How to overcome exam fear and anxiety?

How to overcome exam fear and anxiety

Do you know how to overcome exam fear and anxiety? : If not then read this article till end. As, here I am going to tell you about the best ways to overcome exam fear and anxiety both. I have seen many times students can’t give their best in studies and exams just because of the fear inside them. Although at some extent fear is important also but being more in fear of exam distracts student from the study that they can do before examination.

10 Best ways to overcome exam fear and anxiety

The best ways to overcome exam fear and anxiety are mentioned below:

1. Be prepared

Preparation is the key to any kind of examination or presentation. If you are well prepared for your exams then you will not be that scared wen you are going to attempt the examination. Fear is the sign of you unprepared. Neither going to an exam unprepared is a correct way to go for your exams. This will only create fear and anxiety within you.

2. Always revise

Revision is very important when you go for an exam. Especially for rote learners, without revision everything just disappears from our heads so, revision is a must. If you don’t revise you will definitely not be sure or confident and fear and anxiety will automatically make place in your heart. So, whenever you are going for an examination, prepare and revise well, as both of these practices are of utmost importance when it comes to overcoming the fear and anxiety before an examination. So the next time you are stressed, just revise.

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3. Make and follow a timetable

You should do this even before your exams are going to start. Making a timetable and following it really makes our work very easy. As we know what and all we have to do and study, this saves time which we waste in thinking what to study first, what to study last. So, this saves time as well as when you follow a timetable your stress automatically disappears because it is very handy. So, the next time you feel stressed just go and make a timetable and follow it.

4. Take breaks

Always take breaks while you are studying. Studying continuously for hours can actually stress you out and can raise your anxiety level. So, always take breaks. This also gives time for you to freshen up your mind, and your mind needs break when so much is coming inside it. It is said that a human brain can take up only 30 minutes of continuous learning. So, always give a break to your mind so that it can take stuff inside.

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5. Have a sound sleep

Sleep is very important to prevent stress and anxiety. Proper sleep always makes you feel fresh. If it is your exam the next day sleep early and wake up early and revise in the morning. Proper sleep and early morning revision also reduce a lot of stress and anxiety. Stress or anxiety are all part of our brain, if you will accept the fact that you have got enough sleep and now you won’t be that stressed that will definitely help you and your mind in coping up with stressful situations like exam. So, have enough sleep and be stress free. If you are really a person who feel sleepy if not gets enough sleep then this is very important because, if you do not sleep well at night you will feel drowsiness while writing your exam paper. So, take care of that part too.

6. Make pointers

Pointer helps you a lot while studying. Whenever you sit for studying always keep a pencil or a highlighter to mark the important points you find. So, the next time you site back to study the same part you will automatically get all the important points in mind when you see the highlighted part and you know that it is important so you revise it well. So, again pointers are very important and helpful at the same time.

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7. Always learn headings and subheadings

This is a great tip when you study. If you are skipping an answer or if you want to skip an answer you should at least learn the headings and subheadings of that particular answer. This technique helps a lot. Even if you write the subheadings of the answer in your exam you will get some points for it. Or if you know what the topic is about and you have learned the subheadings just fill in the subheadings by writing whatever you have understood about that topic.

8. Meditate to keep your mind calm and peaceful

Having a peaceful and calm mind before an examination is quite difficult. Isn’t it? But if you meditate just for 5 minutes before you leave for your exam, it will keep your mind peaceful and your mind won’t clash with different questions and stress before you appear for your exam and this is almost the problem of every student. This is even important because your mind needs peace to recollect what you have studied. A disturb mind does not give you proper answers. So, even if you might have studied well there is a possibility that your disturbed mind and the extra stress and anxiety can simply ruin your learning.

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9. Eat well

Eating well is also very important. Many of us don’t eat well when it is our exams but this is a very wrong practice, our body needs food so that we get energy. If you feel nausea during your exam it will obviously put you in extreme stress, as all your focus will then go on that nausea you are feeling, so make sure that you eat well. I know that many of us can’t eat before exam even I am one in them but still please stop this practice and eat well before you leave for your exam. At least have a glass of milk or juice so that there is something inside your stomach.

10. Be physically fit

Your physical health is also very important when it comes to overcoming stress and anxiety. The healthier you are, the confident will you be. So, always take care of your physical health, if you are physically fit only then will you be able to overcome all the other hurdles, problem, stress and anxiety. Energy is important.

Above were the points that say the ways to overcome anxiety and stress level and I think everyone of us should follow these steps to overcome stress. Good health and smart work is important to overcome all this.

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