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best fashion blogs to follow

In this article we are going to discuss about the best fashion blogs to follow. There are several Fashion Blogs today that give people numerous tips and advice on how to style and and follow trends. There are numerous trends that keep evolving everyday. On internet, there are few Fashion Blogs that focuses on a particular style or on particular aspects of Fashion such as accessorising or hairstyling or home decor. There are multiple Fashion Blogs that only focus on men’s fashion and lifestyle and there are others that only focus on the fashion and lifestyle as well as the wellness and health of  Women.

Fashion does not only include Clothes and outfits, it ranges over a wide spectrum such as Hairstyling, Makeup, Wellness, Home Decor, Lifestyle, Haircare, Skincare and Health. All these aspects come together and create a style or fashion that is individual to a particular person. The main aim of Fashion blogs is merely to inform the readers in the upcoming trends and to guide people to find their own style. A few Fashion Blogs are mentioned below.

Top 10 Fashion Blogs to Follow

The best fashion blogs to follow are mentioned below in detail:

1. Vogue

Mainly based in Italy, this fashion blog is widely famous all across the globe. This fashion blog provides various Fashion trends and tips by professional stylists based on various occasions, seasons, etc. Vogue also includes Makeup, Beauty and wellness tips such as how to gain the cork posture for your body, etc. This particular website puts together and studies the evolution of several fashion trends over the past years. The website also makes the readers aware of the up and coming new brands that are emerging.

most popular fashion blogs

This not only gives the readers more information of newer, fresher brands but also gives new and up and coming brands the publicity that they need in the beginning. Vogue also has a ‘Talents’ page on their blog which gives aspiring candidates in the field of Fashion an opportunity to put themselves out there. There is information about fashion schools given as well as opportunities to put up one’s own show and photography so they can portray their talents.

2. GQ

GQ Men’s Fashion and Style is a Fashion blog that focuses on Fashion trends and tips for men. It throws light on the latest trends and gives tips on how to pair different outfits with the right footwear and accessories to tie the entire outfit together and create a fresh look. The blog also gives its readers advice and tricks on grooming and wellness for men. There are recommendations for self care and fitness. The website provides updates almost everyday and is one of the most popular websites for men’s fashion and lifestyle.

most visited fashion blogs

3. Fashion Lady

This blog gives fashion advice and tips for women on hoe to dress for different occasions and seasons and how to pair different looks, accessories and footwear to create a personal style and a unique look. The website is regularly updated and also gives tips and hacks for haircare, skincare and Makeup. There are numerous home remedies and hacks to maintain optimal health and wellness as well. The Fashion Lady provides different methods and styles for hair based on the length of the hair and fashion tips and advice is provided by top designers from all across the globe.

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4. Budget Fashionista

Budget Fashionista is a blog that shows its readers how to be stylish and chic on a budget. On this website, Fashion advice and styling tips and tricks are provided based on different body types and seasons. The readers are guided by top designers to find a look and a style of their own that suits them the best.

men's fashion

Various outfit ideas and shopping guides are also provided. Tutorials on what one must look for when shopping and various shopping hacks are provided to the readers. This blog is updated every two to three days and also gives advice on how to pair accessories and hairstyles to create a whole complete, unique style.

5. Who What Wear

This Fashion Blog focuses on a wide spectrum of Fashion. There are numerous celebrity styles that are focused on and also throws light on the different colour trends over the past years. The website provides the readers research based study of fashion such as ‘The effect of different colours on moods According to Psychologists’. The website also provides advice on Hair, Skin, Makeup and Nails in terms of care and fashion. There are wellness and Lifestyle articles as well that provide the readers fitness and diet tips such as Yoga and various diets.

top fashion blogs to follow

6. Haute Hijab

Haute Hijab is a fashion blog for all hijabi’s. It provides fashion tips for women who wear hijabs on how to pair different hijabs according to colour, prints and material based on their skin tones, eye colours, etc. It also provides a variety of hijabs that can be purchased and yips on how to layer the same. There are numerous tutorials on how to wear a hijab and how to layer different hijabs with different styles. The blog also provides health and fitness tips for it’s readers and visitors.

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7. Elle

Elle is a Fashion blog that is popular all across the globe and focuses on Fashion trends that have evolved or have been prominent based on various occasions and and Season. It provides the study of the evolution of various trends in fashion, hairstyles as well as makeup. It also throws light upon Hair and Beauty as well as Culture which includes Art and design, Movies and TV. Books, Music, food and travel. Elle puts together Fashion lookbooks that puts together different looks from around the globe by Top designers and stylists as well as celebrity styles and looks. Lifestyle and Self care and the importance of the same is also provided on the website and the website is updated regularly.

8. Indya

Indya is a Fashion blog based in India and focuses on the Fashion trends in Ethnic wear. It puts together styles and trends for women as well as men in the range of ethnic wear or Indian wear. Indya focuses on fashion advice such as must haves for every Indian woman and tips on how to shop based on one’s body type, skin colour etc. There are Beauty and Lifestyle tips and advice such as Food and travel that is also provided to the readers or visitors on this website. Because accessorising is key in most looks, Indya provides tips and tricks as well as hacks to proper accessorising and hairstyling.

women's fashion

9. Opulent Memory

This Blog provides Styling tips and tricks as well as home decor and how make one’s dwelling place more fashionable and comfortable so as to be true to one’s style and unique. This Fashion blog also provides wellness and and nourishment tips such as recipes, remedies etc. and advice on how to improve one’s fashion, hairstyles, and overall better lifestyle tips.

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10. Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules focuses on finding one’s own style. It guides the readers how to pick a style based other body size and shape, their skin tones and eye colours to create a style that is unique to a person and is individual and and speaks about the personality and beauty of the person. They provide regular updates on accessorising and lifestyle tips. They also provide Beauty and wellness tips as well as makeup and hairstyling tips that allow a person to create a style that is unique and individual style.


These Fashion Blogs provide a look into the different aspects of Fashion and Styling. They allow each person to explore and find their own style and fashion. It is not mandatory to follow each and every aspect mentioned in these blogs, they merely give tips and tricks and advice so that one can get advice and experiment with different styles and trends to find a style that matches them and their personality. Finding one’s own style is very important and that is not only in terms of clothes, but also in terms of hairstyling, makeup, accessories and home decor and lifestyle. Finding one’s own style allows them to express themselves better and be confident in their own skin.

The way one looks on the outside says a lot about their personality. A concept known as ‘power dressing’ could be an example of following guidance and advice of professionals. Power Dressing is the practice of dressing in a manner so as to show that she/ he is in a position of power. This results in other people automatically holding them in a higher regard or a higher position. They respect them and look up to them. There are different sources that can be taken inspiration from but at the end of the day, it is important to be true to oneself and their own style.

Most Fashion Blogs talk about fashion tips and advice that is meant to guide people to dress appropriately and correct so as to be fashionable and stylish as well as true to oneself. Therefore, try and experiment with different styles and tips and guides until you find your own style and make it a statement.

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