How To Test A Guy To See If He Really Loves You?

How To Test A Guy To See If He Really Loves You?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to test a guy to see if he really loves you? True Love is the purest form of act anyone can do. Love can unite even the worst enemies and destroys all barriers. It is so precious that it very rare to find. With a deceptive mask that people wear it has become more and more difficult to identify true love. You question yourself, does he love me deeply, is it only a pretense? Does he have other motives? Many a times your man may not ever mouth the words “I love You”, but his gestures tell you otherwise.

Love can be seen; it can be felt and so can it be heard. Just because he never utters those three beautiful words does not mean he hates you, and similarly just because he frequently confesses to you does not mean he actually means it.

How to test a guy to see if he really loves you?

Are you confused that your boyfriend is no longer into you? Do you feel like he is being too cold to you? Sincerity can be felt through your lovers’ actions. Analyze your relationship by asking yourself the following questions. Find out if he truly loves you.

1. Does he dream of a future with you?

Does he dream of a future with you?

This is the most obvious way to tell if someone really loves you or not. Do they plan ahead for a life together? Has he ever openly discussed about future dates you could go to, the type of wedding dress you would look good in, how many kids he wants etcetera? the chances are your boyfriend is so in love with you if you guys have such talks between yourselves. Fighting over wedding menu to children’s names are strong indicators that he has only you in his long- term goals. A man who takes action for his words is the most trust worthiest.

Booking for a vacation flight together well ahead of the date, saving up to buy a house together, if he is willing to adopt a puppy together then it is a green light. Be alert if he only speaks about a future together to get something from you.

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2. Is he trying to be distant?

Is he trying to be distant?

A relationship may run cold after few months of getting to know each other. Are you in that state right now? does your boyfriend keep trying to stay away from you? If a guy really loves you, he will without doubt try any means to keep you close. Whether it is at a party or a day at home. Take it seriously if he does not follow up on your plans together.

How is his demeanor towards you?  Is he always finding an excuse not to be with you? The office meetings growing longer, he is always too tired to have a conversation with you, frequent night outs with friends, a close family function and you are not invited are few of the many excuses’ men make up to maintain a distance. Does he only come to you to satisfy their sexual needs or other such needs? If you realize he is keeping away from you then feel confident to discuss the same with him and break off the relationship.

3. He values your advice

He values your advice

In a healthy and loving relationship respect goes both ways. Just as you value his advice on your matters, do you think he considers you opinions? Is he always impatient whenever you make suggestions? A partner who loves you would never disregard what you have to say. Many times, there would be difference of opinions between couples. How does your boyfriend deal with them? Is your voice totally ignored? Who makes the final decision always?

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4. Is he vocal about you?

Is he vocal about you?

Love is meant to stay if you share it with everyone. Couples who are vocal about their relationship implies the confidence they have in their future together. If your boyfriend tells the whole world proudly that you are his then you don’t have to worry no more. It means he loves you deeply. A boyfriend who makes sure that both of your friend circles interact with each other is a keeper. He wants to introduce you to his new and old friends. Boyfriends who are proud of you always make sure everyone knows about your relationship.

You can find out how much he values you by talking with his friends. The way his friends treat you says a great deal about that. If your boyfriend does everything in his ability to make you and his friends comfortable with each other you can be sure of his love. Even in a crowd with many strangers, your boyfriend makes sure his gaze is always towards you, letting others know without saying that you are his.

5. He can be jealous at times

He can be jealous at times

Jealousy have torn apart many relationships. But knowing that your partner is jealous of other men when they approach and interact with you is a good enough validation that he loves you a lot. Does he act cute to get your attention? Is he possessive to some extent? How will he react if you go out with guy friends? It is natural human instinct to feel jealous if he thinks someone could snatch you away. The indifference to external threats can be seen as a lack of love to you by him. Casually mention that you are going to have lunch or dinner with your male friends. Observe how he reacts to that. Is he unbothered or cares even a little bit?  The moment you notice him turning green immediately makeup with him, because he is cute and a keeper.

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6. Always lends you a helping hand

Always lends you a helping hand

Love makes people act irrationally. If your boyfriend is ready to put aside everything just for you when you are in trouble, that is pure love. A loving boyfriend always make sure you are safe and sound. He understands your need and completes them even before you ask. Whether it is an advice, a hand in completing your work assignments or mental support he would be the first to offer help. He protects you always. Getting worried when your gout alone at nit, checking up on you when you are alone, tending to you when you are tired and sick.

7. Remembers the tiniest details about you

Remembers the tiniest details about you

The beauty of an art lies in its details. The strength of a relationship depends on how much your partner knows about you and is willing to learn about you. From your birthday to anniversary dates, he never forgets any of your important days. He knows what causes your allergies, what turns you off and what get you excited. All the gifts he gives would be well planned and exactly what you want. When in love any boyfriend will try their best at pleasing you. From your favorite color to your favorite snacks, they know it all. Next time when you guys are together quiz him friendly, or see if he is impatient and shows no interest in knowing important things about you.

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8. Did he introduce you to his family?

Did he introduce you to his family?

When your boyfriend truly believes in the relationship, he would introduce you to his family. Inviting you to vacations with his family, Christmas celebrations in family home are signs of love. All men want their future wife to get along well with his parents. They would talk a lot about their upbringing, the love of their parents, how annoying their siblings are and so on. on the contrary if he completely avoids your questions about his family, never allows you to visit them without any valid reason, then see it as a red flag.

9. Is he full of compliments for you?

Is he full of compliments for you?

Does you boyfriend praise other women in front of you? Does he still call you beautiful? Even on days you look like a train wreck he makes sure to cuddle and love you the same. Always tries to lift your mood when you are down. He admires you a lot and is proud of you and your work. Of course, now and then he would tease you and call you a shortie or other cute names but the praises are way more sincere.

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10. Comforts you

Comforts you

A loving boyfriend knows everything about their partner. He knows all the struggles you go through, the demons you fight inside. On bad days, when you have so many self- doubts, he will help you clear all of them and regain your confidence. Do you guys share only the happy moments together? How does he react when he sees you sad and down? In general Men love women who are weaker than them. If you man does not console you then you should seriously start to question your relationship, provided your reason for being upset is not something silly. On any given day and time, you know that he will come to comfort you and make sure you are okay. Then you can say without any doubt that it is love.

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