How to overcome the feeling of loneliness?

how to overcome the feeling of loneliness

How to overcome the feeling of loneliness? : The sweet and short answer of this question is explained here in this article. Loneliness is common word we heard often nowadays. Loneliness is a metal breakdown and emotional phenomenon where a person suffering from it feels alone.

We all have experienced loneliness of some degree even if it is for short time. This feeling is occurred when someone close abandon us.

How to overcome the feeling of loneliness?

Some ways to overcome the feeling of loneliness are discussed below that you should follow:

1. Realize that loneliness is feeling, not fact

We have to realize that loneliness is a feeling and not a fact, thus it will go away eventually.

When you are feeling lonely, it is due to some past memories that has triggered in your mind. Our mind is designed in such way that it always pays attention to negative thoughts and therefore loneliness gets our attention. Thus realizing the feeling and not overreacting is a way to overcome loneliness.

2. Reach out

When loneliness hits us, we may react by withdrawing ourselves from others and considering yourself as a loser. In this situation, our anticipation motivates us to reach out and make new friendship which is the best thing you can do when you are lonely. When we are children, we have our parents around us which causes us comfort but as an adult, there are very few possibilities for such comforting options.

3. Less attention to your thoughts

When you are alone, your mind is full of thoughts about various things. When you are feeling lonely, this thoughts tend to be negative and break you down internally.

You can avoid this situation by various ways like you can go on long walk on a busy street and observe various lights and market. You can wish them good fortune and good health and god in turn will you with happiness.

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4. Find similar people

Today in world of technology, it has become very easy to connect with people in any corner of the globe. Using this technology, you can know people with same interests as you and can group together and enjoy with them. People with similar interests will become friends quickly

Always show up when there is meeting with these people. If you are interested and giving attention to others, you will naturally be attracted as every person wants attention.

5. Be kind

The feeling of loneliness occur when someone abandon us. Due to this, our behavior tends to change to rude and unhappy. Try being positive at every moment. Always be kind to others.

You should be aware that you aren’t hurting other’s feeling because someone betrayed you.

6. Focus on present moment

We will always feel loneliness until we avoid thinking about the past what has happened. That’s why we should live in present and create good memories. When you feel good about something, share it with others and I don’t mean to share on social media. I mean that call some friend or relative and share them about that thing.

By this small interaction with others can help you to overcome loneliness.

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7. Connect to real life

It may not be easy to connect to real world as it was earlier. But to overcome loneliness, we have to make stronger connections in-person. We can do this looking people in eyes, listening to them, being mindful and choosing to avoid the virtual world like social sites.

Slowly you will begin to trust people again and your loneliness will be all gone.

8. Talk to strangers

Research studies have shown that even small interactions with strangers like chatting with watchmen or car-driver may be able to keep loneliness minimized by helping us feel more connected. For example you can chat about something you care, give advices on a forum, video call with a friend. So reach out to strangers and talk about anything you feel that’s in your mind.

These small acts can make huge differences and can help you reduce loneliness.

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9. Be active online

Being active online doesn’t mean to passively surf on social sites. If you want to go online, do something that involves interactive participation of other people.

Instead of posting about things online that you eat, enjoyed etc. redefine the word share for what it really means:-to give some portion of what is yours to someone else. You can give online advices, words of support, or even some empathy to them who are in need. As a result, your connections are to likely to increase and become supportive.  The more you share with people, the more connected you feel.

10. Be nice to yourself

It is very necessary to practice self-love when you fail at things. We generally start hating ourselves when we go through failures. Remember that everyone fails and there is no need to be shy or put yourself down. This kind of attitude will help you to cope up loneliness now and in future. Try talking to yourself in a way that is kind, supportive and caring.

You will definitely end up overcoming the feeling of loneliness. The bottom line during loneliness is be more busy and avoid various negative thoughts coming to your mind. This will only help you to come out your feeling of loneliness. I hope now you have got understood how to overcome the feeling of loneliness after reading this article.

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