10 Best Food Delivery Websites To Order Food Online

Best food delivery websites

In this article we are going to discuss about the best food delivery websites to order food online at low prices with good discounts. Food is one of the essential things which all living organisms need in order to gain energy and stay healthy.  Now human beings have created a lot of options and varieties of food for them to eat and enjoy. In this digital age, many people don’t find to prepare delicious food on their own and eat and enjoy their food. So there are a lot of restaurants available for preparing and serving them the food which they wish to have.

But still there are a lot of people today who don’t have time to even go to the restaurants and get that food which they like. Now to solve this, there came this online web portals through which food can be ordered and which will be delivered to your place. So in this article we are going to see some of the best websites to order food online.

Top 10 food delivery websites to order food online

Here is the list of best food delivery websites to order food online discussed below:

1. Swiggy

Best food ordering websites

If you are a food lover, then you would have already known this app. Swiggy offers you a variety of options. You can search all kind of foods which are available with variety of restaurants. Swiggy lets you know about the restaurants nearby based on your location. In Swiggy, you will also be to search different kinds of restaurants, foods and much more. Other than this, Swiggy delivers you everything on time within the promised time. You can also keep a track on your orders in the cart option available in both app and website versions.

You could do only some small works after ordering the food because the delivery of the food is going to be soon than you expected. The delivery time is set based on the dish you order and the distance of restaurant from your location. Apart from this, both the app and website of swiggy is user friendly and easy to use. Other than this, swiggy is giving you a lot of promo codes which you can apply and get offers. The offer will vary with due time and orders. The offer amount will be deduced from your total order amount.

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2. Zomato

Order food online

Don’t say you are a foodie without knowing about this website. Zomato is also one similar online food ordering portals. Zomato is a new website started few years back but the website had seen a drastic increase in its popularity. Zomato has a similar design to that of other food ordering websites. You will be able to spot a lot of varieties and restaurants in Zomato and it suggests you foods and restaurants nearby based on your current location. You will be able to order food based on the variety, restaurant and much more.

Both the app and website of zomato has a good and user friendly design. Zomato delivers your food within the specified time. There will be ratings available for every restaurant in zomato and user reviews with which also you will be able to choose your choice. There are also a lot of offers and promo which you can apply while you order.

3. Uber Eats

Buy food online

Uber eats is also one of the famous online food ordering portals. It was formerly owned by uber and now it is in hands of zomato. But still the uber eats website and app is in operation separately. Now coming to the details about this website, this website has features and option which similar to other online food ordering apps and websites. When you want to order something, you will be redirected to zomato and you can order your food there. So this website can be regarded as a part of zomato and has all features which zomato has. It also has promo codes and offers available with it.

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4. Fassos

Best websites to order food online

Being one of the most famous and well known Indian online food ordering portals, Fassos allows you to choose anyone you want from the large variety which they have. You are asked to choose the variety of food which you want such as wraps, Meals, Quick Meals, Desserts and much more. Based on your selection, the website shows the best options and picks available for you in your area and lets you to order accordingly.

Similar to other websites and apps, fassos also has a cart in which you can keep track of your orders. In fassos you could also order for some parties and events with the option available as Party Order. You will be able to call the fassos helpline or mail them to make your party order. You will also be able to find offers and promo codes in this website too. So one of the best websites to order food online.

5. Dominos

Order veg food online

You will be able to order pizzas from the world famous pizza maker online. Dominos has both website and app versions which you can download and make use of. In dominos you will be able to find a variety of pizzas and other dishes as well. You will be delivered your from your nearest outlet of dominos. In dominos one of other famous feature available is you will be able to customize your pizzas. You could choose the toppings, add on and much more. Other than this you can order other dishes and beverages in both the app and website versions.

Dominos promises you a delivery with half an hour from the time when you order. You also have a pickup/dine in option where you can either order the required pizzas online and go pick it up from the nearby outlet yourself or you can dine in directly to the nearest outlet available or any other outlet as you wish and choose. Dominos also avails with a lot of offers which you can make use of while you order. Make use of the website and app of the best pizza destination of the world.

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6. Dunzo

Top 10 food delivery websites

Dunzo is one of the multitasking food online food ordering portal. Because in dunzo you could do a lot more other than ordering food. Services like online food ordering, Grocery, Fruits and vegetables, Medicine, Meat and fish, pet supplies, gifts and much more are offered by dunzo. Dunzo has its outlets in almost all metropolitan cities across India. You also have an app version of dunzo which you can download in your Smartphone. Other than this, Dunzo promises a 60 minute delivery from the time of your order. The food varieties and restaurants are similar to other websites. You will be able to search anything in dunzo based on your location.

7. Pizza Hut

Best websites to buy food online

If you are a pizza lover, you might know about the quality which pizza hut offers. Like dominos, pizza hut is also one of the famous pizza destinations. Now pizza hut owns it own website where you can order pizzas online. You can opt for delivery option or take away option in pizza hut. Pizza hut not only offers you a variety of pizzas but also other kind of foods and beverages. One of the other amazing thing with pizza hut is you will be suggested with a lot of other combo options. Combo options are like meal boxes in which you can get a variety of things with one single order. You can place your order with the nearest outlet available to your location.

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8. Eat fit

Top 10 food ordering websites

eat.fit is a part of cure.fit. This is also of the best places to order food online. This website is similar to dunzo which you offer a lot of other services other than this online food ordering. In eat.fit you have a predefined menu and you are not able to find restaurants. But in their menu, you have a lot of options to order and eat. You have options like Indian meals, gourmets, ready to eat, fit curries, snacks, combos, desserts and much more. The most important thing is, under each and every dish they display there is the amount of calories displayed. So this will be helpful for you to know how much calories you take and consume. If you are more of a fitness freak, then this website is the one which you would wish to choose.

9. KFC

Order non veg food online

Who doesn’t know KFC? Actually everyone does. It turned out to be the one of the famous chicken destination which wishes to choose.  KFC is especially famous for the variety of chicken they have and serve. Now it seems like KFC has begun its page online to dominate the industry once again. Like Dominos and Pizza Hut you will be able to choose delivery option and take away option In the website of KFC. The thing is KFC offers you a lot of combos online. The best combos and picks are shown in the top of the suggestions. If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry then, KFC also have vegetarian options available. You will be able to order from the nearest outlet available to your location. You also have a cart option to keep track of your options. Don’t miss out the options and offers because, It’s Fingerlicking Good.

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10. GrubHub

Food delivery near me

GrubHub is also one of the best online destinations to order your food. GrubHub has the same design and user interface like most of the websites do. You will be able to see the options and restaurants available in GrubHub. You can choose your location and search accordingly and find nearby restaurants and their menu. You also have the app for GrubHub and download it in your Smartphone. So don’t miss to check out GrubHub the next time when you order food online.

So these are some of the best online food ordering websites and apps. Apps and websites available for a lot of other works other than only food services had made our work easy these days. We don’t have to go from one place to other and spend our time in buying those things. Right from medicines, groceries, food, toys, medicines to a lot other more, these apps has helped us in one way or the other. So coming to the above mentioned apps, don’t miss to use them atleast once the next time when you order your food online.

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