10 Best Restaurant Review Websites in India

Best Restaurant Review Websites in India

In this article we are going to discuss about the best restaurant review sites. Today we can easily find a lot of options in front of us which can easily confuse us to where to go, today whenever we think of something we have a lot of varieties standing right in front of us. Be it anything, it can be the bar you want to go, clubs restaurant anything. One thought can just easily confuse, because we have got a number of places.

When we are talking about restaurants we easily get confused. Think of feeling hungry a lot and you go out and see two great restaurants right in front you, both of them having equally attracting decorations. So now is the question that’s reasonably going to be there, and that’s where to go. Either you are new to some place or a resident you would always want reviews even if it’s some new restaurant open in your area or you are travelling and thinking where to stop by and have some food.

We have a common habit to look into reviews before trying, we often do this on e-commercial sites while buying something, so when it’s about hunger and precisely about taste then none of us would like compromising with it, because taste is what can make or break our mood, as our mood is somewhere connected to the stuffs we eat. So we would surely look into reviews when it’s about restaurants. For this we have taken over 10 possible best websites for restaurant reviews, which will surely decide you in a good manner.

10 Best Restaurant Review Websites in India

Here are the best restaurant review sites listed below:


Best Restaurant Review Sites in India

I think you must be receiving regular emails if its been days you haven’t used zomato, they will find best offers for you and many more. I think zomato is something you would never say that you have not heard.

Zomato is a complete app; also you can use the website over phone if you don’t have one. The points that I will be considering won’t be any new to those who have already used it. Here you can find almost all the details regarding the restaurant you want to know, here while you are browsing you can easily get the sequence of restaurant according to the rating given by the users, you can easily get to know the reviews from those who have already eaten from that restaurant. You get all the details of restaurant you want to search according to the area, it’s not just an ordering app rather it’s a place where you can also get the reviews of it.

In fact the known uber eats is also now acquired by zomato.

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Best Restaurant Websites in India

If we have already talked about zomato then how can we forget this! I think many of us would be taking these two names simultaneously, and it’s also a great site to visit if you are thinking of reviewing restaurants, one thing is also great that, you can browse with some photos of the food that’s available in it.

Swiggy has also a great user so they usually review the restaurant so even here we can get the reviews of restaurant easily and also there are great star ratings available.

You can easily use “locate me” option to get the best options available in the location you are in, and also use live tracking to locate your food delivery speed.

You can easily the name of food you want to eat and get the complete list along with the rating of restaurant along the dish; it’s a total food thing that helps you decide well, low rating will eventually save you from experimenting yourself.


Top Restaurant Review Websites in India

So is it just me or the complete audience over here how simply and instantly google up with the query they have, or the direction to the place they want to reach. We are all google dependent person and takes out our phone as soon as we have something to search without giving a second thought, then how can we leave google maps and google search behind. We can easily find number of restaurants around us very easily without doing much work, we just have to turn on our location and get all the details we want.

You can get a number of reviews and photos of restaurant and then decide for yourself, we can easily see through the restaurant without actually going there and get all the reviews online without doing much work, all you have to do is to type the name of the restaurant you want to know.

Google maps have always been a support to a lot of travellers and make our work really easy when it’s about getting to know something even if it’s about restaurant reviews.

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Top Restaurant Review Sites in India

I think you have already spotted it with the name itself, and yes you are right. It’s the perfect guide for your travel planning and when it’s about travelling then it’s obvious that it will surely cover the food department as well, many people just plan their greatest of trip with the help of this app. You can get all the details regarding the restaurant you want to know. Be it directions, contact or it’s about reviews and ratings. There a huge amount of options available over this site and browse accordingly as well. 

You can easily get a number of reviews available by the users over this site and easily get your answers and also if you getting confused then no worries you can get through varieties and then finalise. The best thing is that you also don’t need to be worried about the availability of the tables, you can reserve table in the restaurant you want to which just a matter of click. You have also got the option of browsing through latest reviews so that you can get the latest of all and there are overall 4.3 million restaurants named into this site.


Most Popular Restaurant Review Websites in India

GAYOT has got a great website layout and it’s amazingly awesome that makes it easier to browse through. I think it’s got to adjust with time and situation, here when almost many countries have been suffering with lockdown, this website not only adjust its content but also made it good for everyone by making up posts within the site to make it easier to get things made at home only.

These food articles are not just confined to some food stuffs rather you have a complete division of things you can make for yourself. Although here you can easily get the best of restaurants rated and listed which would make it easier for you to browse and also this website is rated amongst best of all, so there’s no way that you can even think of doubting.

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Most Reliable Restaurant Review Websites in India

So it’s not confined to the name of the website, trust me you would just start craving if you just browse through the first page of this website, completely awesome layout and placing of content that makes it a must visit site so that you can choose the best.

You have the freedom to explore according to your location, believe me even if you are just going on with the website and you have no plan to eat something even then this is going to take you to the best restaurants available in your area. You have got the perfect rating of restaurants and best options available; also you get the complete review tab available at the top right corner of the website.



So if we have been thinking about that facebook is just confined to chatting options and sharing memories stuffs then eventually you are wrong here, many restaurants have their pages over facebook which makes it easy for users to review it as in today’s time we might not rate things over app as we are would never want installing some app and reviewing but facebook is something that is available with almost everyone present. You can also get reviews to your restaurants over Facebook. It’s not just a place to get yourself viral rather you can use it for these purposes as well.

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Restaurant Reviews

You might be wondering with, that it’s only for getting contact number of the places and stores easily but I think it’s the right time for you to know this, on justdial also you can get reviews and rating of restaurants you want to know. It makes it easy for us to get through the restaurant reviews easily as when you are browsing you also go through the ratings of the restaurant which helps you get information easily. This is a great site along with friendly user interface and available options over here.


Best Restaurant Rating Websites in India

Again, one of the amazing layout and user friendly interface website, here you can find almost all the details at one go that you have been having in your mind. If you searching with some doubt in your head and not able to figure out that what to eat and where to eat, then you have probably landed to one of the best places for reviews, you get an amazing division of categories along with the rating of restaurant if we go by location. It has got an amazing number of options available over the dineout website.

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Restaurants Near Me

A website where you are not only getting to know the ratings but also you get a good guide for place related searches, no doubt this is more of a location based website which will help you dive into various options with the help of its guide option available to go through out the options available and one of the site you must go through.


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