Top 10 Hotel Booking Websites

Best Hotel Booking Websites

In this article we are going to discuss about the best hotel booking websites. Travelling is the part of everyone’s life. If you still not travel anywhere than you definitely have plans to travel in future. We travel when we need a vacation, we travel when there is a business trip, we travel when we need to meet people, no matter what the reason but we travel. And when we travel at different places, faraway places, new places where we don’t know anyone then we need helpers who can help us to find stays or hotels at that new place.

The online hotel booking website work as helpers to us. As we all know that internet makes our life easy and it is true, now you can book hotels for any place from your computer or mobile phone. So it is really convenient that you can do travel booking without any hassle on internet.

The best hotel booking websites provide you lot of hotel where you compare rates and book a hotel according to your budget at best prices, along with that most of the booking websites now provide further services as well like you can book flights, rooms, cruise, cars, taxies as well. You will get all the detail of the place also on the websites. They provide you lot of features, but there are so much booking websites on internet which make it tough to choose the right website for booking. So, here we in this article going to give solution to your problem by providing you the names and features of top 10 hotel booking sites.

10 Best Hotel booking websites

Below are the top 10 sites for hotel booking, from where you can book hotels as well as have benefits of their other services and can make your travel much better with their convenient services:-

1. Trivago

Best Hotel Websites

Trivago is a hotel price comparison website, where you can compare prices of different hotels and can book a good hotel for you at lower prices. A lot of hoteliers, booking platforms and other providers rate and advertise on trivago website. Trivago get paid buy hotels and other providers for the click that hotel and other provider advertisement receive from trivago users. Trivago has its app as well, so you can use it at your phone, which make services convenient. It provides you the cheapest and affordable hotel rooms, as you can compare hotels prices first then can do bookings. It is one of the best booking site and the layout of website is also quite good which make it more interesting and convenient to use.

2. Expedia


Along with website expedia provide you its app as well, so you can browse on your phone as well. Expedia is a website which provides you a lot of services and the services are airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, cruise ships, and vacation packages as well. It is a top earning travel company and this will provide you an idea that how many people use this website for bookings. Expedia also provide “Expedia + card” for their members from which the members can earn bonus point and earn a lot of benefits and priority customer services as well through the website. It provides you hotels at different prices, as it provides you lot of hotels to choose which have different ratings and stars, so you can choose according to your budget. The website layout is quite good and it provides you booking in most of the countries.

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3. Kayak

Sites like Kayak

Kayak is a website where you can hotels and flights as well and also can book cars on rentals. It provides its services at mobile app as well. It services are provide in 18 languages over 30 countries. Along with that the website has lot of feature which will provide you lot of help and benefits. The one and the latest feature help travelers by providing them details about their luggage that if it is capable to fit in the overhead bin of plane or not. You can also track the status of the flights on this website, which make your flight booking easy. You can also track prices of hotels and can organize travel plans on this website. Along with these feature this website give more benefits to its members, from where you can access to member only deals. The layout of the website is also quite good.

4. Booking

Top Hotel Booking Websites

Booking is a website which is specially for lodging reservations. The website provides you services in 43 languages and also has its mobile app which can be used on android mobile phones. It provide you booking for vast ranges, like you can book for stays, flights, rental cars, airport taxies, apartments, holiday homes, homes, villas and guesthouses as well. It also provides you a unique feature that is travel communities from where you can connect with travelers from different countries. The website layout is also good and convenient, you can find booking, communities, and other searches easily without getting puzzled.

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5. Agoda

Sites like Agoda

Agoda is an online travel agency which provides you booking of hotels, vacations, rental rooms, and flights. It get its half of the booking from its mobile app, so if you planned to book from this site then mobile app provide you the better services. The grab mobile app allows you to book flights and hotels on agoda. It also provide you a feature that is “mix and save” which allow customers to book easily a different room for every single night for stay, this feature provide you the best deals. The website layout is also good which is quite easy to use by users without any confusions.

6. Hotels

Most Popular Hotel Booking Websites

They provide you to book hotels room online as well as on telephone too. They have 85 websites in 34 languages which make it more convenient for use. Along with hotels you can book for apartments, country retreats, resorts, holiday homes, B&Bs, commercial lodging, and city homes as well. It also has iPad application and iPhone and android familiar as well. The website has the best part that you claim discounts on most of the hotels. Along with that it provide you a benefit that if you book 10 nights from then for every ten night customer can claim reduction on a subsequent booking but yes this benefits have few conditions which you may know from the website. You also get more benefits like free cancellation and pay now or later at most of the hotels. The website has lot of benefits and offers but the layout is quite boring.

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7. Priceline


Priceline provide you discounts rates on travel related purchase wheatear the purchase is for airline tickets or for hotel stays or for car rentals or for vacation packages. It also sells discount crisis for tours. But the issue is that the website has not much to browse as the details are disclosed only after the completion of transaction. The cancellation of the booking is also not possible on this website.

8. Hotwire


This is a website which provides you bookings for airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and vacation package. The Hotwire website provides you hotels room is suitable prices. The website has its own app which makes booking more convenient. The layout of website is not so good without pictures and quite common.

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9. Hotels combined

Hotel Booking Websites

The Hotels Combined website provide you services in 42 languages an you can use around 130 different currencies on this website, these feature make your booking procedure easy and convenient. In this website you can search and compare hotel rates and the hotels are available in most of the countries. This website provides you hotels reviews and ratings from external sites, which provide you an idea of hotels and detail about the hotel features and services. You can get cheapest deal here. It also provides various benefits and deals to its members. The website layout is quite good and you can easily check reviews and ratings of different hotels from this website.

10. Trip advisor


Trip advisor provides its services on website as well as mobile app. It is a comparison shopping website which provide you user created content. You can do online hotel reservations, booking for transportation, lodging travel experiences and restaurants. This website is in 28 languages that make it easier to use. A lot of people write reviews about hotels, restaurant, holiday homes, flights, cruises, car hire and shopping as well which provide you a brief detail about the place and after reading that you can get a better hotel, flight and place for booking. The website is mostly for travel recommendation. And you can also write reviews on this website.

So here we are with to 10 hotel booking sites. These sites provide you all the help that you need for booking a hotel and flight for your travelling. Using these sites make you’re travelling easy and convenient as you don’t need to worry about stays and hotels. So go and plan your next travel and book your hotel rooms with these websites and get benefited.

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