10 Best Internship Websites in India

internships in India

The best internship website in India to apply for summer internship for high school students, graduates, post graduates is Internshala. Internships are the training that gives you the necessary industrial exposure which you will need and will help to a greater extent in your placement process. It provides you with the necessary job-related experience. These internships generally come up during the summer vacation of the third year. Thus they are known as summer internships.

These internships not only provide you the industrial knowledge and the job-related experience but also provide some stipends. Moreover, if the employer is satisfied and happy with your performance then there is also a chance of you getting a PPO that is Pre-Placement Offer. Once you have bagged yourself with the same then there is no force on this planet which will stop you from getting employed after completing your graduation.

summer internship in India

If you are a CSE student or an IT student then you will be getting many such internship opportunities as every now and then a startup is being registered and they are keenly looking for such students. But if you belong to any of the core departments like electrical, mechanical or civil then you might be facing some difficulties finding your internships in the core companies. If you are also in the same condition right now then you have come to the right place. You need not to search for them across many websites.

Here in this article, we are going to provide you some of the best internship websites where you can very easily find your dream internships. You can work as an intern in the big four software companies that is Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon if you are belonging from CSE or IT. Also, you can do your internship in some core companies if you are belonging to the core departments.

Top 10 Internship websites to apply for summer internships in India

The best internship sites in India are listed below here:

1. Internshala

This is the very first website that comes in every person’s mind whenever he or she thinks about an internship. This is one of the most popular website for hiring as well as for getting hired as an intern. If you are a budding fresher and is completely new in this world then it is a personal recommendation that this should be your take. There are many potential employers who look for some really talented students and want them to work for their companies as an intern.

In this world where it is almost difficult to trust people and that too on the internet, internshala acts as your saviour. You can close your eyes and can blindly believe in this website. This website has a very user-friendly interface and this also helps the freshers to find their internships very easily. This site has many categories of internships like based on the study that you are pursuing like engineering, regarding sales, management related and many more such kinds of stuff. It also gives you an opportunity to work sitting right from home. Yes, you read it right, you can also apply for internships for content writing, digital marketing and many more which you can do sitting back from your home.

best internship websites in India

This site also allows you to search for internships on the basis of your location or the place where you reside. The name is internshala, but that doesn’t mean that you will only be getting only internships over here. Internshala also provides winter training opportunities which opens the door for you to learn many new things like android app development, web development, many computer languages like JAVA and PYTHON. If you are having monetary problems then no need to worry as internshala also provides you discounts and many coupon codes which will make the prices feasible for you.

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You can take it as advice to do these trainings from internshala as internshala will also give you the certificates for the completion of the course which you can show during the placement interviews to show that you have the necessary qualities for getting employed. Moreover, you can also add these certificates in your resume on many professional websites like LinkedIn, Github, AngelList and many more to pinpoint your presence in the social world.

2. LetsIntern

It is another very popular website which you can think, to find your internships. This site provides you internship opportunities in some of the famous companies like Tencent Games, Myntra, Big Basket, The Indian Express, ComicCon India and many more such renowned companies. Also, the registration procedure is also very simple and user-friendly. You just have to fill up the pop-up registration form that comes as soon as you enter this website.

You can search for your internships on the basis of industry which makes it a more simplified and easy to use website and thus, attracting more users. The registration procedure for the organizations is also very simple as it is almost the same. The difference lies in selecting the employers column instead of selecting the student’s column. This website also helps students to enrich their soft skills. The purpose is fulfilled by its official blog. This blog consists of much valuable advice and information regarding your internship which helps you in the long run. This blog is regularly updated by its server and is kept at par with the present competitive world.

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3. LinkedIn

Many of the people reading this article might get confused that why LinkedIn is mentioned over here in this list though it has nothing to do with internships. Though this website is very popular just like internshala but its popularity is for some other reason. This website is popular for its professional community where some employers post for hiring some employees. However, to your surprise, this website also has a separate students section which provides internship opportunities for many students and this is the sole reason for giving it over here.

best internship sites in India

This website is almost similar to facebook but the only difference is that here people interact in a more professional manner and the posts are also of professional level only. Its exclusive filter options also allows the users to narrow down their search to that specific internship for which they were aspiring. The name of this section is the student’s section but that doesn’t mean that only students can apply for it.

Any person whether a student or a working man, whoever wants to enhance their skills in their field of interest can access this section and also can apply for the same. The application process is also very simple as you have to just create one account over here and sign in and then you can apply for your internships with just a single tap. If you wish you can also sign in here with your google account or facebook account.

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4. Glassdoor

This is another website on our list which is also like LinkedIn but has some differences which make it unique. This website also allows students as well as employers to find their meet. The unique point or specialty of Glassdoor website is that it allows its users to post reviews about different companies and organizations. Not only that you can also compare the salaries of different positions in different companies. You can register on this website by creating a login id and password.

5. Hellointern

This website is considered as a global expert for providing internships. This website not only limits your reach for applying only till the startups but this site allows you to apply for many non-profit organizations too. Hello Intern site also allows you to do your internships in companies like Vivo, Zee Media, Citrus, Titan, Decathlon and many more such big companies.

summer internship in india for undergraduates

This website also has a separate global internship platform which you can give a try. For trying these internships you just have to sign up over here and then just tap the internship you are willing to pursue.

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6. Twenty19

It is another great platform which is specifically designed keeping in mind the present needs of the students. In short, it can be said that this website is a student-focused website. The sole motive to create this website is to enrich the skills of the freshers. This website also posts about the different fests like cultural fests, technical fests that are occurring at present at different colleges near your area. You can also sign in on this site through your facebook or google account.

7. AngelList

Angel List is a website that is completely dedicated to startups. Thus you can expect to have many internship opportunities. There are many big companies or organizations like Tinder, Gusto which post about their intern requirement.

paid internships in india

8. Oyesterconnect

This website has a complete new look towards providing internship opportunities. The internship website set aside the conventional method of hiring interns and believe in a crowdsource model of work. This website is more than amazing and cannot be explained in words. So, why are you waiting, give it a try now.

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9. Indian internship

As the name itself suggests, this website allows students to apply for their summer internships inside the Indian subcontinent only. You don’t have to do any sort of registration or sign in before applying for an internship and can directly apply for the same.

best websites to find internships in India

10. Interlelo

It is another website of the same area. But its easy and simple interface sets it aside from the others. The website also has a very simple and fast loading pages and also have easy to use navigation tools.

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