How to make a woman to respect you?

How to make a woman to respect you

How to make a woman to respect you? : The answer of this question is explained here. Respect is something that you cannot buy with money. It is very hard to create a building but it is very easy to destroy it just in a fraction of second. Similarly, it’s very easy to destroy your image but constructing the same requires years. The majority of the Indian population are males and it is quite obvious that you get attracted to the opposite sex. But the question is how to make the opposite sex to like you, to get attracted towards you. You are not a good looking person, tensed about that.

Not all womens search for a man who is having a body like Hrithik Roshan, not all search for a man like Tiger Shroff, not all search for a boy like Siddharth Malhotra.

All is they search for is a good personality, not good looks. All they search for is some respect, an ideal personality. Yes, that is all that matters, women don’t judge the book by their cover or the charisma, what they crave is for some respect, some good soul to whom they can share their feelings,  some shoulder where they can cry their heart out.

how to make women respect you

Here in this article, we provide you some tips which will help you to be in a relationship if you are single and if you are already in a relationship then this will help you to maintain that. If a woman doesn’t respect you then she will not be attracted to you and that is not a good sign if you are dating a girl or want to do so. Here in this article, we provide to you all the ways by which you can make a women respect you even if you are not nice or good looking.

How to make a woman to respect you without being nice with her?

The 10 ways that makes a woman to respect you without being nice with her are mentioned here:

1. Respect Yourself

If you don’t respect yourself then you can never respect a women. Just stand in front of a mirror and think what you are doing, do you have any aim in your life, are you proceeding to achieve that aim. Answer these questions honestly. No one is coming to listen to all your these answers. Be truthful to yourself. If you find honest answers to these questions then it is ok but if you are not getting an answer to these questions then your life needs a turn. You have to start building the answers to these questions it is only then you can expect a woman to give you some respect.

2. Get a job

If you are a jobless vagabond, then it is not a good deal. Womens don’t like those persons who don’t even are capable of standing on their own foot and always ask for their needs to their parents. So if you are doing a job then it is good and try to maintain that but if you are jobless then change your mind and do a job. In this modern era, it is very difficult to get a decent job but you can at least try. That try can also earn you some respect from the girl’s end.

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Many of you might think that what my women will think if I do some petty kind of work. To all those thinkers I would like to give an example of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Yes, Mahatma Gandhi, he devoted his whole life for those petty works only but what he got in return? He is today known as the Father of India. He got respect from the 60 crore people of India.

how to make your girlfriend respect you again

Even if you are not satisfied with that then just ask any woman, what she likes a man driving his father’s Mercedes or a man driving his own Nano. The kind of work that you are doing doesn’t matter at all. All that matters is whether you work or not. If you want you can also go through the twitter and facebook posts of many women and can find their likes and interests and for whom their respect is.

3. Make sure your action follows your words

It is a very easy line to say but it is very hard to prove it through your actions. This is the main point that any woman looks for in her man. They always want a man with good discipline and punctuality. If you are saying you are going to meet her at 6.00 pm then meet her at 6 pm. Suppose, If you are saying you are going to call then call her up. If you are lacking this ability then this might a red signal for you. Leave the habit of delaying things if you want to earn some respect from her’s end. 

4. Be upfront with women

Don’t beat around the bush and say whatever you want to say directly. Tell her what you think about her, what you like in her the most and what you do not like in her. Don’t hesitate to tell her the mistakes that she does. Initially, she might be angry or mad at you but later she will understand the honest and truthful nature of yours. This will ultimately lead you to earn her respect. For example, if you don’t want to go for a movie that she is insisting on, just tell her directly your views about the movie and why you don’t want to see the movie.

how to make your woman respect you

This might clear your’s or her’s misconception as well. Tell her about you something like your interests, your likes, and dislikes. If you are a video game lover then tell her that you might not know the hidden child in her who also loves to play video games.

5. Stand up for yourself

Always stand up to your point. Even if she doesn’t agree with you there is no need to say yes if she says yes and to say no if she says no. If you think this might make her happy then you are wrong. This will make her lose respect for you and eventually to lose interest in you. But that doesn’t mean that you always have to override her and to always contradict her. Be gentle, be wise, be rational and then take your decisions. If you don’t do so then the women might easily override you and this will eventually lose the respect for you that she had.

All you have to do is just that point her out when she is being mean, point her out when she is being inconsiderate or being rude. Many of you may think that this will lead to the end of your relationship. But believe me that will not be the case, by doing all these sorts of things you will just earn respect from her.

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6. Respect her when she is not around

This is the thing which is very bad. Why only in the case of women, this point is very relevant to others as well. We should never insult or say bad words about someone on his or her back. That shows your cowardness and your disrespect for that person. According to the Holy Bible, also this act of saying bad about someone on their back is considered to be a heinous crime.

how to earn a woman's respect

If your women find out in way roundabout all these then that might be the end of your relationship. Specially, you should never gossip about all these to any other woman, as this shows your lack of interest for your women and not only that but this also generates a feeling of disrespect for you in that particular person also to whom you are sharing these pieces of stuff.

7. Don’t be needy

If you are a person who always wants his women to be around you 24 hours a day then it is a red signal for you. Neediness is the ultimate respect killer. That never shows your love towards that person but all is that shows is that your dependency on others and this will eventually lead you to lose the respect that she had for you. Believe me, if you are one such kind of person then your relationship is going to sack.

8. Show her respect

In the very introductory lines only I have mentioned that women don’t want Sunny Deol to be their husband. All they want is that a person who can give them some respect for which they crave for. You have to do nothing for this just put yourself in her position and just imagine all sorts of things that you could have aspired for. Yes just give her that much thing, that much space, that much time, and most importantly that much respect.

how to make your wife respect you

9. Be a man

A woman is a woman and she has many friends of the same sex with her and she will never want to add another one in the queue. I hope you got that. I have also mentioned this point in the introductory lines. A woman searches for a bold and strong shoulder where she can cry her heart out. So be a man of her choice but wisely and rationally. This will lead you to get more of her respect.

10. Don’t live to impress

This is the very common misconception of most of the Indians. They just thing making spikes is the fashion trend of today so doing that might impress the other women. But if you are also thinking the same then you are in complete darkness of illiteracy. Just live as you are, just show in whichever way you are comfortable and by doing that you will earn more respect from not only the women but also from your elders.

how to get your woman to respect you

Now I hope you have got understood “how to make a woman to respect you?”.

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