10 Best Freelancing Websites in India

Best Freelancing Websites in India

In this article we are going to discuss about the best freelancing websites in India. Every one of us always aspires for a good life for ourselves as well as our close ones. We constantly work to build a better life for us and our family. In this era we all work to earn money, to meet our basic requirements and make a livelihood. The harder we work, the greater will be the result and the better will be the reward.

Each one of us requires a job, be it in any sector or field. But one of the major issues faced by youths of today is the lack of employment opportunities. Especially in developing economies like India, un-employment or under-employment is major crisis. This is forcing people to find opportunities for themselves.

All of us, especially young people should be able to make opportunities for themselves, to find better options and make maximum use of the resources you possess. We should encourage ourselves to find ways to exploit and market our various talents and skills.

Freelancing is basically a self-employed person, who works themselves rather than a company or institution. This is one of the best ways to earn a livelihood although it may be temporary. People who hates working under people can go for freelancing for a while before setting up something for yourselves.

This helps enhance our skills, know the various aspects of your work, know people in your field of work, expand your knowledge and opens doors to a wide variety of opportunities.

10 Best Freelancing Websites in India

Here is the list of top 10 freelancing websites to find freelance jobs in India discussed below:

1. Freelancer


The websites lets you to look for freelance jobs as well as hire freelancers. It is a platform that lets you to browse for jobs based on your field of specialisation, your interests and terms. The site offers its services only to its members and it requires logging in using your mail id or other accounts.

The site is pretty well laid out and is very easy to navigate. The page gives a basic idea on how to go about things in the site and how it can be very helpful. It provides employment opportunities in website designing, graphic designing, mobile apps, logo designs and Photoshop to cite a few.

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2. Freelance India

Freelance India

Freelance India provides the best platform for freelancers to get project work and for employers to hire freelancers. It has various categories like advertising and marketing, software development, business consulting, healthcare, cartooning and painting, photography and videography and even writing.    

The site is designed to be very simple and not so sophisticated. It is pretty well-constructed although it has a crowded look to it. It is but easy to browse and not so confusing to use.

3. Truelancer

Freelance jobs

Truelancer is a beautifully constructed website that suggests the best freelancer, to an employer who posts a project in the site. Freelancers can also browse for works posted in the site and choose for the best among them. People who are members of this site will get notifications on the various jobs posted or potential freelance worker for a project. Their services are also available in the form a mobile application.

Their services also require you to sign up with their site but they provide some of the best options and opportunities. They site is properly laid out and has a sophisticated look to it.

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4. 99 Designs

Top 10 Freelancing Websites in India

99 designs is a site that offers work in designing.  It could be website or logo designing or even other products like t-shirts and book covers. This basically work by a number of people presenting their designs and the employer choosing from amongst them. Only the chosen one gets paid.

The site has a good look to it and is very easy to browse. The page gives a glimpse on how the site works and makes it easy for the users to navigate through it.

5. Upwork

Freelancing jobs

This is one of the best websites to look into for a freelance projects and jobs. They have some of the best clients like Pinterest, Panasonic etc. and also offer good pays. They offer works in a variety of fields such as software development, web designing, graphic designing, sales and marketing, engineering etc.

The site has a simple but sophisticated look and is quite easy to use. It is well organised and categorised. They have a very good rating based on the reviews of over a million satisfied customers.

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6. Work N Hire

freelancing sites

This site brings together employers and employment seekers and helps both the parties to find the right choice. They ensure secure payments and also suggests clients closer to your locality. The site is pretty well laid out and is properly categorised. They allows free posting of jobs and offers a variety of options. The site is mainly for Indian clients.

7. Guru

Freelancing websites

Guru is a well-planned out website that provides some of the best options for freelancers. They have over eight lakh employers worldwide and almost 250 million paid to freelancers employed through them. Posting of jobs is free and quite easy to do. The site is very well organised. They have the popular professional services clearly categorised and put up right in the front.

They site also has 99 percent customer satisfaction rates and is very convenient to use.

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8. Toptal

Work from home jobs

Toptal is a site that is very selective about their freelancers and employs only qualified freelancers. It is actually a network of the top freelancers. They have designers, software developers, finance experts, product managers and so many more. It is a site for extremely skilled professionals and it can also get you very high-paying projects.

The site is well constructed and showcases all its best features. It is easy to navigate and has a simple look to it.

9. Envato Studio

Envato Studio

Envato studio is a pretty popular freelancing job website. It offers projects and works over a variety of fields and sectors. Here freelancers has to just submit their previous services, sample works and testimonials and a client would go through these and select the most suitable person.

The employer can compare prices and portfolios to select the right person and can also send an enquiry if they want additional information. Envato studio has very skilled and experienced freelancers. The clients can give a brief of their job and collaborate with the selected freelancer to get the job done in time.

The site is very well-planned and well laid out. It is easy to browse and guides us on how to effectively make use of the site. They have a wide variety of categories which is laid out pretty well. It has a good look to it and captures people’s attention.

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10. Fiverr


Fiverr is a very popular site that offers projects with even quite low payments. The clients can form groups and collaborate to make a project work. They also help you find any service within minutes and give an exact number as to how much you will have to pay. They offer a variety of services like graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation and business to name a few.

The website is very beautifully constructed and easy to use. It has got a pretty good rating with over a sixty thousand reviews. In this era the best way to go job hunting is through online modes. There are thousands of opportunities across this world. People across the world can work together and collaborate to make a project or idea successful. There are no longer any boundaries. To start a business or even a small project one will need help. He/ she may not possess all the knowledge and skills needed to make it work. At these times remember that there are a number of freelancers out there offering their services and ready to cooperate with you. Make use of all the resources around you and you’ll see yourself grow.

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