Best Airport Tips For First Time Flyers

best airport tips for first time flyers

The best airport tips for first time flyers are discussed here in this article. With advancements in technology, human life is getting more and more easier and more accessible. One can just imagine, how difficult it would be to live a life without the modern day technology we have.

One of the very sole purpose of all the advancements ever made till date has always been to save the precious time of an individual. Whether it is in communication or traveling to a destination, everything is shifting in a much more faster modes.

The invention of airplanes was also an outcome of all the efforts made in order to save the priceless asset of human life- the time.  Airplanes have made it possible to travel between countries or even continents within a period of just a few hours. A journey of several thousands kilometers, which by a road or water transport would have taken a period of many days, is now easily completed within a period of countable hours.

7 Best Airport tips for first time flyers

If you are going to fly in an airplane for the very first time, this article is def for you. Here, in this article we are listing down some of the best airport tips for first time flyers.

1. The check-in process

To travel through an airlines service is very much different than to travel by means of bus or a train, where you just have to get your tickets booked and then you are ready to board and travel.

After you have successfully booked your tickets for the journey through the airplane, you have to get your boarding pass which is provided by the airlines either through online check-in or you have to manually check-in at the airport to get your boarding pass. Without a boarding pass you are not allowed to board the airplane and travel.

Also, the facility of online check-in is provided by only a few of airline services. So, make sure if the airline through which you are going to travel provides online check-in or you have to stand in a queue at airport for the same.

2. Be on time

People miss their flights frequently. Even sometimes they do reach airport in time but they are unable to make through the check-in process and then security. You can’t predict when it is going to be hours long so, better you arrive in a good time.

If you have to manually check-in at the airport and get your baggage checked, it is surely going to be a long process. So, it becomes necessary for you to arrive a bit early so, that you don’t miss your flight.

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3. Types of baggage

If you are flying in an airplane for the very first time, the baggage you are carrying is definitely going to trouble you if you don’t know about various types of baggage rules to be carried along at the airport.

There are basically three types of baggages, which are allowed to be carried in your journey:-

  • Checked baggage- checked baggage is your luggage which exceeds the weight limit for the baggage to be carried with you in the plane. This baggage is loaded in the luggage compartment of the plane and you can’t access this while the plane is on its way to the destination.
  • Carry on baggage- this is the luggage which you can carry with you on your seat and access any time during the journey.

Although, every baggage has to undergo the security measures and must meet all the security standards otherwise you can’t take it with you.

4. Keep checking your flight’s status

Many times it happens that your flight gets delayed or sometimes even gets cancelled and you have to suffer the last moment panics to reach your destination.

So, better if you keep a track of your flight’s status so, that if it is very delayed or is cancelled then you can opt some other means of transportation and atleast reach your destination in time.

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5. The altitude sickness

If you are a first time flyer, then you might be having excitement about flying high in the sky. But better you know that a lot of changes occur at a high altitude, both in the environment and in our body.

At high altitudes, partial pressure of oxygen is very low in the aur and therefore you might face some difficult in breathing for a few minutes. In that case, to help you, you are provided with oxygen masks just above your seat in the plane. So, you can use that.

Also, you might feel dizzy and have a headache when you fly for the first time. So, better you keep yourself properly hydrated.

6. Be attentive

When you are going to travel by a plane for the very first time, you need to take care of a lot of things. When you board on the flight, the crew members will make you aware of all the safety measures and will instruct you about how to react in case of any emergency.

You need not to panic as this is a standard procedure which is carried out before the commencement of the journey. So, listen very attentively and be aware of all the instructed saftey measures.

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7. Carry all your documents

Many people miss their flight due to last minute problems like they forget to bring some important documents like passport, visa etc. Which are necessary for getting on board and then they eventually, miss their flights.

So, you better make sure that you are carrying all you needed documents with you. For example, if you are travelling to a different country, you need to carry your Visa along with your passport. Be on time with all your documents in order to avoid any last minute panics.

So, if you are going to travel in an airplane for the very first time, you are definitely going to have an amazing experience. Do take care of all the points listed above and have a happy journey.

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