Best Social Networking Sites

best social networking sites

The best social networking sites are mentioned here in this article. When we were kids, our social networking was called ‘outside’. And we used to enjoy that network with our friends and family. But now, the generation has changed. The social network has just one meaning connecting via internet. Communicating with each other through various sites. This sometimes looks good and sometimes not. As people are so much into the social networking sites that they have forgot their present life.

Everyone seems to be lost in their own world, no worries about being going on in others life. Also on the other hand, they come to know about the happenings going on in the world through social networking sites. You can get various knowledge about the entertainment and the social crisis happening in the world. To know more about social networking sites or to know the best social networking sites, you can have a glance on this article.

10 Best Social Networking Sites

The best social networking sites are listed below:

1. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking site. You can make new friends and also can make your pages if you have talent inherited in you. You can show off your talent by advertising your work on this site. Users can either browse this site or can use this on an app. The Facebook lite app does not even consume more of your space in the mobile. This is the oldest and has the most largest social networking connection. You can also promote your business by using paid advertisements. You can create awareness among people by posting some social crisis post and videos. Facebook has made the lives of businessmen and entrepreneurs better.

The most popular social media platforms

2. WhatsApp

Whatsapp is an instant messaging platform, where it is easy to communicate. And now whatsapp has many new features in it. Just like you upload stories on facebook, you can also put your daily activities on your whatsapp stories called whatsapp status. You can also make a voice call and a video chat with your family and friends. Social networking sites has changes our behavior and the way of our communication.

list of most popular social media sites

We don’t have to rely on landlines to communicate with each other, this social networking site will help us to communicate.

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3. Instagram

Instagram is best for uploading pictures and videos . This also helps to promote business and good for freelancers. You can promote your business here, by mentioning business in your account. If you have interest in blogging, you can definitely start from this website, upload your photos and links on your stories to promote your blogs. You can also communicate and make new bonds with your friends. This site will help you to start your blogs and you can also go live from this site, to communicate with your friends across the world. But sometimes be aware and careful related to your account privacy. There are various hackers who can hack your account and can steal your personal information. But Instagram supports you to the fullest related to these incidents. They’ll definitely get your account back, when some mishappening happens with your account.

most popular social networking sites

4. Twitter

This one here will help you to post short text related to any issue. You can convey your message to the world through this site by writing a short text for about 280 characters. You can also see here politicians and actors tweeting there regards or conveying some message to the world. Twitter has many keyboard shortcuts and you can also chat with your friends and make good connections and bonds with them. you can also send some GIF while chatting.  If you like someone’s tweet, you can pin their tweet. This will come at the top of your profile. You can also promote your business, blogs, products or services.

The most popular social media sites

5. Skype

Skype is a popular social networking site which will help you to communicate with your friends and family. It allows you to connect with your friends and family through voice calls and video calls. And also skype to skype calls are free, you can communicate with anyone who is a user of skype. There are billion users of skype. You can call anybody who is your friend or with whom you are connected with on skype. You can make connections as well communicate with anyone across the world.

top 10 social media sites

6. Snapchat

Snapchat is not only chat clicking snaps and posting it on your stories. But also you can chat with your friends. There are various features of this social networking site. You can click pictures in different filters available in your account. You need to make an account, by adding your username and password. The stories you put here are available for 24 hours. After 24 hours the story will disappear. There is also an option of maintaining streaks. And for that you and your friend need to send a snap daily. And after 3 days your streak will start. It is fun using social networking site, you come to know about what your friends are up to. What’s going on in their life. this is fun.

top social networking sites

7. Badoo

Badoo is a great social networking site also available in an app to chat and meet new people. This app provides you to track how many badoos liked your profile. You’ll get to know how many profiles voted for yes and how many for may be. This app even notifies you when there are new badoo user. You can even rate the pictures of badoo user if you liked their profile or picture by clicking on “rate this picture’’.

social networking

You can also communicate with new badoo users to make new bonds and connection with them. This site is fun, you’ll enjoy talking to new people and discover about them. This site also comes under the best dating site.

8. Youtube

Youtube is the largest social networking site where you can see the videos of many YouTubers. You can also watch movies, dramas, cartoons and many more. This will help you to connect with the social environment. You can like, share, comment and subscribe the channels of your favorite ones. Now, YouTube has launched its app for listening songs. You can take the premium plan and can listen to your favorite jams.

best social networking websites

9. Meet up

Meet up is a social networking site which will help you make new friends and connection. You can text message them, make video or voice calls. Meet up is an app which allow two people to interact and find their soul mates. This is also a daring app but also a better social networking site. To find your perfect match, you need to sign up with facebook or with linkedin account.

social media

Communicating on these apps is so easy and convenient to use. You can give a heart if you like the profile of the meet up user. It is easy and simple to use and make contacts with different people. This app will save your time in finding the right one for you. You can simply log in and can find friends to communicate with them.

10. Messenger

This one here will help you to connect with your Facebook friends and communicate with them. It is easy to use and you need to download the app to operate it on your mobile phone. There are different features available on the messenger.

most popular social networks in the world

You can wave at your friend and then can begin talking with them. Some are shy to text first so for them messenger provides stickers to send. There are various cute stickers and gifs available on the site.

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