Benefits of having a dog at Home

benefits of having a dog at home

The benefits of having a dog at home are discussed here in this article. A pet is a domesticated animal that are kept among people to live with them. A pet can be any animal which is suitable to live with animal. Mostly domestic animals are kept as pets. Wild animals are not supposed to be kept as pets at home. These are the animals which are kept to entertain people. Not all people keep them for entertainment. Some also keep pets for their companion ship. Dogs fish, reptiles, birds, ferrets, amphibians, hermit crabs, oxen, cow, buffaloes, donkeys, horses, elephants, bears, tarantulas, lagomorphs, rodents, etc.  Among all the domestic animals people prefer to keep Dogs as their pets. The major reason for keeping Dogs as pets rather than all other animals is their interaction with human beings.

A survey estimated that three-quarters of the world’s population of dogs live in the developing world as pet dogs with people. In the ancient time people had dogs as their companion. most of the royal families kept dogs as their pets. This reflected their royalism in the community. Dogs have been man’s best friend since a long time. This is the most widespread relationship of human and animal in the world. People used to keep dogs outside their house for security reasons. But the relationship got stronger. And today dogs live in the house with their owners. Most of them live in the bedroom of their owner. Dogs are good for companionship. They can be used as guard at home, children’s playmates, or walking companion for elderly people.

What are the benefits of having a dog at home?

Some benefits of having a dog at home are listed below:

1. Safety

Dogs play good role in the safety of the house. Dogs barking can help to detect the attacks and other violent attacks. Highly sensing and hearing is the ability of the dogs. Dogs can detect dangers. A Dog can easily detect the dangers that is going to occur around you that you can’t and can warn/alert you before it occurs. Dogs have very protective nature. They are very protective towards their family. They are very loyal to the owner. Dogs smell for the people who come to your door before you. They can take care of the house if it is empty. They try their best to fight for your safety. If you are highly injured then your dog runs to get some help from people around. They stay with the owner unless he/she recovers from the injury. Sometimes they get themselves killed fighting for what they need to protect.

2. Overcome loneliness and depression

Dog owners are likely to be happier than a non-dog owner. Dogs can help reduce the loneliness of their owner. They are the best companion one can have.  They are naturally calming personality. Spending quality time with dogs can lead to less stress and anxiety. Some dogs get into conversations with their owners. They are a good listener if you wish to share your thoughts with them. They help to gain interactions. Dogs can help you to boost your mental responses and motivations. It is very healthy to spend some time with the dogs. They even sleep with their caretaker if he/she is living alone. They take care of themselves and their owners.

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3. Dogs can make you fit and healthy

Dogs like to play and exercise. They are one of the active animals. They are highly energetic animals. People who own a dog are likely to stay healthy. Dogs demand daily exercise and playful times. They need regular walk in the evening or in the morning. With their exercises, owner also get the chance to walk, run and exercise. Dog owners do more activity in their day for dog’s lifestyle accommodations. These regular exercises develop a strong immune system in the owner. Strong immune can help in fitness. Being too close to the dog decrease the blood pressure, cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of other heart diseases. Dogs are naturally punctual. With their punctuality nature they make you punctual as well. They help you to develop various healthy habits.

4. Dogs are loyal

Dogs and men have been friend since a long time now. They are the best companion a man can have. Actually, dogs have evolved from wolves. Wolves are known for living in their pack of wolves. A pack of wolves show very special bonding between each other. Every member in the pack follow that incredible bond and are loyal to each other. This is the reason dogs have incredible loyalty quality. Dogs are very protective toward their family members. In fact, they consider the owners as their pack member and treat them like one. This makes their bond strong. This also makes them loyal to their owners. They fight with your enemy as their own. Many dogs have sacrificed their lives for their owners.

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5. You will be less stressed

Dogs can help to reduce the stress. This is the reason that people have started carrying their dogs to work. You may have a lot of stress during work. Taking dogs to the work will help you to get relaxed. you will be entertained and the dog can accompany you at work. Comparatively people who bring their dogs to work are likely to be less stressed that those who don’t. dogs at work can lead you to take more breaks which will keep you energetic to return back to work. This relaxation can make you better and productive at work.    

6. Dogs are good for kids

Dogs are very friendly to everyone. They can help your child to grow well. Dogs are very playful. They can help to boost the mental and emotional development of your child. A kid and a dog being together is very beneficial for both the dog and the kid. The kid will be engaged. The dog can entertain the kid. Parents can do their stuffs without any disturbance. The dog can take care of the kid for a certain time. The kid with grow with the pet attachment. This will develop animal loving nature in the kid. The kid will grow healthy. He/She will not get depressed or bored as he/she will always have a company. A study shows that kids who grow up with pets are better that those who don’t.

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7. Dogs fight injury and disease

Dogs are very smart animals Their sensing is very powerful compared to others. They can help detect, treat, and mange a variety of illness and disabilities in their owner’s health. Some dogs can sniff out skins, gall bladder, kidney and cancer. Nowadays dogs are trained to do these activities so that people can benefit from these dogs.  Dogs are also beneficial to people for various injuries like brain injury. They also increase mobility in people.

8. Improve sociability

In this digital world, people are separated from each other. They communicate online with each other. This is the main reason of their losing relationship with each other. Dogs can be a bridge between people and can help them to communicate. Everybody loves dogs. When the owner takes the dog out for walk, they connect with different people who they have been connecting online for so long. They also get opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Most of the people love dogs. This makes the people around you attracted towards you because of the dog.

People praise your dog and make you feel lucky to have him. This can continue your conversation with people around. Animals have the ability to create connections. It makes the bond stronger with the people of your neighborhood. When people in neighborhood see you walking with a dog, they feel safe to live in that neighborhood. Dogs also attract women. So it can be helpful for people to make new relationship. These were some benefits of having a dog at home.

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