How To Impress A Friend To Be Your Girlfriend?

How To Impress A Friend To Be Your Girlfriend?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to impress a friend to be your girlfriend? As the famous quotation states “All you need is love”, whether we accept it or not the feeling of being in love is extremely delightful which can uplift one’s mood and make them feel wanted and valued. Especially when love stories are being spoon-fed to us via various typical Bollywood type romances, from numerous varieties like romantic-comedy, romantic-action, romantic-drama and even romantic-musical it seems as if romance can be found anywhere. The term soulmates are written and presented in every romantic movie/book/song out there.

Theoretically, psychologist Robert Sternberg concluded being in love includes intimacy, passion and commitment. These three attributes are alone so powerful adding them together will give result to a dynamic compound. If these three attributes are present in a relationship it can truly be an epitome of serious bonding that many people look forward to in their lives. Love also consists of understanding and having good communication from both ends while looking for these features the duo that will first pop in our mind is ‘friends’ since, being friends with someone beforehand not only gives us a window to one’s personality but also makes it easier to get to know them better personally.

How to impress a friend to be your girlfriend?

Friendships are a great way to start something long termed, like friends it is important in a relationship that you are there for each other, communicate well, help and grow together. To make it more understandable below listed are few pointers by which one can impress a friend to be their girlfriend, as stated above because relationships that arose from friendships are truly one of a kind and also are an epitome of what some might called true love or soulmates!

1. Don’t hurry the process of talking stage

Don’t hurry the process of talking stage

Talking phase is one of the most important steps before committing into a relationship. This phase consists of getting to know each other better and making sure you both get along together well. Maintaining stable and healthy conversations is necessary as fast forwarding this step can lead to an uncommunicable or distant partner in future. Keep conversations lowkey, talk freely with each other and share things you think they should know before getting into a relationship with you.

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2. Make sure she feels the same way about you

Make sure she feels the same way about you

Relationships are not one sided, if they do not equally invest time and efforts you should not as well. Nor relationships are forced. After hinting that you like them do not pressurize them into having feelings for you. Understand love is not something you can force onto someone or baffle them into. Also, make sure you do not get manipulative towards them for increasing the chances of a relationship since it will lead to an emotionally abusive relationship which is not favorable at all.

3. Make her feel comfortable and secured

Make her feel comfortable and secured

Third part would be to ensure that she is comfortable around you. This will help in gaining her trust which will lead to her sharing her problems or worries with you gradually more frankly and honestly. If you think you can nor provide a solution to their problems at least be present so, they have someone to talk it out with.  Also, the more comfortable you are with each other more you two will bond better. The more you talk about sensitive topics together the closer you get. As one does not share issues with someone else easily but by doing so it will also make them feel homely with you.

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4. Volunteer to lend a helping hand

 Volunteer to lend a helping hand

By becoming a helping hand and assisting her in little work could lead to spending more time with her and by this you two will also get closer and can learn about each other more. And being around while she needs help will also portray that you will be around her supporting through thick and thin. Maybe even ask for to help you with stuff this will make her feel valued and that you think she is capable of solving problems on your behalf too. On that note, do let her feel independent do not start controlling or solving everything on her behalf.

5. Don’t act too possessive or get jealous easily

Don’t act too possessive or get jealous easily

While being in the primary stage it’s necessary for one to understand that giving each other space and not hindering personal life too much is needed. As, you two are not committed yet controlling behavior could act as a drawback because dominant or alpha males are best suited as poltergeist in movies only. In real life one has to be more sensible. Even being over protective or easily getting jealous is something one should fix as they could lead to trust issues in future.

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6. Don’t fall for unrealistic Bollywood fairytales

Don’t fall for unrealistic Bollywood fairytales

Bollywood love stories are great for watching with you partner but let’s be real they’re filled with super cheesy and sometimes baseless storylines. Understand this is a real life setting and not a movie set, your partner should not think you are difficult to be around. Nor force them to be perfect, accept each other’s flaws work on them together. There is no such thing as ‘Perfect Partners/Relationship’ as showcased in Bollywood. Everyone has bad days and issues but they can be solved by being together and fighting them as whole.

7. Do not make insensitive jokes or act as a sexist

Do not make insensitive jokes or act as a sexist

This is not pre-independence era anymore one should understand freedom is required for self-growth. By bounding your future partner, you can risk your relationship with them also you will come across as an evident judgmental or conservative person in front of them. Even making lighthearted sexist jokes is not something one should look up to they can be incredibly insensitive and sound misogynistic.

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8. Try becoming a better person for her

Try becoming a better person for her

If you know you have few bad habits or traits try to either control or eliminate them, it is not just good for the future relationship only but even you will feel nice to see the positive changes emerging in you which will make you feel happy and calm mentally and physically too. By having positive changes even your day to day life seems better and easier. You will notice how you can solve problems more efficiently.

9. Do not just keep talking about yourself or be flashy

Do not just keep talking about yourself or be flashy

Rather than just talking about yourself show interest in getting to know them too, this way they will feel engaged in the conversation. Foremost also do not flash your money as this might make them feel you are too caught up in yourself or you assume, they can be won over by flashing money, which is not at all an impression you want to give. Be true to her as you are true to yourself, give her a clear image of whom you are from within. Be humble with her, acting too flashy will come off as rude. Understand it is not about materialist things always, relationships work on emotions and feelings. Talk about your failures or something foolish you did for better conversations.

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10. Accept rejection or being friendzone too    

Accept rejection or being friendzone too

Even after doing everything possible do not get disheartened or feel low if they do not approve of something being more than friends. If you constantly think about what or how did it go wrong it will affect you emotionally leading to insecurities and troubled thoughts. Staying calm and accepting it is best way out, you can win everything at once or you should give up on looking something meaningful. More great things are waiting for you.

Learn how to move on and cope up from situations like this. Being stuck on this topic for rest of your life is going to make you lag behind only. Focus on other aspects of life for some time, divert your mind from thinking about it continuously. Indulge in new hobbies but this time instead of working on being a better person for someone else, become a better person for yourself. Almost as if you are on a journey on finding self-love and self-acceptance.

Being a part of social media generation, one should also understand that having ‘Relationships Goals’ as seen on various sites is not something to look up to. They create superficial scenarios for us which automatically leads to unrealistic expectations. By posing happily or gaining likes on your trips together would mean nothing unless you both are compatible enough with each other. Keeping ego out of relationship is extremely important. If your partner brings up something, they do not like about you instead of getting offended, act right; work on it.

Having good communication acts a path for a great relationship where you both are happy and feel content with each other. Also, do not point out your partner’s insecurity or something they can not fix this will lead to them feeling extremely sad or even helpless because they can not fix it. Which even might lead to them breaking up because of unhappiness or failure of not being good enough.

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