How to forget someone whom you love the most?

How to forget someone whom you love the most

Know how to forget someone whom you love the most by reading this article. As here I am going to tell you about the best way to forget someone whom you love the most in easy manner. Love is one of the most breathtaking feelings you would come across if felt in a right way. But as it is said every coin has two sides, love too has it’s optimistic and pessimistic sides. Everybody has their own definition for love. A perfect way of feeling the feeling of love is with mutuality.

Loving a person whole heartedly takes a lot of  passion. It can make you go crazy like never before and can also make you calm down like never before. You might have seen people around you where there is no love in their lives and on the other hand people are drowned into love. Love comes with: passion, determination, understanding, commitments and importantly having a practical mindset.

Love relationships are inclusive of arguments, quarrels, forgiving, understanding, fights, ignorance and a lot more. Fights may lead to miscommunication or misunderstanding by respective two people of a relationship. And this can easily head towards something extreme like parting ways with each other. It becomes tougher to forget a person after falling in love for months or years. Loving a person with a lot of passion takes the same amount of time to overcome it. It’s a process, a process which doesn’t happen over night rather takes days and months together.

How to forget someone whom you love the most?

So I’m here to tell you 10 ways to forget a person you love.

1. Acceptance

Mates, we all are sailing in the boat. Everybody in their lives will come across this phase where there are major disappointments with our loved ones and we wish to forget them for lifelong. So the very basic and foremost thing to start the process of forgetting the person you love is by having acceptance. Accept whatever happened in your life and that will do your 50% job. Hanging on to the scenario which happened in your history will only obstruct your present and your future. Therefore after acceptance you will at least find paths to move ahead in your life.

I know acceptance comes with no ease, but it is important to imbibe whatever your partner did to you and take it as a reality to move ahead as well as away from your past. Once you have a perspective of accepting all the things which happened with you will broaden your mind towards it and towards your coming days.

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2. Invest in self

Investing in yourself is utmost and initial part of this process. Investing in yourself means having more self love, self care and basically self centered. Loving oneself is very important in today’s world and that is how we will find ourselves being self satisfied and self sufficient. If we aren’t self satisfied or self sufficient in our own self that’s a sign of lack of self love and self care. And which is why it is very important to invest in yourself. Famous personalities like Barak Obama, Bill gates Steve, Jobs are the people who invest 7-8 hours of the 24 hours with their own self. That is staying absolutely away from technology, being isolated and enjoying the solitude. Investing in self will help us to recognize and discover who we are exactly which also includes major focus on our day to day life and career oriented.

I am not at all heading towards having a selfish nature or creating a selfish nature but keeping ourselves a priority is one of theĀ  necessary quality we all should have. Therefore invest in self will not only help you to forget the person you love but also make you discover your own self.

how to forget someone you like

3. Discover yourself

Discovering yourself doesn’t really mean that we have to sit down and think about our self, about our past or about our future. That mostly includes about exploring life, exploring people around us and exploring what and how we live. What we like, dislikes our behavior, qualities etc. Discovering oneself will not only change your perspective but also have a broaden idea about you and people around you. You will start recognizing and executing yourself in a different way. Discovering yourself will happen only when you try out new things, you will get to know yourself what is to be done and what is not to be done.

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4. Learn from your history

“History will repeat until lessons are learnt”. Truly said that. If you don’t get the lesson from whatever unlikable happened with you, you will be stuck there with no growth. Therefore to have growth in your life, you have to keep on learning from your history from your, mistakes that will obviously lead you to a greater path in future. Learning from history requires a different point of view and a different perspective. Taking all such points into consideration I totally understand it’s not easy but if you decide to improvise on yourself you will surely be successful at it. Therefore make sure that you always learn from your past and get lessons out of it.

how to forget someone completely

5. Surround yourself with best people around

A very practical proverb says “You are known by the company you keep” is highly applicable here. You will get a change only when you let enter new people in your life, only after then you will have a change and a way to forget the person you love. Restricting yourself from meeting or having an introduction with new people will only  make you unstable emotionally. You should start looking for new people, new friends or catch up with your old ones. You know what’s the best for you and that is how you will surround yourself with the best people around. This will always be helpful for a long term thought. People around you who can motivate you, uplift you give you right advice and suggestions are very important. You are a reflection of the people who you have around so which is why you should choose people wisely.

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6. Know your worth

When in love people tend to forget their worth, their self respect, and this should not be the case ideally. Knowing your worth is as important as any other thing you feel is important. Which is why you should never take yourself for granted. Know your worth and set yourself with spaces and boundaries. This will not only make you understand that whatever happened is happened and you should move ahead but also broaden your idealization. People often forget their self-esteem that they have after falling in love. But to forget a person, you should be a little self centrist and focusing on yourself and that is how you will come across your worth.

how to forget someone you love deeply and see everyday

7. Find a new activity to invest into

You should find a hobby and make it a passion. Invest into a activity which you always wanted to, learn a new thing which you are curious about, and that is how you will invest into a new activity. Being engaged into something that you adore is one of the most easiest and doable jobs which you can do for yourself to forget a person you love. The activity which you invest in, make sure that you are absolutely passionate about it and that is how you will head towards forgetting a person you love.

Finding a new activity and being curious will help you to get engaged, enjoy yourself as well as a new learning is always beneficial in life. Therefore see to it that you are having your absolute growth in your day-to-day life by engaging yourself into something passionate, into something you are curious about,  something you get your mind diverted into.

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8. Forgive

Forgive and have peace with yourself. You should be forgiving because that will ultimately bring you best results. Forgiving the next person will bring a sense of peace and calmness into you. I totally feel what forgiving feels like and how long does it take.. but no matter what and no matter how hard it is you should make sure that you are forgiving that person so that you make peace with the mishap happened between you and your partner and make peace with your self too. Forgiving will open more options for you, it will shutdown the heaviness you carry everyday. You will shed the intangible things of your life which you are carrying for a very long time. Forgiving will give a sense of calmness to your soul, to your mind and to your heart. Therefore forgiveness comes with a lot of patience.

how to forget someone who broke your heart

9. You can still be happy

Being comfortable in your own skin is something that we all should learn and be bragging about. This is a fact that is hard to accept but once you get used to the solitudeness you will ignore your past and enjoy your own company. Forgiving a person is not easy yet in a journey of discovering and making peace with yourself I am sure that you will enjoy your own company and find a fresh kind of happiness in your life.

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10. Everything happens for a reason

Can’t stress enough on the thought that everything happens for a reason. Let’s end it on a positive thought and why not. Having a perspective of everything happens for a reason will ultimately make you find a positive side of your happening. This will only help you to forget but also overcome the person you ever loved or are still in love with.

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