but it will not linger in your mind for long. Make a rule of writing down the meaning of each hard word. If you are not able to learn any chapter, then first understand its meaning, then begin learning. This is the most significant step to study.

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4. Ask Questions

Ask Questions

Do you have a habit of getting your doubts clear? If you do not have such a habit, then make it a habit. Try to get the reason behind everything. Try to know how that thing occurred. Start asking “why” and “how”. This is the correct way to study. And this is what the education system expects from us. Ask your teachers, friends, or elders and get your doubts cleared.

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5. Revision And Taking Breaks In Between

Revision And Taking Breaks In Between

Whatever you have read from day one, you should revise it again and again. If you keep revising then you will never forget that thing. And a day before the exam, you will not have much fear, because already you have read everything thoroughly. In this way, you should prepare for your exams. 

One more thing is important and that is taking breaks between regular intervals. Sitting in one place and studying continuously is not the right way to study. Take a walk outside or listen to any song will relax your mind. By doing all this, the blood circulation in the brain is done properly. And you will never get tired of studying.

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6. Create your shortcuts, flowcharts, and diagrams

 Create your shortcuts, flowcharts, and diagrams

Some answers are too big. Learning those answers pointwise or in the storytelling form. It happens to you too that you don’t remember examples, types? The best solution for this is creating your abbreviation for that particular answer and then it will become easy to keep in mind. For subjects like history, you can create flowcharts or diagrams to memorize the answer. 

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7. Writing Practice

Writing Practice

You must write whatever you have read at least once. You should also have a habit of writing. Writing tells us how long it will take us to write one answer. By doing this, you will be able to write the same answer with proper speed during the exams. Also, this helps you in improving your handwriting. You can put the timer and start writing the answer at home too. Writing gives a new direction to our ideas and memory.

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8. Giving Equal Priority To Every Subject

Giving Equal Priority To Every Subject

We all always have a favorite subject. And it happens because we understand it best. But this does not mean that we will be studying the same subject all the time. We should fairly give the time to all the subject. What will you uproot by passing only one subject? To pass a complete sessional, you will have to score good marks in all the subjects. Make your timetable and study according to that. If you get bored with one subject, then immediately shift to another. Studying multiple subjects in a day gives a more effective result and helps in a better learning process. So, give equal priority to all the subjects. 

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9. Help And Explain Others

Help And Explain Others

Consider that, one of your classmates is unable to understand any topic or any subject. And he asked you to help him. What will you do or think? Half of you will think, “why should we waste our time?”, wouldn’t you? But understand one thing, that by explaining to others, your understanding becomes even better. You will end up doing your revision and he will also get help. Don’t behave selfishly. If you can help others, then definitely you should do. 

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10. Healthy Diet And Drinking Water

Healthy Diet And Drinking Water

If you are hungry and you are still struggling to complete the topic then it is not worth it. Because you can’t study with a growling stomach. Keep some snacks and your water near you, so that you don’t have to leave your books in search of food. Always fuel up yourself with dark chocolates, fruits, nuts, or dry fruits, or some healthy snacks. Eat food, that could give energy to your brain. And drinking at least 5 liters of water per day will help you, your brain, and your body function better.

These are some very basic but important strategies to study. And these are the ways to study smarter rather than harder. Go through each point, analyze what you are lacking. Understand where you are making mistakes and make corrections in your studying pattern. These are the secrets that every topper hides from you. Now, it’s your turn to prove to yourself that you are not less. Improve your study skills and top the exams.

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