How to avoid wastage of food?

How to avoid wastage of food

How to avoid wastage of food? : The answer of this question is explained here in this article. Food is the basic necessity of human beings. Although, we don’t value food. We throw away food like it is waste. We forget the fact that there are so many people in this world who don’t even get food one time in a day. They don’t know when will they have food next. We should all value food because we all are very lucky and fortunate that God has given us food to eat, shelter to live in and apart from that so many more luxuries.

10 Best Ways to avoid wastage of food

Following are some ways to avoid wastage of food that you must know:

1. Don’t put extra food

We often tend to take extra food then we need. Whenever we are hungry, we put as much food as we can in our plates and then end up leaving them without eating or cleaning the entire plate. This is also a bad habit take less food, if you need more you can put afterwards. This will save your food from getting wasted. So, next time you pour food in your plate, remember to put less food and save your food.

2. Store food properly

This is very important. You should store your food properly. Keeping the stuff wherever you want to will just make them get rotten which will be of no further use. So, seek the habit of storing food properly. We all simply place things in the refrigerator we should know what items should be kept where and in what order, which utensils. These are all very important methods which should be always kept in mind while storing food items.

3. Buy limited vegetables

We all have this habit of buying extra vegetables when we go out for grocery shopping. You should always get limited amount of vegetables. Because, we know that we are not going to cook all the vegetables at once. Keeping vegetables for a longer tome spoils them and you cannot use them further. This wastes a lot of vegetable. So, you should always take limited amount of vegetables.

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4. Refrigerate properly

The products that need to be stored in the refrigerator should be stored properly. Don’t put the stuff wherever you find space. Organize your refrigerator in such a way that your vegetables or fruits or any other item do not get spoiled. You should always clean your refrigerator once every month. This maintains the hygiene of your family as well as keeps your fridge maintained and your stored item much fresh.

5. Reuse the leftover

Always reuse the leftovers. Whenever we cook something and that food is left you should try using that leftover food with some offer recipe and make your family eat it. If you store the leftover food properly in the refrigerator then it will be fresh even the next day and you can still make use of it or have it the next day or make some other recipe with the leftover food. This is a good habit and everyone should follow this technique in order to prevent wastage of food.

6. Don’t throw food

This is seriously a very bad way people often throw food if it is left. You should never throw away the food which is left. Either reuse the food or give to someone who do not have anything to eat, the poor people always wait for someone to give them some kind pf food to eat. You should also practice the same habit and earn some wishes from the poor. It requires no extra hard work. You simply need to pack it and give it to the needy people. And if you don’t want to give into them you can simply eat that food. This is again a healthy practice that we all as humans should follow.

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7. Separate the spoilers

There are certain items which spoil the other food items when kept together. You should always keep that in mind and separate such food items that have the tendency to spoil the other food items which are refrigerated. People should learn the various management techniques of refrigerating. You should keep products in good containers that do not spoil any food item. Always clean your fridge before you store products even that is one reason why products are spoiled.

8. Compose food

If you have plants at your garden you can simply use this food as your weed. This is a great way of saving food. Such weed always makes a plant even more healthy. This is also very good for the plants as well as for saving food. Food is very important and simply wasting it does not make any sense. You should always find ways to save food rather than throwing them.

9. Use it before it expires

Always check the expiry date of the products you buy. Sometimes the products are expired or are close to the expiry date. You should always utilize the products before they get expired. Eat it or make use of it in different dishes. This will prevent you from throwing away the item without using it. Yes, but don’t eat it even if it is expired. Always take products whose expiry date is not too close and then take it, this automatically saves it from getting thrown away.

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10. Don’t make too much of food

When you prepare food always make it in a limited proportion. This is very important. The more amount of food you make, the more will it be wasted. We will eat as much as our stomach can take, nobody can eat unlimited food or more then what their stomach asks for, it will end up making you sick. So, prepare limited amount of food rather than too much of it. Practice healthy habits, these are all very important methods and very useful to save food from getting wasted.

So, the above were a few points that said the ways to avoid wastage of food. Food is an important unit of life and we all should know the value of. So, save food, be happy and healthy.

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