Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Shoes Online

Advantages and disadvantages of buying shoes online

This article is all about the advantages and disadvantages of buying shoes online but firstly, it should be clear that online shopping is good or not. Earlier, online shopping is not preferable but in today scenario online shopping is a boom in the field of digitization. Previously there were only few platforms where a buyer can buy the items. EBay was the first company who recognizes the need of customers and designed a platform where the customer finds everything. But later on amazon, Flipkart and many others joined this race.

If we talk about amazon, they provide everything from daily need items to luxury items other than automobiles things. In amazon one can easily get whatever they want like shoes. As shoes is the basic need of a human. Shoes need to be look classy & elegant because shoes are the one which define the human personality. Like clothes protect us from cold, hot and other external environment, like food protect us from hunger so shoes protect us from the beaten path, cold, water, dust etc.

 Just imagine can you walk on a disturbed path with rock, thorns without shoes? Does u feel comfortable? The answer is No. because without shoes we will not be comfortable to walking anywhere it will harm our feet. So the shoes are the foremost thing a human need and it should be conveniently found on online platform. But the questions is why do prefer online platform? So here are some advantages that will know you that why online?

Online platform suitable for everyone it is convenient, fruitful choice for everyone. A person can shop clothing, accessories, makeup and many more. Nowadays everyone is busy in their own stuff so they don’t have time for shopping but online sites is very vulnerable option for everyone.

Shoes stand for comfort and everyone wants that. They play a very significance role in a person’s life. Whether it’s man or woman no one can deny the importance of shoes.

5 Advantages of buying shoes online

Here are the some advantages of buying shoes online which support the article that why one should prefer online shopping than the offline.

1. Discount

As the customer is price conscious, so the online platform provide bundle of offers and discount to the customer which is more than the outside shops. They provide some extra discount to those who purchased the items most frequently. Also the shipping cost is free for the shoes. Other than discount, online shops offer voucher which will help in buying other product at reasonable price.

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2. Time saving

If we prefer to use outside shops for the shoes then we will find it time consuming process because for that we need to go to the market and visit to 2-3 shop then purchase the shoes but in online platform we can visit N numbers of shops in just one click and without traveling. We can purchase the shoes anywhere like at home, at workplace etc. which will be less time consuming than the offline mode. As the shipping fee is zero for the product so it will save the money because if we go outside to shop anything we need to pay some amount in travelling such as fuel.

Advantages of buying shoes online

3. Easy to return policy

Generally, when we purchase anything from the local market they will not returned the item they just replaced the item at some extent but if we purchase anything from the online shops they have both the policies return or replace as per the customer need and they provide refund also within 7-10 working days. So it becomes very convenient for the customer. In offline mode the shopkeeper will never refund you other than exceptional cases. So it’s better to go with online mode where we can get assurance about the amount and the product.

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4. Huge variety

Online platform provide varieties of product in fact it has the large collection of shoes from different brand under one roof. Offline mode is less preferable because they have the limited option or collection and online mode provide the latest collection also before the offline mode. In online we can have casual, formal and much other kind of shoes very easily.

5. All brand less than one roof

Online platform has a massive involvement with the brands. A brand lover will prefer online shops because it provides every brand in one shop like Nike, Puma, Bata, Fila etc. Nowadays everyone wants to look good and is more attracted towards the brands. People becoming brand oriented and if we want to have a clear cut place to find where we pay less and get best. So the online platforms help the person to get interacted and up to date with their brand and new trend.  

5 Disadvantages of buying shoes online

As everything have some flaws, if offline mode have some flaws then the online mode also have. Some of the disadvantages of buying shoes online are discussed below:

1. Having an Urgent need to buy the shoes

If we have an urgent need of shoes for party and occasion, then online shopping will not work because after placing our order it will take 2-3 days to reach the item with us. So in that case one will prefer offline mode. In some expect it is good but one cannot rely on online because sometimes their delivery will also late and the product delivered late.

2. Size issue

If we are not clear about the size of our feet it will become inconvenient for us to select the right shoe. Since they have some size chart available with them but still people are not sure about the size so they will prefer offline mode. There are different size segment like 7, 8, 9 etc. and brand to brand size may differ so this will confused the buyer and also waste their time. It will become very time consuming if one get a wrong product then apply for the refund then they take and analyze the product then transfer the amount to the customer.

Disadvantages of buying shoes online

3. Product confirmation

If we choose offline mode of the buying then we can try that shoe and can also check the quality of the product, color and suitability of the shoe and the size also. But in online product we are unable to see the product in hand. Product may be differing in color, size, quality etc. so the person will prefer offline shopping where they can get in hand experience.

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4. Copied product

Many times we see that in online shopping product is not just same as the image and in online mode we will not able to identify that the product is branded or just a copied one. There are many sites where they sold the product by using the brand name but the product is false. Nowadays it is very common and after getting the product they will only take that product back when the product is defaulted or damaged.

5. Lack of face to face interaction

This is the biggest flaw of online shopping because until and unless the customer does not know the person they will not trust them. When we purchase anything from the outside shop or local market it works as evidence because anything will happen with the product at least the customer can go and find the shop so easily. Physical evidence is better than the imaginary place where we don’t know the person where the product belongs to.

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