10 Best Hotel Review Websites

Best Hotel Review Websites

In this article we are going to discuss about the best hotel review websites. Is it already time for vacations? Well, time surely flies by. With vacation comes the time to choose the best places to spend our holidays. It’s very important to be able to choose the best place because one wrong place can ruin your whole vacation and you might say that ” Vacations are not one time thing and you can go to a good place another time”. But that is not exactly true as once you have ruined your vacation, you remember that for a lifetime. Although, maybe you laugh at it then but it was your vacation.

Okay, let’s suppose you find the best place but could you find yourself the best hotel, too?

A place might not be that important than the hotel. Because, a bad place but a luxurious and comforting hotel can still make a ruined vacation less ruined. And an extravagant place with the best hotel can be your best combination.

But how do you find a good hotel for yourself?

A good hotel should have the most comfortable beds and all the necessary things that a traveller might need during their stay. And to get said hotel you should be able to compare every hotel and choose the one with the best reviews.

And for that you need to know the best websites that reviews the hotels for you. So, here some of the top hotel review websites.

Top 10 Hotel Review Websites

Following are the ten best hotel review websites in detail, below:

1. Trivago

Best Hotel Review Sites

This one review website that is growing largely around the world. It provides you with the reviews and hotels with the best prices. It works with the collaboration of different hotel websites. While you choose the best hotel through trivago, this website forwards you to your hotel site to complete the reservation process. They help you find the ideal hotel by comparing the prices from different websites. It also provides you with the best ratings, reviews as well as top hotel sites and thereby, makes it easier for you to find information about the trip and the ideal hotel.

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2. TripAdvisor

Top hotel review sites

This website is the top website for reviewing hotels and is also the most searched and used website. They are available in a huge number of languages and also in above forty markets. Not only does it provide you with reviews for your ideal hotel but also provides you restaurants, airlines and cruises as well. It keeps you updated with the latest reviews and new best as well as popular destinations to choose for your vacation. Hotels with low rates and perfect locations, this is what this website offers you.

3. Oyster

Top hotel review websites

This is another website with the best reviews on a number of hotels to help you experience the best trip ever. This website provides you with the three things and those are:

  • Travel expertise in which they give you plenty of information on where to go and where to stay with other necessary information such as what to do there and many other things so that you experience the most in your vacation.
  • Unbiased reviews where they provide you with the most honest as well as loyal reviews and the pictures that they share with you are the real ones so that you already know what you are going to get before you check into your ideal hotel.
  • In-depth information that is, they provide with the other necessary information that you need to plan a perfect vacation for yourself.

They provide you with the trendiest destinations and fresh stories to help you choose the best for yourself.

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4. Google

Most Popular Hotel Review Websites

Google is one website that always strives to be the best website in every aspect. Whether it be the maps so that you find your destination faster, play store for you to find the best apps online, google files that help you balance your apps in your phone so that you do not overload your phone etc. And, now it’s excelling in another aspect and that is hotel reviews and not only that but it may be overtaking a lot of other review websites as well. It is also growing so much because it asks its users to leave their honest ratings and reviews and therefore, you get the unbiased and real reviews. Also, google uses a protection against the reviews which are spam and immediately removes them. You can review places that you have visited so that it helps people who want to visit it. Try and add new stuff like if the place is quiet or romantic etc to make it more user friendly.

5. Expedia

Most Reliable Hotel Review Websites

Here is another top hotel review website with the greatest opinions on accomodation and best prices on deals such as the flight, car as well as hotel. It collaborates with a number of popular websites to provide you with the ideal hotel and rental cars and many other things. Also, they provide you with free cancellation on most of the hotels so that you are not afraid to choose the best.

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6. Booking


This website gives you big discounts on different hotels. They help you book your ideal hotel by comparing from over eighty five thousand destinations around the globe. They are a reliable source and offer you best prices on airport taxis, hotels, flights, car rentals and many other things. Also, their overbookings are paid and this is how they make money. They provide you with diversity and variety of choices.

7. HotelsCombined

Nearby Hotels

HotelsCombined is another top rated hotel review website that provides you with the top travel sites with just one search on your phone. They are a versatile website that has been awarded for their best services to the customers by providing the best deals and prices and comparing them with other best hotels reviews which makes it another great experience for the users. It is also the most comprehensive website to help make it easy for you to book the top rated hotel for yourself.

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8. Kayak

Hotels Near Me

This website is specifically for the indian travellers. They try to make it a great experience for the users by providing them such offers like cheap yet best deals on hotel rooms, airplane tickets etc. Kayak let you compare different hotels and choose the best and the ideal one for yourself.

9. Hipmunk

Best Motel Review Websites

This is a website that provides you with the cheapest flight fares and tickets. Though it is a flight tickets website, it has its own app that has a feature of ‘tonight only’ which provides you with the best deals for hotel rooms. They offer you over sixty percent discounts on the regular rates of the hotel rooms.

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10. Agoda

Hotel Reviews

This is another website that provides you twenty four by seven services. They also provide you with a great budget and free cancelation. They provide you with their services in a number of languages to make your hoteling experience a lot easier. The Agoda website is also very user friendly and offers you flight tickets as well as hotel rooms with the best prices.

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