How to impress a girl in school?

how to impress a girl in school

How to impress a girl in school? : The answer of this question is explained here. In this article I am going to tell you about the best way to impress a girl in school easily. So you are in high school now, and you like a girl and wish to impress her. Impressing someone isn’t that easy but isn’t that tough too. It all depends upon how to present yourself and how you don’t fake yourself.

How to impress a girl in school?

Here are the top 10 ways to impress a girl in school. Have a read.

1. Know about the girl properly

The first major step to impress the girl is to find out details about her. To find details doesn’t mean that invading her privacy but to know what is needed, such as her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, friends and favorite subjects. When you know such details about her, you can start to impress her by helping her in her favorite subjects, do the things she likes and much more. When a girl notices that you know her every details she will feel special and impressed.

how to impress a girl in high school

2. Eye contact

The second most important point to remember while impressing a girl is the eye contact. It all depends upon how you make an eye contact with her. Make your eyes speak. When she approaches you and shares her life problems with you, try to pay attention to her eyes closely showing her that you are really in whatever she says. But if you hesitate and move your eyes here and there she might feel ignored and may not like you. Girls love it when boys look into their eyes and listen patiently to them.

3. Be kind and caring

Girls love boys who are caring and kind. They tend to fall in for boys who show care to them. You can’t just always show off your physical looks and skills to impress a girl and be rude on the inside. Be gentle and kind towards every girl and help them with a smile, then only the girl you like will surely notice you. To impress the girl you like, help her during the rainy reasons when she forgets to bring her umbrella, share your umbrella with her, help her in home-works and class notes and hang around with her when she goes for shopping.

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4. Be clean and properly dressed

Make sure that your school uniform isn’t dirty and your shoes aren’t stinking. This will make the girl go away from you. Shower daily, comb your hair nicely and wear your uniform in a decent way. Not necessary that the girl will get impressed if you do style with your uniform. Shoes are the first thing which a girl notices, so be sure that your shoes are polished and washed properly to avoid the stinking smell. An additional tip is, try to use a perfume which has a good attractive smell.

5. Be prominent in academics

A girl will notice you more when you are prominent in academics, have a good range of marks, be good in sports and be the smart one in class. Try to answer the questions asked during classes, take part in the sports activities and regularly do your home-work. Make sure to help her if she has any doubts regarding any subjects and also help her out in class assignments and projects. She is sure to get impressed by these activities.

how to impress a school girl

6. Make her laugh

Don’t be so serious and shy in front of her. Instead crack jokes and make her laugh. Make her feel special, don’t crack too lame jokes or don’t always take every conversation as a joke she might not like it. But make sure she is comfortable with you and laughs her heart out. Be sure to make her happy. Try to be a humorous and jovial person to her.

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7. Hangout with her

Find out whichever she likes and ask her out to hangout with you in those places. A school girl usually loves to do shopping, be her shopping partner, help her out to choose which clothes suites her. After shopping, what girls are crazy about is food, buy her food like chocolates, and take her out on a lunch or dinner date or just in a nearby cafe to spend quality time with her. Most important is hangout with her after school, don’t just know her only in school but know her even outside school. You can even walk down with her and drop her home after school.

8. Ask your friends for advice

Don’t think yourself too much. Let your friends know about the girl you like and let them help you. Take advice from them, as they might know much better than you and can help you go with it. Be generous and friendly with your friends, it also depends on how you behave with your friends to impress her. A girl notices how you are treating your friends. This will show that rather than being introvert you’re a social person.

9. Search her out in social media

Another important way to impress her is to keep contact with her in social media. Search her out in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Add her and then you can send her sweet messages and poems. You can even share poems and pictures in her wall along with wishing her good morning with a sweet text to make her feel special.

how to impress a girl in middle school

But before doing anything it is a good habit that you ask her whether you can add her in social media. Doing such a thing without permission might make you feel like a stalker towards her.

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10. Be self-confident

A girl will immediately start disliking you if you impress her way too much or fake everything. Show your real self to her and have self confidence in yourself. Don’t be like a pet to her; make sure you say about your own opinions and viewpoints. Learn to disagree if you are not okay with something. Do not start doing things or take up any hobbies which you don’t like just in order to impress her. What’s the point in doing things in which you are not happy but faking it. Girls always tend to see the real one. Fake things fade away soon. Now I hope you have got understood how to impress a girl in school.

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