Advantages and Disadvantages of Boarding School

advantages and disadvantages of boarding school

The advantages and disadvantages of studying in Boarding school are mentioned here in this article. Boarding school is a type of school in which the education is provided to the pupils who live in the school premises in the respective hostels of the school, as opposed to a day school where the pupils are scholars i.e. go back to their home after the school has ended. Some of the boarding school may allow their students to return back to their home on the weekends and some might have started taking day scholars but many of them are just like before. They only grant the permission to the students to leave when there are holidays otherwise they won’t.

The boarding schools will provide each and every thing a student needs, be it is related to the academics or the sports. An environment is provided to the students and they are made to follow the rules with strictness. As it’s the universal truth is i.e. everything or a perspective has two sides and same way boarding school has also it’s advantages and disadvantages.

5 Advantages of studying in Boarding School

Here are the advantages of studying in Boarding school listed below:

1. Strong academic opportunities

Boarding schools have intimate class sizes and as the class size is small, it makes easier to for all students to make connections with their teachers and get their help. The bigger the size of the class, the less a teacher is able to give an attention on each child. But it ain’t so in the boarding schools. In boarding schools just like the students, teachers also share the same campus and premises and thus they become one sort of a model in children life. Teachers may work with students on different projects outside the school hours be it related to studies or to a sport. Hence with the strong connection formed between each student and a teacher, all teachers know which student is lacking in which thing and will help him in that to excel it.

2. Post preparation

After the school life almost each student left their hometown to pursue higher studies. Here the one’s used to study in  boarding school has less tensions and are easily adaptable to the new life of higher studies as they have been always living away from their home and they know how to deal with the various problems, one lonely child usually encounters. So it’s become a quite easy for them while pursuing the higher studies or an internship or jobs as they are used to it from the starting.

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3. Understanding of independence and priorities

As the student will be staying away from their home, he will have independence at least from his home and sideways will have priorities. Children will have to do their work on their own and also will have to get up early in the morning on their own which is almost the most difficult thing as a child. They will have to deal with their problems alone as their parents won’t be there to help them at every instant. Besides dealing with their only problems, sideways they would be working with their friends and try to solve their problems too f there is any. They will become strong and develop a sense of self-initiative.

4. 24/7 learning environment

Boarding schools are not just simple schools with a fixed duration but instead it’s available at any moment. It has an immersive vibrant educational environment all the time. Boarding schools are known for their education and hence they invest a good amount in providing each student with the best of the educational facilities and to make a student excel in their studies. Boarding schools have a more variety of subjects than the other schools and activities too. It is normally seen that on an average boarding school students spends more time on academics and co-curricular activities than the students going to other schools.

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5. Build of Confidence

As the student will be residing alone and will have to face his problems alone only, the confidence level will surely increase of the student as there will be no way to not face a problem or a situation. Initially they will show a little discomfort but once they get adapted to the new environment they will be easily facing all the problems which will help them in increasing the confidence level.

advantages and disadvantages of studying in boarding school

5 Disadvantages of Boarding School

Here are the disadvantages of studying in Boarding school listed below:

1. Homesickness

Not everyone can live to the life of hostels. Plus not of us have the same behavior and nature. In the past, people used to send their children to boarding schools so as to make their child disciplined, but it ain’t the case now. Sometimes parents send their children to the boarding schools when they need the care of their parents ( at an early age of 8 years or 10 years ). No doubt, the child will make a lot of friends there but the position of parents is can’t be filled by anyone so many do experience homesickness for their family and home.

2. Gender separation

Many of the boarding schools still exist out there who are either boys boarding school or girls boarding school. The time we living in nowadays, it’s important that one studies in an environment of co-education. Children learn the practical quality of the opposite gender and thus develop a respectful nature towards the. They learn to make a health relation with the other gender.

3. Bullying

No matter the strictness in the boarding rules, but the rule breaker are always there be it a school or parliament. It’s just a bad scenario if in case a child is subjected to the bullying for a longer period of time, it can disturb the mental health condition of the child and may also make the child mentally ill. Therefore one must read the guidelines or the terms and conditions of the boarding school before sending the child there.

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4. Expensive

Boarding school are not just expensive from the other day scholar schools but they are very much expensive. Their annual fees can be even 10 times than the other schools. This may can even rise up or lower down based on the different facilities provided by the boarding school to the children out there studying.

5. No parent’s love

Childhood is the one of the precious time with the child which he/she wants to spend with the parents. A child at his age needs all sort of love and affection and care from his parents and should be well raised by the parents. But in the boarding schools, he might be able to enjoy each and every facility, will be able to make a lot of friends but would not get the love and care what his/her parents would have given to him/her. Therefore one must send the child at a right age and don’t rush to send the child to the boarding school.

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