10 Best Websites To Buy Rugs Online at cheap prices

Best Websites To Buy Rugs Online

In this article we are going to discuss about the best websites to buy Rugs online at cheap prices with discounts. Rugs are a very important part of a room that can enhance its beauty when chosen correctly and also ruin the outlook of the room when bought in a hurry.

People now days also face problems in finding rugs at the stores nearby. This is because many people have stopped selling rugs as they occupy a lot of space and some of them are heavy which makes it difficult for them to deliver it, also the store owners do not find it efficient that the rugs do not help them make money worth they occupy the space for.

It is not easy to find the rug that fits in your space complementing other things around and it is definitely not easy to buy a rug for your home from a variety not wide enough for you to choose and then walk through the whole market carrying it.

So here are some online websites that provide you with enough information along with pictures about rugs you are willing to choose from and from where you can buy your rugs from an enormous amount.

10 Best Websites to Buy Rugs Online

Here is the list of best websites to buy Rugs online are discussed below:

1. Overstock


Overstock as the name suggests, they have a massive collection of Rugs. It might make their customers think as the name describes this complaint just right. It’s also a vast store just like others, they provide their customers to choose from different types of furniture, along with doorbusters, items of home decor, etc.

On their website, they guide their customers through each category rugs are divided into. You can select your rugs based on their sizes, colors, styles, rug types, patterns, material, weave type, etc. Just like that when someone guides you through the pros and cons it makes it easier for you to find the rug that matches your home decor.

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2. Amazon


Amazon is a large company that sells several products and sometimes it surprises you with products you never thought you could purchase online. Amazon is also linked with the seller of the rugs around the world providing some eye-catching rugs for your house. As rugs are one of the important elements that can make or Break Your room’s interior if it fits in the looks of the room or not and the quality also matters.

Along with everything they provide a detailed description of their product and the seller as well. They make their customers aware of the material, color, availability of other options, etc. Being linked to various sellers gives up a lot of options to choose from.

3. West Elm

West Elm has a well organized and a huge collection of all home interior and exterior needs such as:  furniture, beddings, lighting, bath, garden, rugs, etc. They also have a huge collection of rugs just like any other thing here. You can select rugs by various categories for example rugs by style, by type, etc. They have all kinds of drugs from simple, plain, basic rugs to the all-in patterned, textured rugs. They also have a category that has all the new and trendy rugs that are currently in fashion.

They sell both indoor and outdoor rugs as well as rugs specially made for kids or babies and even special rugs designed for entryway. They also provide category in rags that are for sale where drugs are sold at a lower price as compared to the others. This website may attract many customers as it has a wide variety of rugs available.

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4. Ikea

It is a multinational company and an online website that sells items of furniture, home accessories and kitchen appliances, etc. Most of its products are sold unassembled to save costs and decrease volume for transport.

They make it easier for their customers to find comfort in the fact that they can carry furniture more easily. Rugs are an essential part of any house. Whatever type of rug you want; large, small, square, circular or fluffy, all types are available here at reasonable prices. They sell good quality, easy to vacuum flat rugs as well as thick high pile rugs. They have various segments designed for different types of rugs.

Being a multinational company they aim to make their customers happy with their products.

5. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a well-known company mainly known for its furniture. They have a beautiful website where they sell beautiful pieces of furniture, bed sheets, window decor, etc. Pottery barn is extremely well known for the quality of their products as they’re made to look exquisite and unique.

They have a variety of rugs. They have portrayed brilliant products to their customers. It offer various styles of rugs like textured rugs, Persian style rugs, shag & Moroccan style rugs, distressed rugs, etc. They also have classification where rugs are categorized by materials they are made of. They also have handcrafted and knotted rugs available on their website.

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6. Pier 1

Pier 1 has a good collection of rugs. There are different categories for the types of rugs they have. They have rugs such as Area rugs, Doormats, Outdoor rugs, Accent and Kitchen Rugs, Memory Foam Rugs, Runners, Patio Rugs, Rug pads, etc.

They provide their customers with various options to choose from. They provide an attractive collection of rugs. They also have a category for new arrivals and sales.

7. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s have a wide collection of Rugs and by wide collection we mean they do have an extremely wide collection of rugs. They have a lot of options for their customers to choose from. Their stores just as their stores have a separate wide section dedicated to rugs. They vary from traditional to modern which comes in different ranges of colors. They also provide their customers with multiple discounts and offers.

There are categorized into various categories such as contemporary rugs, cowhide rugs, handmade rugs, geometric rugs, runners and many more. They have an extremely unique and attractive collection of rugs which is quite different from what other sellers are selling in the market. They also have other filters like size, color, price. For making it easy to buy for their customers they also have rug buying guide on their website. They also mention the return policy in advance even before buying so that there are no ambiguities later on.

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8. Urban outfitters

Just like any other online shopping website this website has a variety of options to buy from. They have clothing, lifestyle, home and beauty as their major classifications. Under the classification of home they have a category of rugs. There are mainly four types of drugs available that are printed, Shag & tufted, solid and indoor & outdoor. They do not have to use a variety of drugs available but enough to choose your preferences. They mainly have a collection of planes and basic rugs and not many of those heavy and out looking rugs. They do not focus mainly on this category and has a limited collection of rugs as compared to those sold by other websites.

9. Target

Just like that supermarket their website is also huge. They have a large variety of everything they sell be it clothing, groceries, daily essentials or home decor. They also have a huge collection of rugs. They categorize their rugs into various categories like new rugs, area rugs, accent rugs, kids rugs, washable rugs and many more. This also makes it unique among the rest. They have categorized their rugs into more categories than any other website.

Customers can choose among a large number of available options. They provide every kind of rug under one website. They also provide pickup and same-day delivery options for their website. They also have filters like the size and shape of the rug, the brand and the material, etc. From having doors antique-looking rugs to the patterned and classy rugs they have it all.

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10. Wayfair

Wayfair is an online website that links us to various sellers of home products, as well as other products we demand. They have an enormous amount of rugs in their collection, which is further categorized. They have rugs such as, Area rugs, Hallways runners, Outdoor rugs, doormats, Bath rugs, Kitchen rugs, one of a kind rugs, Rug pads, stair tread rugs, mats, etc.

As they have various types of rugs, each of these categories is filled with a vast amount of rugs that provide their customers with different options to choose from.

Having a huge collection of rugs allows them to attract more customers with the variation and Designs they present to their customers. They also provide seasonal discounts to their customers to satisfy their customers.

Rugs are a very important part of home decor. So make sure to choose it wisely you may have thousands of options to choose from but not all thousand of them would go together then put with your room. It can make or destroy the look of your room or home. All these websites have their categories and filters which makes each of them different and unique in their way.

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