Best Job Portals in India

Best job portals in India

In this article we are going to discuss about the best job portals in India to find a job near you now. Gone are the days, when people used to read the entire newspaper just to search for a job advertisement or a vacancy as per their interest and priority. In the era of technology and inventions, online websites and portals have taken over the conventional methods of finding a job. It has become easier and cheaper for both the employers and the employees to connect with each other without any barriers of time, distance and location. The portals provide the vacancy posted by an organisation along with all the specifications required, workplace, stipend, and job profile and role description.

10 Best Job Portals in India

The portal acts as an intermediate body between the two parties to make the process of recruitment faster and more efficient. Not every platform can be trusted, because it is a matter of loyalty, faith, time and money, therefore always research about the website and the company well before taking a step ahead. Here is the list of best job portals in India discussed below:

1. Naukri

Top 10 job portals in India

It is a job Portal based in India and has been active since 1997. It is considered as the most common and reliable platform for searching your dream job with a huge range of recruiters from a number of companies with a proper segregated list of fields of job options available. The website interface is simple and readily understandable due to proper categorisation and filters to make your search limited only to your interests and requirements. There is a list of companies offering job opportunity based on the technology or the type of work, which enables the user to explore and easy approach for the job that he or she wants.

The website is not restricted to ease the job searching process, but also it helps the candidates by providing interview questions as per the role they are looking for, reviews of the company, advice from experts to freshers seeking for a job, look for a company’s reviews and ratings, analyse salary trends, salary predictor, the flow of people in various sectors and a medium to search for alumni of your institute and interact with them. can be very beneficial to help you find the most suitable job free and no hidden costs.

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2. Glassdoor

Best job search sites in India

Are you frustrated with your last job due to the management issues or politics in the last company or the fraud they did to you and tell the whole world about it but are afraid to do so? Glassdoor has always helped such employees who can post honest reviews about the companies they are currently working in or have worked for. Glassdoor ratings are valuable and support the new job seekers from falling in a trap. It is not only for reviews but also for finding jobs. The reviews are an add on making the search highly efficient and trustable.

The website provides full-time, part-time, contract-based, internship, temporary, apprenticeship and entry-level job opportunities to its users. A user can search for a job in a specific location with a job title, look for average salary trends in a particular city and the questions, which an interviewer might ask you if you are looking for a job in a specific city related to your expense or why you want to settle their etc. All the features are provided for free and the recommendations are given as per the resume uploaded and the interests selected by the user.

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3. LinkedIn

Top 10 job search sites in India

It is the social media platform for professionals and students looking for internship and jobs. LinkedIn can be seen as Facebook for working professionals. It is a platform to showcase what you know or have learned in terms of academics or cultural or your field and connect with people with the same interests and share your views. LinkedIn gives an excellent opportunity to connect with recruiters, as here the profile is the resume of a user. The connection you have on LinkedIn is an aid for you to get the best job or your dream job because of their recommendations to improve yourself and suggestions to the employers. LinkedIn is a one-to-one communication platform, permitting the users to directly connect to the Hiring Managers of the companies to apply for a job. The stronger your LinkedIn profile is, the more the chances of you being selected for a good job.

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4. Shine

Latest job vacancies in India

Shine is a website owned by the Hindustan Times group and is a lot more than a job-searching platform. A user can search for jobs by city, skillset, courses, education and company as per their likes or dislikes. There are private as well as government organisations or companies posting on this website. Apart from the job search, the website can be used to build up an excellent resume with the guidance of experts and professionals for various classes of jobs. They also maintain a blog featuring articles fro experts with tips and tricks to crack interviews and how to present the best out of you for a job interview or which job is best paying these days or how to write a resignation letter. It has posts about career trends, interview questions and tips to increase your chances of getting selected in the company you aim for.

5. Monster

Latest job alerts in India

Who plans not to be a part of global companies and be a part of the world’s best offices? Monster is a world fame platform, which has offerings from companies from all across the world. It is a user-friendly platform, which helps you look up for fresh jobs with a separate category of jobs for women, special ability jobs and work from home jobs. It also provides you with knowledge about the strategy to look for your job, how to present your resume and the cover letter, what are the ways to negotiate with the HR team for salary or career guidance you need before entering into the world of jobs and corporate culture. You can easily create a job alert to keep yourself updated while searching for jobs.

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6. JobSarkari

Latest job updates in India

India is a country, where government job is a dream for almost everybody and they are not into the corporate lifestyle, but how to know about the exams, their process, results and so on. The name says for itself, ‘Sarkari’ means Government. Public sector dominates over the private one in India but it gets difficult to be well-updated about the dates of the numerous exams and interview processes going on. JobSarkari has the links for all the exams, the deadlines to apply, results of the exams, the admit cards of exams, latest syllabus for exams, admission notices and jobs a=with the simple filter of qualification and location.

7. Freshersworld

Jobs in India

Freshers are the ones who go through a lot before joining a company, they are afraid to face the interviews, do not know about the job they want, location selection, how to build a resume and where to apply and how. As the name suggests, Freshersworld helps the fresh job seekers to find a job. The website provides with old papers of reputed companies along with their solutions, interview questions, candidate’s feedback, help to prepare a presentable resume, tips and guide to participate in a group discussion, a question bank for technical and general interview, questions to practice for aptitude tests, prepare for on-campus placement and guide to prepare for general knowledge. The site also provides courses to enhance your knowledge from well-known organisations. The platform provides a list of both government as well as private-sector jobs.

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8. FreelanceMyWay

Full time jobs in India

A freelance is a piece of work for an organisation for a particular period of time like to complete a single assignment or build a software rather than a full-time job. FreelanceMyWay is a source to manage and mediate the communication between freelancers and entrepreneurs or companies looking for the desired candidate to get their work done as per the required skills and knowledge of the candidate to be hired. Once you post an advertisement for your job, you start getting bids, you can start shortlisting the candidates suitable for your job and select the best one for the job you want to be done and pay once the work is complete. For the freelancers, they can create their profile and update the knowledge they have and projects done by them and look for jobs.

9. Indeed

Part time jobs in India

Indeed is an American company which has an interface similar to Google, simple and basic. All you need to do is type the location and the type of job or role or company and click go. The website shows the list of recruiters who posted with the keywords and location matching your search. It is more like a search engine, which simplifies the process to find a job. One can also explore their salaries section to know the salary given to various categories of employees in more than 600 million firms worldwide. Both the employers and job seekers can make use of this job-search engine without unwanted trouble.

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10. TechGig

In the age where computers have taken over everything, TechGig is a website meant for coders and developers to practice, participate and work. It provides a platform to communicate with the people from the same community, understand where you stand among them, and at the same time explore for jobs if you are capable enough. Their news related to the latest technology trends and the webinars can be of great help and smoothen the process of job-search. There are communities for almost all the technologies and you can attend sessions on them right at your home.

Searching for a job is difficult and stressful at the same time because approaching so many people, gathering information about the company and job profile and going through the reviews and feedback all at the same time to be on the safer side and avoid any risks. These job portals can make your search easier and play a vital role in grabbing the job you have always been dreaming of.

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