Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing A Bracelet

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing A Bracelet

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of wearing a Bracelet. Its an inevitable human tendency that each one of us tries to make ourselves look more and more pretty in some or the other way. Jewelry is one such medium which is used to fulfill this human desire. The market offers numerous kinds of ornaments for men and women having varied tastes. One of these is the ‘Bracelet’. Bracelets are of various kinds for men as well as women. They are worn around the wrist or the ankle. When they are worn around ankles they are known as ‘anklets’. Bracelets may be made up of metals like gold, silver, copper, stainless steel; also out of pearls, gems, beads, wood, plastic, rubber and many other materials. Bangles also are a kind of bracelet which are extensively worn by women in India.

Different kinds of bracelets symbolize different aspects. Like married women wear green bangles and widows wear brown ones. The youth wears bracelets as a part of fashion. Also various organizations distribute their special bracelets to the members. In this kind, knowingly or unknowingly bracelets form an important part of our daily routine. Some of you readers may be keen to know how wearing a bracelet may benefit or harm you. Well, if so then you have come across the appropriate article on web.

Advantages of wearing a bracelet

Different kinds of bracelets have their own unique qualities and benefits. Ultimately they are a source for developing self love and optimism in you. The advantages of wearing a bracelet are discussed below in detail:

1. Attractive look

Any kind of accessory just adds more beauty to your appearance. They acclaim your outfit in every way. So do bracelets. When you put on one, it charms your wrist like nothing else. Bracelets come in countless designs and each is one of its kind. Simple delicate designs too make you look pretty. And when you look good, you feel good. It gives our heart a sense of satisfaction to look pretty. Gold and silver bracelets compliment the wrist like no others. Also bracelets studded with gems are appalling. Some people have a fondness for bead bracelets and they are never out of trend. Also men wear various kinds of bracelets having their own superhero designs. So matter of fact is bracelets make you look prettier, you feel pretty and compliment yourself often. This is all that is needed for a great start to the day.

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2. Preservation of Heritage

Some bracelets are worn as a symbol of a religious tradition. There are certain theories in every religion which imply the objects that are beneficial for the specific person. Sometimes these involve wearing the particular metal to ensure good health. So rings and bracelets of these metals are worn as a religious obligation. These bracelets too come in various designs and patterns. One can select from the options as per their preferences and protect the heritage of their rituals. Many a times your parents must have convinced you to wear such bracelets. The reason is that the properties of the metal help your body to equip itself against harms. Most of the people think its associated with superstitions but actually there is a hidden Science behind its benefits. This helps you to both look good and protect your heritage.

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3. Symbol of support

In the society, there are various organizations that are promoting certain causes and events. Also opposition rallies take place sometimes against a particular activity. Many a times there are movements organized in the society in support of a cause. For instance take the ‘Won’t buy, won’t sell’ campaign led by Deepika Padukone. The promoters of such acts often distribute their special bracelets to the citizens who are in their favor. Those bracelets have special designs or slogans pertaining to their act. So these bracelets act as a symbol for the public for supporting those acts. So if you have a Being Human band on, it just means that people know you have helped the campaign.

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4. Identification by Hospital Wristbands

A type of bracelets, specifically called a wristband is used at the hospitals for the patients. All the patients are given unique bands to wear. It is used for correct identification of the patient by the entire staff. The medical care and treatment is then provided accordingly. Imagine if these were absent, you could be treated with the medicines of some other ailment! Also when babies are born at hospitals, each baby is tied a bracelet having specific information about the child and name of the parents. This is to avoid jumbling of the babies and to offer them in their real mother’s hand. This way bracelets benefit in the clinics for easy identification.

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5. Investigation Purposes

There are several investigation agencies and detective agencies active at present. These agencies use various techniques to solve the cases. In these processes they have to sometimes use intelligent methods to derive the required information. In such cases they attach bugs or other electronic recorders and cameras to the accessories that an investigator might be wearing. Bracelets are one such objects to which such equipment can be attached without being noticed by anyone. Also location trackers are sometimes attached to bracelets to keep track of a particular person or object. In this way bracelets are put to genius uses at detection level.

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Disadvantages of wearing a Bracelet

Along with the benefits of wearing the ornament, there are also good reasons which may convince you to take it down or never wear it again. The disadvantages of wearing a bracelet are discussed below in detail:

1. Skin Damages

Each person has a different skin type and they have different characteristics. Humans may face various kinds of skin problems and allergies. Some times, wearing accessories too can cause allergy to skin or any other kind of damage to it. If a person is allergic to a particular metal, he may face serious skin issues if he wears a bracelet made of that metal. It may cause him itching, acne, rashes, redness and so on. Sometimes wearing anklets constantly also causes the skin under it to get damaged. Some people are also allergic to artificial materials. So only bracelets made up of pure metals like gold and silver would do for them which genuinely cost very much. This can make your mind sour towards wearing one.

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2. Risk of breakage

As a matter of fact, bracelets are very delicate and fragile. They are subject to great care. Nowadays people don’t even have time to take care of themselves properly. In such a case taking utmost care of the bracelet becomes too fussy for a person. If suddenly your bracelet gets caught up into something and falls apart, you will be too disheartened to lose it. Also sometimes you may yourself accidentally break it into pieces. So if you are wearing a bracelet, you have to take constant care of it which involves lot a patience. Patience is something our generation lacks! Your ornament is exposed to great risk from the moment you put it on until you take it off. Even while taking it off sometimes you might shatter it. This is just going to make you feel even more sad!

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3. Risk of misplacement

As mentioned earlier, bracelets need huge care. Along with snapping it, you might actually lose it sometimes. It may automatically get unlocked and fall off your hand. You might sometimes lend it to another person for fancying him and he may misplace it. In fact you may never find a replacement for it. Also misplacing costly bracelets can make you face the reprimand of your parents. You may not get another bracelet to pit on your wrist or ankle anymore!

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4. Discomfort

At times, wearing a bracelet can be quite a bit annoying. Also it may irritate you if you suddenly put a bracelet on after too long. Your hand is not used to having it on and may frequently distract you. It may also convince you to take it off. Due to Religious obligations you have to keep wearing the bracelet continuously without taking it off even once. This may cause you irritation while sleeping and having a bath. You may also get some horrifying feels if you hear your bracelet tinkle while you are asleep.

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5. Inconvenience at work

Imagine you are at your office working and the chime of your bracelet or anklet keeps on disturbing you and your concentration on work. This is not at all going to help you be focused or invoke good vibes. It is extremely disturbing to wear something on while working. You have to perform different tasks every day. Just think! You won’t like a bracelet around your wrist while cooking. Also it might interrupt other of your work like studying, delivering a presentation, cleaning up etc. At such times if you take it out and then lose it later it becomes even more annoying. So this reason is quite enough to change your mind about wearing a bracelet.

So in a nutshell, the beauty of the bracelet remains unmatched but it also has some worries packed along. Still if you are pretty fond of bracelets, you may feel extremely optimistic and loving about yourself!

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